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  • Everyone Loves Me


    Urban, Romance
    Lin Yi, Zhou Ye
    The Campus Belle, Yue Qianling, harbors a secret admiration for the academic genius Gu Xun. Taking the advice of her friends, she decides to play the role of a 'naive beauty' to pursue his love. Unfortunately, Gu Xun has already fallen for his skilled and charming gaming partner, 'Rou Mi Xiao Ma Hua', in the virtual world. While he remains indifferent to Yue Qianling's advances in real life, he skillfully woos 'Xiao Ma Hua online, unaware that she is actually Yue Qianling. Upon discovering the truth, Gu Xun finds himself on an unexpected journey of 'reverse pursuit.' The story unfolds with a delightful blend of humor and heartwarming moments as the two navigate the path of mutual understanding and love. In the end, they join hands to pursue their dreams and create a future together
  • The Story of Mystics


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Neo Hou, Chen Duling, Cheng Xiao
    It is a fantasy drama adapted from the Classic of Mountains and Seas. The story revolves around a powerful demon who desires death but refuses to passively accept his fate, leading to a rebirth. Several young individuals, brought together by fate, embark on a journey across vast lands and realms in search of passionate love.
  • The White Olive Tree


    Romance, Drama, Military
    Chen Zheyuan, Liang Jie
    Liangcheng TV reporter Song Ran encountered danger while on an assignment in the turbulent East Nation. Fortunately, she was rescued by Li Zan, a Chinese-American explosive engineer volunteering in East Nation. Li Zan's gentleness and his pure-hearted, altruistic nature deeply attracted Song Ran. Through multiple interactions with Song Ran, Li Zan discovered that this girl, though appearing delicate on the outside, was in fact brave and strong, filled with a sense of justice and kindness. Their shared ideals and kindred spirits ignited the spark of love between them. However, a sudden explosion attack put an abrupt end to this budding romance. After returning to their respective countries, both of them fell into a low point in their lives, even losing contact with each other. Li Zan felt guilt and self-blame because a friend sacrificed themselves to save him in the explosion. Song Ran faced controversy due to a photograph she took during the explosion attack. Both of them endured the dual pain of physical and emotional wounds. Through a fortunate twist of fate, they reunited, gradually finding their way back to normalcy in their lives. Together, they planted the seeds of a white olive tree.
  • Reborn for Love


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Jing Tian, Zhang Linghe, Darren Chen
    In order to save her mother, the eccentric doctor Nan Yan was compelled to step onto the path of immortality. Through a series of twists and turns, she becomes intertwined with the concealed identity of Emperor Ji Yang, sealing a "Spiritual Connection Seal" that binds their fates. These two individuals couldn't be more different – one is proud and aloof with an ethereal demeanor, while the other is fond of seeking medical knowledge and is thoroughly grounded. Originally disliking each other, they find themselves caught up in a celestial conspiracy as they investigate the heart ailment of Nan Yan's mother.
  • The Grand Princess


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Zhao Jinmai, Zhang Linghe
    As husband and wife in the Daxia Dynasty, Grand Princess Li Rong, the regent of the country, and the current prime minister Pei Wenxuan, share a dream that spans two lifetimes. In their previous lives, due to misunderstandings, they had a love-hate relationship. In their reincarnation, the two return to their youth when they first met. In this new life, they seek to uncover the truth behind the political intrigues and change the destiny that ultimately led to their deaths. Resolving the misunderstandings of their past lives, they transform from enemies to close friends, and from close friends to lovers.
  • Love Has Fireworks


    Urban, Romance, Drama
    Tan Jianci, Wang Churan
    Qian Fei, a "Hupiao" girl, works in an investment bank. She has been frugal for many years and finally took possession of the house she bought with her boyfriend, Wang Ruohai. However, Wang Ruohai caught the attention of Liao Shiyu, the president's daughter, and broke up with Qian Fei. Suddenly, Qian Fei faced heartbreak and job loss as the company downsized. Under the pressure of mortgage payments, she had to find roommates to share the burden. Li Yifei, a hidden wealthy second-generation and an elite in the investment banking industry, along with his girlfriend Gui Lili, moved into Qian Fei's house due to financial difficulties. However, they broke up shortly after. Qian Fei and Li Yifei, living under the same roof, engage in humorous banter and encounter many comical situations. Unexpectedly, both of them coincidentally join the listing project team of Shanli Cube Group, the company where Wang Ruohai and Liao Shiyu work. Qian Fei faces criticism and pressure in her work, but Li Yifei repeatedly helps her overcome crises. They continuously adapt and get along with each other at work and at home, gradually developing feelings for each other. They assist and support each other during professional lows, accompany and uplift each other during family emergencies. Ultimately, Qian Fei and Li Yifei achieve higher career success, realizing their own dreams. Their love story becomes a legendary tale in the investment banking industry.
  • As Beautiful As You


