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Fireworks of My Heart – Yang Yang, Wang Churan

Fireworks of My Heart (My Fireworks on Earth) is an urban drama directed by Li Muge, written by Xu Su, led by Yang Yang, Wang Churan, and Wang Yanlin, with special appearances by Wei Daxun, Vin Zhang, Yang Chaoyue, co-starring Zhang Yue, Meng Asai, Yang Tong, Yang Yuxi, Wang Guan, Wu Jun, Zhang Dinghan, Yi Daqian, Zhang Xun, Ma Xiaoqian, and Chen Miqi.

The drama is adapted from the novel “Yi Zuo Cheng, Zai Deng Ni / 一座城,在等你” by Jiu Yue Xi. It tells the love story of Song Yan and Xu Qin, who were once in love but were forced to separate due to family opposition. Many years later, they meet again and rekindle their relationship, embarking on a love story that revolves around responsibility and growth.


Fireworks of My Heart

English Title: Fireworks of My Heart
Chinese Title: 我的人间烟火
Other Titles: 一座城,在等你
Genre: Urban, Rescue, Romance, Action, Drama
Tag: Firefighter Male Lead, Misunderstanding, Doctor Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Brother-Sister Relationship, Forced Break-up
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Muge
Writer: Xu Su
Producer: Ren Xu, Li Huan, Wu Xingyan, Xie Erqi, Li Yunmi
Released Date: 2023-07-05
Watch On: MGTV, Viki
Subtitle: English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Filipino, Russian, Swahili, Croatian, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Romanian, Polish



After ten years apart, fire station chief Song Yan and emergency department doctor Xu Qin reunite.

In their youth, they were forced apart by family opposition, but when they meet again, they have both grown and changed a lot.

Due to the nature of their work, Song Yan and Xu Qin gradually “cross paths”.

Song Yan leads the firefighters of Shi Li Tai to fight for the safety of people’s lives and property, and after countless tests of fire, he still keeps his faith.

His perseverance infects Xu Qin, and the knot that has plagued them for years is gradually unravelled.

Overcoming family resistance, they eventually come back together, encouraging each other and making progress together, using their respective expertise to guard this beautiful city .


Song Yan, the captain of the Shili Tai Fire Station in Yanbei District, is handsome and brave, with both moral integrity and talent. He is a well-known tough guy in the fire station. No matter how urgent the disaster is, as long as he is there, the whole team has a spiritual pillar. On ordinary days when he is not on duty, he trains and eats and sleeps with comrades from all over the country. This time, during the early summer, they gathered together to make dumplings and talk about the traditions of their hometowns. Suddenly, they heard the sound of the alarm bell, and everyone quickly grabbed their clothes and ran downstairs to assemble.

Xu Qin is a doctor at a local hospital. She is skilled in surgeries and consultations and is known for her exceptional medical skills. Not only is she highly competent in her profession, but she is also particularly beautiful. On this day, after finishing a surgery, she sat down to eat and found that her fast food noodles had clumped together. Hours of intense work had taken away her appetite.

At this time, a group of firefighters came with their teammates for dental check-ups. Usually, they handle emergency cases at night. Xu Qin suggested that they go to the dental clinic the next day. Song Yan was wearing a mask at the time and felt a bit nervous when he saw Xu Qin for the first time. His comrades pleaded with Xu Qin to check on him first, but Song Yan was worried that if he took off his mask, Xu Qin would recognize him, so he shook his head and walked away.

Xu Qin returned to her seat and continued eating noodles, but she suddenly felt that the face behind the mask was very familiar. The more she thought about it, the more something felt wrong. She hurriedly chased after them, but the fire truck had already gone far away. Her comrades were puzzled as to why the doctor was chasing after them.

Life goes on every day, and Xu Qin continues to save lives while Song Yan continues to be on duty for rescue missions. One day, they met at the same location of a fire. As a doctor, Xu Qin rushed into the disaster site to rescue the injured, and Song Yan rushed into the fire to extinguish it.

Whenever a firefighter rescued a life from the fire, Xu Qin did her best to help the victims recover their vital signs. This time, the fire occurred in an old residential area, where ordinary gas cylinders were used in every household. The situation was extremely serious. Song Yan wore an oxygen mask and went door to door to rescue trapped residents. The captain called him several times on the walkie-talkie, but the fire was getting bigger and bigger. If an explosion occurred, with so many gas cylinders, even ten lives would not be enough. However, Song Yan discovered that there was a child crying for help in the neighboring room, and the cries were getting weaker. He didn’t care about the danger and rushed into the fire to save the child. It was at this moment that an explosion occurred.

The window glass shattered everywhere, and the captain urgently called for Song Yan, but there was no response. He was anxious to rush in and save people. Xu Qin was beside him, doing her best to perform CPR on the injured. Seeing waves of firefighters rushing in, she felt extremely nervous. The lives of the trapped civilians were precious, and the firefighters were also living beings. Fortunately, Song Yan finally ran out carrying the trapped child, and Xu Qin quickly went over to check the child’s condition.

The fire was finally extinguished, and the firefighters packed up the hoses and prepared to return to the station. At this moment, an officious person rushed in angrily and asked who had moved his car parked in the fire lane. Song Yan and the captain stepped forward and solemnly reminded him that parking a private car in the fire lane is illegal. It was because of his illegal parking that the fire, which should have been extinguished in half an hour, was prolonged by an hour. Thirty-six people were trapped, and the loss was not small. The officious person was stung by the criticism and stood aside grudgingly, while the rest could only put on an empty show.

