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Zhai Xiaowen

Zhai Xiaowen(翟潇闻) born on May 28, 1999, in Jinan, Shandong, China, is a singer, actor, and member of R1SE.

In 2018, he participated in the talent show “The Coming One 2” and played in his first drama “Unrequited Love”. In 2019, he participated in “Produce Camp 2019” and debuted as a member of R1SE. In 2021, the drama “Falling Into Your Smile” was released in which he played Jian Yang.


Basic Info

Zhai Xiaowen

Stage Name: Zhai Xiao Wen
Birth Name: Zhai Xiaowen(翟潇闻)
English Name: Bill
Birthday: May 28, 1999
Place of Birth: Jinan, Shandong
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type:
Favorite Color: #52f8fa
Fandom’s name: Xiao Qier(Penguin),qejj
Fanchant: 1. shǒu kě zhāi xīng chén, wǒ kě zhái xiāo wén(手可摘星辰,我可翟潇聞)
2. liáo luò xīng chén, wéi yǒu xiāo wén(寥落星辰,唯有瀟聞)
Weibo: R1SE-翟潇闻


  1. Zhai Xiaowen’s agency is Wajijiwa Entertainment.
  2. Education: He studied at the Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology majored in Computer and Arts.
  3. He ranked #6 in “Produce Camp 2019”.
  4. He is good at cook egg fried rice.
  5. In private, he likes to wear comfortable clothes.
  6. Likes to be complimented on his handsomeness.
  7. Likes to play mobile games.
  8. Likes to play the criminal drama.
  9. Favorite Color: blue.
  10. His legs‘ lenth are 114cm.
  11. Zhai Xiaowen can sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

Television Series

  • Eternal Faith(吉星高照)(Xie Lian)(TBA)
  • Sweet Teeth(世界微尘里22)(Liu Yucheng)(2021)
  • Dear Parents(亲爱的爸妈)(Li Bing)(2021)
  • Falling Into Your Smile(你微笑时很美)(Jian Yang)(2021)
  • Unrequited Love(暗恋橘生淮南)(Xu Zhi An)(2021)

TV Shows

  • Super Nova Games: Season 3(超新星运动会3)(2020)
  • We Are Blazing(炙热的我们)(2020)
  • Super Nova Games: Season 2(超新星全运会第二季)(2019)
  • Produce Camp 2019(创造营2019)(2019)
  • Super Nova Games(超新星全运会)(2018)
  • The Coming One 2(明日之子2)(2018)
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  1. I love u zhai xiaowen u r my favorite Chinese actor 💖❤♥💓💕😍💖❤♥💓💕😍💖❤♥💓💕