    Urban, Romance, Business
    Tan Songyun, Xu Kai
    After graduating from school, Ji Xing, a "northern drifting", had been repeating her depressing workplace life. She finally quit her job to start her own business. At the beginning of the venture, the huge gap between the ideal and the reality was like a blow to Ji's head, but she never wanted to give up. She eventually succeeded in getting an investor, Mr. Han Ting, to join her in the venture and climb to the top of AI healthcare in China!
  • Bai Yue Fan Xing


    Fantasy, Romance, Drama
    Bai Lu, Ao Ruipeng
    Bai Shuo, the youngest daughter of a general's household, is determined to cultivate herself as a cultivator in gratitude. During her journey to seek immortality, she accidentally saves the great deity of the Demon tribe, Fan Yue. The two start as strangers, moving from mutual utility to mutual affection, and eventually, both commit to their love. Despite facing significant obstacles, their love is powerful enough to overcome all limitations, allowing them to embrace each other in the truest sense.
  • Gu Nu


    Historical, Romance, Suspense
    Chen Zheyuan, Chen Duling
    Zhuang Hanyan, abandoned and raised in the southern countryside since childhood, eventually returns to the Zhuang family in the capital, attracting the attention of Fu Yunxi. Fu Yunxi is afflicted with a strange illness and seeks to marry a woman of both virtue and talent to entrust his family and friends. Zhuang Hanyan, with her exceptional courage and kind heart, becomes his ideal choice. As Zhuang Hanyan and Fu Yunxi fall in love during their mutual testing and maneuvering, Hanyan reconciles with her mother, rediscovering the lost family bond. In her interactions with the Fu family, Zhuang Hanyan experience the warmth of a family and the beauty of affection. Together, Zhuang Hanyan and Fu Yunxi expose the hypocritical and unjust actions of Zhuang Shiyang, the head of the Zhuang family, and become a loving couple.
  • Legend of the Female General


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Zhou Ye, Cheng Lei
    A female general with a gentle appearance but a strong inner spirit, and a male protagonist general with a cold exterior and internal but with stronger martial prowess. The two join forces to combat deceit, assist the weak, and eliminate external threats.
  • A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality


    Historical, Fantasy, Immortal
    Yang Yang, Gina Jin
    This drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Wang Yu. It tells the story of an ordinary, impoverished young man from a rural village who, by a stroke of luck, enters a small martial arts sect in the martial world. Despite having mediocre talent, he relies on his own efforts and clever calculations to ultimately cultivate into an immortal.
  • Zang Hai Zhuan


    Historical, Fantasy, Adventure
    Xiao Zhan, Zhang Jingyi, Zhou Qi
    Overnight, the family of Zhi Nu, the son of Kua Duo, Chief of the Imperial Astronomical Observatory of the Great Yong Kingdom, was annihilated. He tempered his edges, acquired skills in construction and strategic mastery. Ten years later, under the alias Zang Hai, he returned to the capital and sought reconciliation with his enemy, the Marquis of Pingjin. In order to gain the Marquis's trust, he resolved various challenges, such as the joint burial of the emperor and empress. Subsequently, Zang Hai gradually entered officialdom, eventually becoming the new Chief of the Imperial Astronomical Observatory. Through careful planning, he brought the Marquis of Pingjin and the accomplices of the past crime to justice. Prime Minister Shi Huaishan sought to initiate a war and eliminate neighboring countries like Dongxia. In order to protect the country and its people from the turmoil of war, Zang Hai, along with Zhuang Zhihang, Xiang Wen Yan Yue, and others, thwarted Shi Huaishan's plans, resolving the conflicts between Great Yong and other nations.
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Zhu Ye


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Liu Shishi, Zhang Yunlong
    The drama tells the story of Dongfang Huaizhu and Wangquan Hongye, the helmsmen of the Dongfang and Wangquan clans, who work together to stabilize the situation in order to revitalize the Yiqi Alliance in a situation where humans and demons are at odds with each other.
  • Go Back Lover


    Romance, Drama
    Li Yunrui, Xu Ruohan
    In the second semester of grade 2 in high school, Shen Xingruo transferred back to Xingcheng Mingli High School and lived in the home of her father's friend, Lu Shan. Shen Xingruo shared the same roof with Lu Shan's son, Lu Xingyan, and attended classes in the same class. Over the course of a year and a half, their relationship evolved from initially not getting along to gradually developing feelings for each other.
  • Shui Long Yin


    Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia
    Luo Yunxi
    The leader of the notorious Ji Le Sect, Ye Mo, who had brought calamity to the martial world for many years, is finally defeated by a coalition of martial heroes. However, ten years later, the shadow of evil forces has not dissipated, and what appears to be a tranquil martial world is, in fact, seething with hidden currents. Tang Lici, who had originally withdrawn from the world, finds herself drawn back into martial world conflicts due to her involvement in a case of wiping out case. The mastermind behind the schemes is none other than her former martial brother, Liu Yan. Tang Lici exposes a conspiracy involving the Suosheng Hall, founded by Liu Yan, which is using a special poison to control the martial world. Together with righteous martial artists, they unite to eliminate the Suosheng Hall. Throughout this process, Tang Lici's sharpness and loneliness are gradually eased by her companions, and figures like Shao Yanping inspire in him a selfless spirit willing to sacrifice for the protection of the people. Choosing to shoulder the mission of the martial world's future, he collaborates with fellow martial heroes to repeatedly overcome crises, uphold justice, and ultimately unravel the evil forces' plot to subvert the martial world.
  • Love Song in Winter


    Suspense, Thriller, Romance
    Huang Jingyu, Sun Qian
    Lu Yan, an anaesthesiologist, accidentally encounters her long-deceased friend Deng Man during a night shift.  Since then, many strange things have happened around her. As the investigation deepens, Lu Yan's ex-boyfriend, police officer Jiang Chengyi, is also involved. Together, they uncover the truth that has been hidden for eight years...
  • The Double


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Wu Jinyan, Wang Xingyue, Chen Xinhai
    Xue Li, the daughter of a well-off and content county magistrate, loses everything after a major upheaval. Saved by her benefactor, Jiang Ruoyu, the daughter of the Minister of Rites, she returns to the capital city in Jiang Ruoyu's identity. With the help of people like Xiao Heng, the Duke of Suguo, she overcomes numerous challenges, continually fights against injustice, and ultimately rescues her father, who was unjustly imprisoned. She also aids Xiao Heng in upholding justice and protecting the common people, leading to the eventual restoration of a better life.
  • Kill Me Love Me


    Action, Historical, Drama
    Liu Xueyi, Wu Jinyan
    What can a person do for survival? Others may not know, but she is willing to sacrifice everything, including her body and dignity. She yearns for life to bloom recklessly like spring flowers in February, even if it's brief. However, in reality, she lives like a toad in the mud, hiding away, ugly and dirty. All she knows is that with life, other things can be discussed. If even life is gone, what else is there to talk about? Yet, she never expected that, in the end, she would fall into the hands of Murong Jing and that bastard – the man who once treated her as a plaything to please another woman and was harshly repaid by her. That man, who is narrow-minded and holds grudges, turned out to be her final downfall.
  • Story of Joy


    Romance, Drama
    Yang Zi, Xu Kai
    Born in an ordinary family in Shanghai, Mai Chenghuan is a girl from the post-95 generation. Under the urging of her mother, Liu Wanyu, she discussed marriage with her boyfriend, Xin Jialiang. However, Xin Jialiang's affluent economic conditions caused an imbalance in this originally equal emotional relationship. At the same time, Mai Chenghuan's mother's excessive interference in her daughter's lifelong affair accelerated the breakup between Mai Chenghuan and Xin Jialiang. Caught between filial piety to her parents and loyalty to herself, Mai Chenghuan struggled to find her way. Gradually, she broke free from her mother's overbearing care and became more focused on her work. Mai Chenghuan's transformation gained recognition from her step-grandmother, who entrusted her with the important responsibility of managing the hotel, which she valued most. Yao Zhiming, the grandson of Mai Chenghuan's step-grandmother and a professional hotel manager, gradually understood and accepted her through their cooperation, and they became work partners, advancing hand in hand. Meanwhile, in their personal lives, Yao Zhiming was surrounded by the genuine affection of Mai Chenghuan's family and his feelings for her gradually grew stronger. From being "under the care of family" to "achieving self-fulfillment," Mai Chenghuan embarked on a remarkable path of personal growth that was uniquely her own.
  • Guardians of the Dafeng


    Historical, Drama, Fantasy
    Dylan Wang, Tian Xiwei, Liu Yijun
    Xu Qi'an, a graduate of the police academy, enters a strange world where there are Confucians, Taoists, Buddhists, demons, and warlocks. He has just awakened to find himself in prison and is about to be exiled to a frontier town in three days' time, so he is valued by an organization of guardians in order to change his fate and thus becomes a Guardian.
  • Flourished Peony


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Yang Zi, Li Xian
    After the merchant's daughter He Weifang meets Jiang Changyang, the prominent figure in Chang'an, the two form a partnership as a craftsman and an investor. Leveraging He Weifang's exceptional skills in cultivating rare peonies and her outstanding business acumen, she leads a group of women with tumultuous destinies to collectively run a flower shop. Through numerous trials and tribulations, she triumphs over prejudices about women's supposed weaknesses and establishes her own place in the world. As He Weifang and Jiang Changyang become more acquainted, she discovers that this man, infamous as the "number one corrupt official in the world," is actually outwardly corrupt but inwardly pure, carrying the welfare of the nation in his heart. Having experienced the hardships of the lower class and gained a new understanding of the significance of peonies, He Weifang is determined to transform into an industry that benefits the people. In the end, after facing life-threatening challenges and undergoing a profound personal transformation, He Weifang, with her skillful craftsmanship and refined heart, helps Jiang Changyang successfully quell a rebellion. The two lovers then choose to retire from the world, disappearing together from the mortal realm.
  • Love in the Clouds


