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Yang Yang is Dating Wang Churan? The Media Revealed Their Relationship

Yang Yang Wang Churan

Recently, Yang Yang and Wang Churan were exposed to being in a relationship by the media. Paparazzi caught Wang Churan visiting Yang Yang’s hotel in Shanghai for three consecutive days from April 22 to April 24, and Yang Yang’s assistant personally picked up Wang Churan downstairs of the hotel. Until the morning of the 25th, Yang Yang and his assistant were seen leaving the hotel garage, taking a different route to avoid suspicion.


In fact, rumors about their relationship have been circulating for a long time, but they have never responded to them.

It has been reported that Yang Yang and Wang Churan have been revealed with multiple items of the same style. They were also spotted vacationing together in the Maldives and sharing a romantic kiss on the beach, although no pictures of them together have been released.

Yang Yang Wang Churan

On February 21, 2023, a netizen claimed to have seen Yang Yang and Wang Churan in the Maldives.

On March 27, 2023, a netizen discovered that Wang Churan’s selfie background appeared to be in the Maldives, with a reflection of Yang Yang in Yang Yang’s brother’s eyes, suggesting that they may have been there at the same time.

On March 28, 2023, a netizen noticed that Yang Yang and Wang Churan had the same phone case.

On April 1, 2023, a netizen compiled a schedule of Yang Yang and Wang Churan’s activities and found that they were in the same city frequently.

On April 2, 2023, a netizen noticed that Yang Yang and Wang Churan were wearing the same style of socks and sunglasses.

On April 2, 2023, a netizen discovered a photo posted by Yang Yang’s Fan Club manager on April Fools’ Day that appeared to be of Yang Yang and Wang Churan.

Yang Yang Wang Churan

After the news broke, there were netizens even stated that Yang Yang and Wang Churan have already got married and wished them a happy life together.

This series of revelations has taken many people by surprise, and as of now, neither Yang Yang nor Wang Churan has responded to the dating rumors. However, the authenticity of the rumors remains to be seen.

My Fireworks on Earth

After all, their new drama “My Fireworks on Earth,” is about to air, so it’s possible that their relationship is being used for publicity.

This is a common tactic in the entertainment industry. Yang Yang has been rumored to be in relationships with his co-stars before, from Zhao Lusi to Dilraba to Qiao Xin, none of which have been confirmed. Now it’s Wang Churan’s turn.

Yang Yang

If possible, it is hoped that this time the dating rumors are true. Yang Yang is already 31 years old, and it’s normal for him to be in a relationship, get married, and have children at this age.

Wang Churan

Wang Churan is also known as “Little Liu Yifei,” and they seem to be a good match in terms of looks and status.

In any case, love is a happy occasion, and we should wish them both well and if true, hope they will announce their relationship officially soon.

What do you think about Yang Yang and Wang Churan’s rumored relationship?

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  1. I think that is a good nd very good idea, Yang Yang and Wang Churan are very suitable and perfectly match better for each other, as we can see in their movie FWOMH is very obviously that they like and love each other too. they are very sweet couples. YangYang is now 31 and Churan is 25 their age gap is very much nd good match for them, so please Yang Yang be a man and be responsible to your loved ones Wang Churan. We are very happy if you will be together, We are your fans and we liked Wang Churan soooo much to be your loved ones. So to those people who hates them, Le it be and Let them be, as long as they are happy in relationship together.

  2. The best Love team and I really like them. Hope there is a part 2. More movies and series to go??

  3. I just notice wang churan age 1999 omg, dats kinda young but i was expecting more than that, doesn’t mean she look old, the movies fireworks in my heart really touch me…. I hve seen yang yang alot in different drama, but i just know notice the true beauty of wang churan, right now i live long distance relationship with my gf when i watch the movie i finished the full drama in 2 days i sleep 2 hours per day for 2 days, really cant wait to see if they continue like part 2 or something like that… Love u wang churan.~ big fan

  4. Yang Yang and Wang Churan is perfect match couple ?
    I love them both ?
    I hope the dating rumors is true.
    I’m here fans from Philippines ?

  5. A 1991 man have a relationship with a 1999 woman, it can’t be HAHAHHA

  6. A 1991 man have a relationship with 1999 woman? That can’t be bro oh my god

    1. Really??? Age doesn’t matter. Stupid. Many people have a relationship with a big GAP of thier age. Such a moron

  7. I think Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang are like siblings, whereas, Dilraba is like a good friend. Wang Chu Ran, my personal hope, seems like girlfriend material for him. Not ready for them to jump into parenthood, too much ahead for them, but would love to see a sweet relationship develop here. This is the first female I really can see him with. In the words of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, there is definitely something there.

    1. Totally disagree these 2 don’t suit each other at all Dilrada is his type on looks and talent and Lusi let’s not even bother with her. Except he’s lucky they’re not related!


      1. Yes, i hope it’s true that they are dating in real life. I have seen Yang Yang with other women in films/dramas however the chemistry is nowhere near like the chemistry with Wang Chu Ran. You could actually see that they liked each other. They are perfect match! They will make a lovely couple and family. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. At least Yang Yang is older. I wish them all the best in life. I will always support them. Love you both!!! ❤️

        1. I really like the drama Fireworks of my Heart, and now Yang Yang and Wang Churan have become my No1 favorite couple, Yangran couple forever Love ❤❤❤❤

  8. I think they make AMAZING chemistry! If this is true it would be so beautiful. Would love to continue to watch more dramas with the together. They both make a gorgeous couple. I applaud the casting directors. There are many dramas that unfortunately the couples don’t look too good together but these to are definitely a perfect match.

  9. I don’t think Yang Yang and Wang Chura are a good match, especially since their onscreen chemistry in FWOMH is terrible. I have watched 4 episodes already and not feeling the drama. Yang Yang is not a convincing fireman either. His onscreen chemistry with Zhao Lusi is off the chart.

    1. It’s a slow burn drama how do you expect to see the chemistry in just 4 epsiodes with those minimal scenes. And it is more than just romance – it is about firefighters and their instances of stories.
      Most of the ppl who love slow burn dramas are loving this drama and beg to differ from you.

      1. Whether is a slow burn drama or not I disagree that they have chemistry at all. She is the only one feeling lovey dovey and you can tell he’s feeling very awkward around her especially the kissing scenes. You can tell he wants to get over and done with it. Not comfortable in kissing her.

        1. HVe you seen yangyang opened his mouth while kissing churan in one kissing scene. I bet you missed that one. Or you just want more of them lol

    2. Et bien pas du tout il y a le feu entre eux des les premières images c’est evident Zhao Lusi c’est pareil mais avec Leo Wu Lei dans live like the galaxy alchimie inegalee je trouve les sequences de feu extraordinaire et une réalisation géniales dans fireworks vraiment un drama intéressant la famille toxique et la psychologie sociale bien vues

    3. Hope you not a hater…Yang Yang is awesome and Wang Chu Ran and he have amazing chemistry. But of course, my opinion.

    4. The kissing scenes were literally the best I’ve seen thus far in cdrama. Too bad they were limited from episode 24ish to 26ish. Must have been a different director, even the angles and shots felt different, a lot more intimate and sensual. I’ve seen Wang in other cdramas and she seems totally smitten by yang yang. You can tell they enjoy each other, there was nothing awkward or disjointed about their scenes together.