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Daniel Zhou (Zhou Keyu) Profile

Zhou Keyu

Daniel Zhou (Zhou Keyu,周柯宇), born May 17, 2002, in the United States, is a Chinese-American singer and actor, member of BEST and INTO1.

In 2021, He participated in CHUANG 2021. On March 1, 2021, his single "R.O.T.Y" was released. On April 24, 2021, he debuted successfully in Chuang 2021, became a member of the boy group INTO1.

Basic Info

Zhou Keyu

Stage Name: Zhou Keyu
Chinese Name: Zhou Keyu(周柯宇)
English Name: Daniel Zhou
Nickname: Liu Di
Nationality: USA
Birthday: May 17, 2002 (Age: 22)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Weight: 67kg (147.4 lbs)
Blood Type: -
Fandom Name: Astronauts(Yu Hang Yuan)
Fandom Color: #C0C0C0
Instagram: into1__daniel
Weibo: INTO1-周柯宇


  1. His agent Joy Walk New Joy.
  2. He ranked #10 in the final of "CHUANG 2021" with 13279523 votes.
  3. He is a Chinese-American.
  4. Representative emojis:???, ???‍?.
  5. Likes to drink coke?.
  6. Prefers milk tea over coffee.
  7. Favorite Foods: matcha, ?three cups of chicken, spam, hawthorn, chocolate?.
  8. Korean Fire Noodle Lovers, he has tried to eat four packs of Korean Fire Noodle in a day.
  9. Likes to watch mukbang.
  10. He is afraid of heights.
  11. Favorite Singer: J. Cole.
  12. Favorite Color: black, white, and grey.
  13. Favorite Animals: dogs?.
  14. Must wear sunglasses when he goes out?.
  15. When he is vulnerable, he will be staying in the room and put on headphones? to listen to songs.
  16. On December 14, 2018, he became one of the 14 A-Jay freshmen announced by Jay Walk New Joy.
  17. On December 12, 2019, he debuted as a member of BEST and released their debut EP.
  18. He has 2 elder brothers.
  19. He is from a wealthy family.
  20. His parents were divorced and he grew up under the protection of his elder brother.


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  1. For the ‘pork luncheon meat’ you can just say spam for short

  2. The Fandom name needs tiny correction: it is Yu Hang Yuan you just forgot to add a ‘u’ to the pinyin
    Hope its helpful!

  3. I think you should also add his Chinese Zodiac sign which is horse? haha horses are pretty tall, he just like them?

  4. The name of his Weibo already changed to —> @INTO1-周柯宇

  5. He is so adorable, even though he is so tall just 2 cm away from 1.9m but he is afraid of heights hihi

  6. His instagram is @into1__daniel with 2 underscores. Please add!
    Also, these are the emojis that represent him: ??? (those are the main ones)
    These are extras from his favourites listed above: ????????????

  7. Lots of love for my all rounder boy, Zhou Keyu from Nepal ?? There is nothing that KeYu can’t do.?
    Rap ✔
    Dance ✔
    Vocal ✔
    Acting ✔
    Beat box ✔
    Arranging song ✔
    Jiayou, my boy ??

  8. I m an indian fan .. I wish that u could update daniels profile .. After every important movement.. My favourites are also monochrome clrs. I wish that u should be in higher position…?

  9. Thou I’m not a VIP member of WeTv… My only 1 vote is for him everyday..
    He’s a versatile actor, may all his founders continue to support him and let him be the No. 1 again, this coming final night…
    Daniel loves matcha ???, I love matcha too… ?

  10. It is not his fault being an actor and why he is so pretty. He is an idol material that C-netz have to be proud of! And his packaging conforms to global standard! His performances have shown great improvement. He is so versatile and gentle to all his brothers in Chuang. Even if he is misunderstood by many haters, he stood strong and enjoy his passion to become an idol. Let us address mental health issues here for all the trainees! He is in the process of discovering his potential and Chuang has made him realize a lot already! Let us make him debut!

  11. Zhou keyu’s favorite colors are black,white and grey…though his preliminary rating is F but he’s capable of class A…and I’m sure he works hardly to get that position..his acting his performance his singing dancing smiling everything looks so smooth..let’s support him to debut I’m sure he won’t disappoint us…he loves us more than we love him. ❤

    1. I don’t really like the ranking system of the show because I think it doesn’t fully represent the actual skill of the trainees.
      In the first evaluation he got a A rank but was later moved down because I think he didn’t do that well in the rap battle.
      Keyu is a Allrounder so dropping him to Rank F makes no sense. Also for some reason the trainees were able to move up classes or drop classes depending on their ranking. How does it make sense that you can only stay in class A if you are popular?

  12. 我特别喜欢柯宇哥哥!我现在还在看他演的戏呢!她不但帅,还个子高,也能唱歌跳舞,该不是神仙吧!说实话,我本来以为柯宇哥哥只是一名演员,却偶然看到他在创作营里跳舞,就爱上了他!如果你们还没有看到他,我建议你在网上看他的一些视频。希望他家可以支持柯宇哥哥,并为他撑腰!谢谢!;)