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Neo Hou, Lu Yuxiao
    A cold and ruthless female war god, poisoned, seeks an antidote. She transforms into a delicate dancing girl to set a love trap for the wanton and dissolute poisoner Ji Bozai, in order to obtain the antidote. However, the other party also conceals their true self, pretending to fall into the trap. The two engage in a game of wit and deceit, push and pull in love, only to unexpectedly discover a shocking secret about the fairyland."
  • Love of Nirvana


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Ren Jialun, Landy Li, Xu Zhengxi
    Xiao Wuxia, the young master of the Moonfall City, endures humiliation and infiltrates the Liang Kingdom for many years under the alias Wei Zhao, bearing the blame of a slanderous minister. To uncover the truth about his family from years ago, Wei Zhao attempts to abduct the sole survivor of the case involving Prince Qi, but his carefully laid plan is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a girl named Jiang Ci. Seizing the opportunity, Pei Yan takes the severely injured Jiang Ci into his residence in hopes of finding the behind-the-scenes "saboteur." Jiang Ci, moved by Wei Zhao's tragic background and the righteous cause, develops feelings for him amidst their interactions. In the end, Wei Zhao, Jiang Ci, and Pei Yan set aside personal grievances and unite against the Liang Emperor Xie Che, achieving the desire to protect Moonfall City and establish a peaceful world.
  • The Legend of Rosy Clouds


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Li Yitong, Joseph Zeng
    Born into the prestigious "Red" family, Hong Xiuli, despite being the eldest legitimate daughter, lived a life of poverty with her father, Hong Shaokai, and a mysterious man named Zi Jinglan, whom her father had taken in during his early years. Having experienced turmoil and understanding the suffering of the people, she, as a girl, couldn't participate in the imperial examination to become an official. Therefore, she pinned her dreams on her children and became a teacher in a private school. The astute Prime Minister Xiao, with keen judgment, enticed Hong Xiuli with a high reward to enter the palace as a noble consort and help the current king, Zi Liuhui. Zi Liuhui pretended to be a weak ruler but was actually waiting for his exiled brother, Prince Qingyuan, to return and take the throne in his place. However, after meeting Hong Xiuli, he was moved by her wisdom and dedication. He began to diligently handle state affairs and revised the laws to allow women to participate in the imperial examination. Hong Xiuli excelled in the examination and became the first female official in the Kingdom of Caiyun. She was appointed as a provincial governor. With her efforts, wisdom, strength, and bravery, she quelled rebellions in various states, ushering in an unprecedented era of prosperity and also finding love along the way.
  • Yong Ye Xing He


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Esther Yu, Ding Yuxi
    He was originally a monster, not accepted by the world, and never dared to reveal his true face. But now there is indeed someone who, apart from his sister, is closer to him than anyone else. She has a discerning eye and can easily see through him. She often touches his forehead with her icy hands, checks if his clothes are warm enough, asks about the origin of the wounds on his wrist, and whether he feels cold when he wades barefoot through the river. He feels both flustered and annoyed by her actions, yet he also develops a craving for them.
  • Dark Night and Dawn


    Suspense, Thriller, Drama
    Chen Zheyuan, Nie Yuan, Xing Fei
    In 1943, a shocking explosion case in Shanghai brought together underground Communist Party member Lu Zhengyang and former police officer Lin Shaobai in their first encounter, showcasing their respective abilities. Six years later, Shanghai was liberated, and Lu Zhengyang became a key member of the anti-spy task force in the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Faced with the grim situation of fighting against special agents, with the support of leadership, Lu Zhengyang rigorously selected and boldly employed Lin Shaobai, known as the "Shanghai Encyclopedia." The two became partners and successfully solved a series of major cases, including the "Bank Vault Heist," "Counterfeit Money Case," and "Infiltration of Radio Station," all orchestrated by veteran spy Zheng Lanting from the Secret Service's Shanghai Special Station, completely thwarting the conspiracies of undercover enemy agents hiding in the shadows. Throughout the investigation, Lu Zhengyang and Lin Shaobai went from constant friction to gradually building trust, eventually becoming comrades who share life and death.
  • Qian Xiang


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Song Weilong, Ju Jingyi
    A grand upheaval of cosmic laws unfolded, causing a retrospective journey through time and memories. Several beings from different realms were born, altering the destinies of the world. A century later, a lone girl from the Qingqiu tribe, known as Xiao Bangchui, serendipitously entered the Chufeng Academy for cultivation. The academy, her companions bound by fate, offered her initial friendships and sowed the seeds of budding emotions. Only the cunning and intelligent youth, Lei Xiuyuan, accompanied her steadfastly. Five years later, the once Xiao Bangchui underwent a profound transformation, emerging as Jiang Lifei with an ethereal demeanor of ice and snow. Her unprecedented talent attracted the scrutiny of those shrewdly calculating, prompting investigations into her lineage and origin. Amidst the pursuit of the secrets of the foreign races, the destiny of the young couple became entwined, leading them into a misty maze. At the first meeting of the mountains and seas, the companions gathered for the first time, and a mirage of dreams plunged them into the deepest purgatory. Supreme forgetfulness, all because of love. Can those who cultivate control the power of the heavens and earth, as well as the tumult within their hearts? What is it that you seek? In the end, what I seek is only one person.
  • Guess Who I Am


    Suspense, Thriller, Romance
    Zhang Yuxi, Wang Ziqi
    According to legend, there is a person wandering in Jianghu who makes wealthy scumbags tremble at the mention of her name. Her name is Song Yao, and she specializes in punishing scumbags and has never failed. All of this is due to her fantastic ability - to attract the rich. Any wealthy person with a net worth of over 100 million yuan who meets her gaze will be unable to resist falling in love with her. However, even the most powerful ability can face setbacks: Song Yao's magical eyes failed to work on Ji Chengchuan, the "crown prince" of the Chengtian Group. But Song Yao did not know that this was because the so-called crown prince in front of her was a fake - a scammer named Qin Hao. And so, two schemers with their own motives met, destined to engage in a battle like the Smiths. Who will come out on top? And what secrets lie behind Song Yao's background?
  • Northwards


    Bai Lu, Ou Hao
    In the summer of 2000, Ma Siyi, a ten-year-old girl whose life is a mystery, arrives at Flower Street by the canal. Due to her extraordinary appearance, she becomes the most popular person on Flower Street. Three teenagers, Xie Wanghe, Xingchi, and Haikuo, have always been around Ma Siyi, standing up for her when some punks come to harass her. After an accident in high school, Ma Siyi's brother and grandmother passed away and Ma Siyi disappeared. Chen Rui stays in his hometown for school, while Xie Wanghe, Xingchi, Haikuo, and Da Huazi, reunite in Beijing. Da Huazi has contracted a delivery point, Xie Wanghe works for an internet company doing local life services, and Haikuo works as an engineer in another big internet factory. Only Xingchi is still muddling through his days. Because of the sudden appearance of Ma Siyi, the young boys and girls who grew up together come together again. However, the pressure of competition and life has put them all in a state of confusion. After eight years of absence from their hometowns, the teenagers of that year return to Flower Street on the Canal one after another, except for Ma Siyi. But just when everyone sees the hope of a new life, Ma Siyi is also on the way back.
  • Zhao Ge


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Wu Jinyan
    During the Shang dynasty, Di Yi moved his capital to Zhao Ge, hoping that the city would thrive like a loud song in the morning. Time passed by, and the throne passed to Di Xin, who was so happy with his success that he fought on all sides and led the people to live an unstable life. Fortunately, Ji Kao, the son of Ji Chang of Xiqi, and Yin Jiao, the son of Di Xin, are young heroes who hope to save the people from their hardships with their modest efforts. When Ji Kao is framed and sent to a slave camp, Yin Jiao almost sacrifices his life to save him. On his way to escape, Ji Kao meets Jiang Ziya, Ne Zha, and Yang Jian, and with their help, he escaped back to Xiqi. In 1048 B.C., Ji Kao renamed Ji Fa, joins 800 lords in a collective crusade against Di Xin and finally overthrows the Yin Shang Dynasty. In the process, Yin Jiao, mistakenly believing that his mother was killed by Ji Fa, turns against him. After a battle, Yin Jiao finally realizes that it does not matter who is in charge of the kingdom, but what is most important is to bring happiness to the people. Yin Jiao commits suicide and Ji Fa is crowned king of the Western Zhou, continuing the wish he had shared with Yin Jiao to make the people happy. In the course of the story of the conquest of Zhou, the trajectory of these historical figures also left behind many places of interest and customs in the city of Zhao Ge.
  • My Girl


    Romance, Comedy, Drama
    Xing Zhaolin, Xing Fei
    My Girl tells the story of a love-hate relationship among four young people, a pair of contracted siblings who eventually become true lovers. Zhou Xiaoxi is an ordinary but optimistic and positive girl, while Xue Hengyu is a handsome and wealthy overbearing CEO. In the process of getting along, they are attracted to each other, but for various reasons, they hesitate to express their love.
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Cheng Yi, Li Yitong
    It's about the tragic love story between Wangquan Fugui and the little spider spirit, Ting Tong.
  • In Blossom


    Historical, Romance, Suspense
    Ju Jingyi, Liu Xueyi, Wu Jiayi
    Pan Yue, the most handsome man in He Yang, marries Yang Caiwei, who is disliked by everyone. On the day of the wedding, Yang Caiwei is killed and the suspected culprit is Pan Yue. Yang Caiwei, who "died", and "reborn" pretending to be the "fierce evil girl", Shangguan Zhi, vows to reveal the true nature of Pan Yue. In the fight against the evil forces of the "four clans", investigating old cases in the process, the two hearts again close, Yang Caiwei found that the real killer is someone else, Pan Yue has loved her from the beginning to the end. When everything is about to go right, the man behind the scenes once again sets up a trap to push the two of them to hell...
  • The Rise of Ning


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Zhang Wanyi, Ren Min
    Luo Yining, a daughter of the Luo family who grew up in a separate mansion, was never bound by strict rules and customs. She couldn't bear to see the bullying faced by "Third Brother" Luo Shenyuan and extended her help multiple times. Gradually, she discovered that Luo Shenyuan, despite appearing down and out, was actually talented in both literature and martial arts. Having suffered from emotional pain, Luo Yining no longer wanted to be confined to the mansion or controlled by others. She aspired to break free from old norms and use her own strengths to open a shop and become independent. In the dire circumstances of the Luo family, Luo Shenyuan, who had been seeking the truth behind his mentor's false accusation, tragically passed away. He had always been on the quest for justice. Grateful for the warmth that Luo Yining brought to his life, Luo Shenyuan wholeheartedly supported her when she faced difficulties in her business venture. Luo Yining also gradually understood the significance of the mentor to Luo Shenyuan. As their relationship deepened, love blossomed between them. With Luo Shenyuan's help, Luo Yining not only brought the culprit who harmed her birth mother to justice but also managed her shop with great efficiency. Encouraged by Yining, Luo Shenyuan participated in the imperial examinations and emerged as the top scholar, uncovering the truth behind the past injustice. In the end, the two successfully cleared their mentor's name, brought the mastermind to justice, and embarked on a worry-free and peaceful life together.
  • The Prisoner of Beauty


    Historical, Romance
    Song Zu Er, Liu Yuning, Xuan Lu
    Xiao Qiao, a clever girl who cares about her country, is married to Wei Shao, a brave and resourceful man with a kind heart. At first, they are living a mutually testing and "fighting" life because of their ancestral feud. After many crises, Xiao Qiao and Wei Shao are gradually drawn to each other's talents and strategies and their open-mindedness, their hearts are already getting closer. Together, they resolve family conflicts and return peace and tranquillity to the people.
  • Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji


    Historical, Fantasy, Immortal
    Ren Jialun, Xing Fei, Zhu Xudan
    Prince Wu Geng has the dual descent of the gods and humans, with extraordinary talent and untamed. However, the kingdom of Xin is destroyed by the gods, his parents die, and the high prince becomes a slave. Wu Geng goes through hardships and befriends a group of like-minded friends and a young girl, Bai Cai. He leads the human race to join forces with the Shen Yin tribe, the demon tribe, and the sea spirit tribe to fight against the powerful gods. Wu Geng constantly grew, from national hatred to fighting for the people, he grew strong and became the god of war.
  • Follow Your Heart


    Historical, Romance, Suspense
    Luo Yunxi, Song Yi
    The Yuejiang County Prince suffers from face blindness due to a family change accident and develops a detailed control to identify people. The heroine is a female journeyman doctor with a strange transformation disorder that only the hero can recognize her. After they found out the truth, they investigated the case together and looked for a way to break the transformation.
  • Xian Tai You Shu


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Deng Wei, Xiang Hanzhi
    Twenty years ago, Mu Qingge, the leader of the Xishan Sect, sacrificed the Golden Core to seal the Ling Quan on her disciple Su Yishui in order to protect the people and prevent the chaos caused by the spiritual spring of demonic creatures. Mu Qingge's actions were misunderstood by the world as that of a demonic leader, leading to a joint attack by the four major sects. Su Yishui learned the truth before Mu Qingge's death, and after overcoming countless dangers, he found the Tree of Reincarnation, offering half of his Golden Core to help Mu Qingge be reborn. Twenty years later, Mu Qingge was reborn as Xue Ranran. Su Yishui took in the frail and dying Ranran, vowing to protect her throughout her life. Now, with the seal on the spiritual spring loosening again, the demonic cultivator Dun Tian seeks to use the Ling Quan to create demonic son, intending to harm the living. Remembering Mu Qingge's instructions, Su Yishui risked his life to seal the Ling Quan back into the ghost realm. Su Yishui was framed by Dun Tian while sealing the spiritual spring and lost his memory. Despite the loss of memory, Su Yishui fell in love with Ranran once again. Together, they faced numerous hardships, ultimately thwarting Dun Tian's conspiracy, protecting the people, and bringing clarity to the world.
  • Winner is King


    Historical, Action, Political
    Tan Jianci, Chen Zheyuan, Li Hongyi
    At that time, the world was divided and the country of Bei Xuan had a short period of peace after the war. A young man, Chang Geng, who lived in the frontier town of Yanhui, was nearly killed by a wolf pack when he went out. Fortunately, he was saved by Shen Shiliu, whom Changgeng recognized as his father. But then, the external enemy, the Wolf Clan, waited for an opportunity to invade and start a war. At the critical moment, Chang Geng learned that he was the fourth prince of Bei Xuan, and Shen Shiliu was Gu Yun, the commander of the Iron Battalion. Gu Yun defeated the Wolf Clan and was ordered to bring Changgeng to the capital. The emperor died, and the new emperor, Li Feng, took the throne, his right is unstable but eager to do something. The King of Wei was ambitious and took an opportunity to create a crisis. Li Feng was suspicious of Gu Yun and sent him to the border. The young Changgeng joined the Lin Yuan Pavilion by chance and followed the highly skilled people in the Pavilion to travel around, and after several trials and tribulations, he grew into a person who has the pattern of ambitious talent to rule the country. At this time, Bei Xuan was beset by enemies from within and without, Changgeng went back to the capital, and overcame the crisis one by one. The inner minister rebelled, and Li Feng encountered assassination. Jiangnan was attacked by an external enemy. In the end, Changgeng was able to ascend to the throne, regained the lost land to reorganize Bei Xuan, to achieve the initial “world peace, people’s happiness” vow!
  • Joy of Life Season 2


    Historical, Suspense, Fantasy
    Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming
    The drama continues from the first season of the Joy of Life, which tells the story of Fan Xian, a young man with a mysterious background, who comes from a small seaside town and undergoes various tests and refinements in his family, Jianghu, and the court.
  • The Story of Hua Zhi


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Hu Yitian, Zhang Jingyi
    The eldest daughter of a prestigious family, Hua Zhi, concealed her talents for fifteen years. But when the Hua family was on the verge of collapse, she had no choice but to reveal her true abilities and step forward to support her crumbling household. She prepared herself mentally for the possibility of her family clan turning against her and was ready to live lonely whole her life. Frequently making appearances and taking bold actions, she even went as far as carrying a coffin on her back with her siblings to force her "enemies" into a corner, gaining a reputation for being someone not to be trifled with in the capital city. One day, a man wearing armor before heading off to war asked her for a lifetime of commitment. After meeting and falling in love with her lover, Hua Zhi transformed into a heroine in the business world, akin to the legendary Mulan, and embarked on a story of growth alongside him.
  • My Heroic Husband Season 2


    Historical, Romance, Comedy
    Guo Qilin, Gina Jin
    Ning Yi, who was born from a humble background but was active and enterprising, gradually took up his responsibilities in the Wu Dynasty, started his own business with his wife Su Tang'er, helped his friends and relatives around him to realize their respective ideals, and later even guarded the city with his courage and wisdom in the face of national events.
  • There Is a Lover in My Hometown


    Romance, Drama, Life
    Li Xian, Zhou Yutong
    Chen Maidong was once a rebellious youth, but after experiencing a life-changing event, he chose to become a funeral makeup artist. Zhuang Jie became disabled due to a car accident, but she worked hard and became a career elite in the big city in order to pursue a better self. One is a funeral makeup artist with a rebellious personality but is emotionally and physically lonely, the other is a brave and dazzling medical salesperson with physical defects. Through constant struggles, they gradually understand and respect each other, healing each other's "imperfections" with love.
  • Yi Wu Zhi Cheng


    Romance, Drama
    Wallace Chung, Qin Lan
    Renowned international ballet artist Tan Siting, after achieving great success, returned to her home country to teach. Her greatest wish is to impart her ballet skills, allowing more children the opportunity to experience and understand art, while also discovering more talents, helping them step onto the world stage. During this time, Tan Siting unexpectedly met ballet prodigy Zheng Yufan, who was facing a technical bottleneck. Under Tan Siting's careful guidance, Zheng Yufan won a gold medal in an international competition, making a stunning debut. The story of Tan Siting's perseverance in pursuing her dreams despite pain and hardship spread widely and was highly acclaimed. Through a fortunate coincidence, Tan Siting unexpectedly reunited with her former husband, Feng Rui. The calm waters of their hearts were once again stirred. Feng Rui was moved by Tan Siting's pursuit of her dreams, her passion for art, and her unwavering feelings for him. In the end, Feng Rui let go of his reservations and bravely pursued love once more. The two lovers finally became a family, and Tan Siting's ballet career was also passed on, ensuring its legacy.
  • Dashing Youth


    Historical, Wuxia
    Neo Hou, He Yu, Hu Lianxin
    The young master of the Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, Baili Dongjun, has always been mischievous since childhood. He is not interested in poetry, books, military strategies, or martial arts, but he excels at brewing wine. This is solely because of a promise he made with his childhood friend Ye Yun, who was killed at a young age, to become a "wine immortal." However, his destiny was not in his hands. In the end, he joined the sect of Li Changsheng, the number one martial artist in the world, and began learning martial arts. During this process, he met his confidante Yueyao and reunited with Ye Yun, who had changed his name to Ye Dingzhi. Influenced and motivated by them, Baili Dongjun began to reassess his own identity and the responsibilities he should bear. Many years later, Ye Dingzhi was manipulated and launched a war to attack the Central Plains. Meanwhile, Baili Dongjun led a group of heroes from all over the world to resist. Faced with Ye Dingzhi, the present Baili Dongjun did not back down. He had to save the people and also rescue his good friend.
  • Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Vin Zhang, Sun Zhenni
    In ancient times, the Human Emperor, Zhao Ming, petitioned on behalf of the people and sacrificed himself to resist the divine realm. After Zhao Ming's fall, his beloved, Hun Dun Zhu, risked her life to save a wisp of his soul, setting up the cycle of reincarnation for eternity. In the distant future, Zhao Ming reincarnated as Xie Xuechen, the leader of the Immortal Alliance, while Hun Dun Zhu became the Holy Maiden Mu Xuanling in the Dark Domain. The two finally reunited in the mortal realm but had forgotten their past, becoming adversaries in a "righteous versus evil" struggle. Mu Xuanling saved the heavily injured Xie Xuechen in the Dark Domain and coerced him to travel together in gratitude for saving his life. Throughout their journey, the two went from harboring schemes against each other to fighting side by side, gradually letting go of their guard and developing feelings for each other. However, amidst the conspiracy to seize the divine artifact, the "Chaos Pearl," they found themselves in a life-and-death trial. Mu Xuanling sacrificed herself to save the world, and Xie Xuechen defied fate to go back in time and rescue her. With the end of the eternal calamity, Xie Xuechen's soul finally returned to Zhao Ming, but Zhao Ming's original form had become a demon god. Mu Xuanling used love to awaken the demon god, dispelling the catastrophe, and bringing peace to the world.
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Yang Mi, Gong Jun
    The head of the righteous Tu Shan Fox Clan, Tushan Honghong, with a noble heart, encounters and gradually falls in love with Donggang Yuechu, a descendant of the Dong Fang family. To protect their beloved and maintain peace between the two clans, these two lovers have to endure countless hardships and face numerous trials in a journey marked by twists and turns.
  • The Legend of Shen Li


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin
    The ancient gods perished, leaving only the last one in the world - Xing Zhi. According to rumors, this immortal had lived alone in the heavens for tens of thousands of years, without emotion or desire. During the war between the immortals and the devils, he saved the world with his own strength, and since then, he has kept the door closed and is nowhere to be found. Hundreds of years have passed. a female lord born with a pearl. On her thousandth birthday, She was arranged a marriage for a political union purpose. On her way to escape the marriage, Shen Li was beaten back to her original form as a phoenix and fell into the human world with injuries. When she fell into a coma, a mortal vendor treated her like a fat chicken, plucked all her feathers,s and put her in a cage to be sold. When Shen Li woke up, she was furious at the situation, but there was nothing she could do. When she fell upset, a handsome man passed by, stared at her thoughtfully for a long time, and then said with a smile, "I'll take this one." Their fates were tied together by a seemingly inadvertent deal.
  • Back for You


    Action, Romance, Suspense
    Angelababy, Wang Anyu
    In the early years of the Republic of China, cop A Lai is being hunted by a vicious gang. When he is in danger, he is saved by a mysterious girl, Lu Na, who appears suddenly. Lu Na is badly injured and in a coma. A Lai investigates Lu Na's identity but finds no trace of her. Using the twelve comic books Lu Na carries with her, A Lai tells her stories in an attempt to revive her. Unexpectedly, each story is related to a case A Lai has worked on, and can even lead A Lai to the key to solving the case. A Lai is more and more eager to wake up Lu Na. A Lai is promoted because of his success in solving the case, but he is also secretly in trouble with his enemies. A Lai discovers Lu Na's secret through clues. When one of the comics is finished, Lu Na wakes up. They develop a mutual affection for each other, and A Lai's enemies are also ready to do something. In the end, with Lu Na's help, A Lai finds his peaceful and innocent self and his original intention of being a police officer.
  • Eternal Faith (Heaven Official's Blessing)


    Historical, Fantasy, Immortal
    Zhai Xiaowen, Zhang Linghe
    The Crown Prince Xie Lian of Xian Le Kingdom accidentally destroyed the Golden Palace of the Divine Priests during his third ascension and could only descend to the mortal world to vanquish ghosts and accumulate merit as compensation. In the mortal world, Xie Lian met two young Divine Priests who came to assist him and also encountered the Ghost King Hua Cheng. Through a series of events, the dark pasts of the Divine Priests in the Heavenly Court were gradually revealed, despite their seemingly glorious appearance.
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