Xu Qin recognized Song Yan. Ten years ago, they were high school classmates. He was the first classmate she met after transferring to that school. Song Yan was just as fearless back then as he is today. She remembers their first meeting when Song Yan was punished to stand outside the classroom. Seeing a new classmate coming into the classroom, Song Yan, who was standing outside the window, was curious and leaned his head in to listen to Xu Qin’s self-introduction. He occasionally interjected and made the whole class burst into laughter. That was Song Yan’s proudest moment. At his enthusiastic invitation, Xu Qin became his deskmate and remembered Song Yan’s name.

Song Yan’s good friend Suo Jun saw his comrades talking to Xu Qin during the day and immediately felt that something was off between the two. While playing chess, he asked if they knew each other, and Song Yan immediately denied it. However, the expression on his face gave away the truth. It turns out that Song Yan and Xu Qin were not only classmates but also had a sweet and unforgettable past together.

Song Yan and Xu Qin sat at the same desk. On ordinary days, Song Yan often shared snacks with her, studied together in class, and acted as a bodyguard behind her after school. At that time, Xu Qin was feeling down after transferring schools, but Song Yan’s jokes and banter somehow improved her mood.

Song Yan was brave in extinguishing fires, which was a great achievement in Wufang Street. However, there were some ignorant individuals who repeatedly complained, accusing the firefighters of moving cars without permission and increasing the training load for newly recruited firefighters. Fortunately, Li Meng, due to her position, often spoke well of Song Yan in front of the higher authorities, explaining the ins and outs of the fire incident. This matter eventually came to an end.

Xu Qin’s professional competence quickly gained recognition from the patients, and she was promptly promoted by the leadership. Some older employees in the same unit became dissatisfied, whispering behind Xu Qin’s back, claiming that she only got in based on her background. They even mentioned that her family was well-off, with her father being Meng Huaijin, who had a chauffeured car at home.

Xu Qin no longer allowed the family driver to pick her up and immediately her brother bought her a car. Although her father had some fame, Xu Qin was also very diligent in her studies and never complained at work.

When Song Yan arrived at Wufang Street, where he used to visit often ten years ago, his English writing on the wall was still there. He excitedly used quick-drying spray paint to write, “As long as you smile, the whole city will be filled with sunshine.” At that time, Xu Qin teased him for writing the English word wrong, mistaking “city” for “son.” Anyway, the days spent with Song Yan were full of joy, the sky was blue, and the air was fragrant.

Unconsciously, Xu Qin found herself at Song Yan’s house. She knocked on the door, and Song Yan’s younger sister, Zhai Miao, saw her and became angry, immediately wanting to close the door. Xu Qin wanted to ask if Song Yan was home, but Zhai Miao rudely said that Song Yan usually only stayed at the fire station and rarely came home. She added that if it weren’t for Xu Qin, Song Yan would have been married long ago. Xu Qin understood Zhai Miao’s attitude. After all, she was the one at fault initially.

Song Yan’s mother saw Xu Qin leaving and asked Zhai Miao if they were impolite to her. Zhai Miao didn’t like Xu Qin’s cold and distant attitude, as if she rejected everyone from a thousand miles away. She mentioned how good Song Yan was to her, but later Xu Qin went abroad without a word, and there was no news from her for several years. Zhai Miao thought Xu Qin’s heart was too cold. Now that she’s back in the country, maybe she hasn’t met a guy as easygoing as her brother, and that’s why she suddenly remembers to apologize. Zhai Miao felt protective of her brother whenever she thought about this.

On this day, Song Yan escorted his comrades to the hospital for burn treatment. Xu Qin prescribed some medicine for the previous patient, as their burns were not severe, so she only provided topical ointment. The patient’s family disagreed and accused Xu Qin of treating patients differently and being too cautious with firefighters. The man even wanted to start a fight. Luckily, Song Yan was present and promptly restrained the man by holding his arm. Some people are bullies who fear the strong, and in the face of someone who defends the weak, the unreasonable family member immediately shut up.

After treating the firefighters, Xu Qin followed Song Yan outside to thank him for speaking up earlier and invited him to have coffee together. Song Yan directly refused, saying that there were too many people asking him for coffee and he needed to make an appointment. Back at the fire station, Song Yan took out the lighter Xu Qin had given him ten years ago from his pocket. Now he regrets it a little; he never forgot about her, but he just wouldn’t admit it.

Xu Qin returned home and found that her wooden carving was missing. She immediately went downstairs to ask her mother. Her mother said she threw it away because she didn’t like Xu Qin playing with the wooden carving all the time. Initially, her mother was also against Xu Qin studying medicine, thinking that it would require long hours and leave no time for family and children. Xu Qin had grown accustomed to her strict mother. She and her brother had always followed their mother’s standards for studying and living, as if they had lost the courage to rebel.

Xiao Yixiao visited Xu Qin’s house as a guest. He had a straightforward personality and invited Xu Qin and Meng Yanchen to his bar. While having dinner with Aunt, he started talking as usual. Meng Yanchen discreetly nudged his arm, asking him to stop talking and eat. Shortly after, Xu Qin’s mother reminded him not to speak while eating. Xiao Yixiao scratched his head and quickly fell silent.

Xu Qin’s mother noticed that her children didn’t have partners yet, so she showed Meng Yanchen and Xu Qin some photos of the opposite sex. She reminded them of her standards for choosing a spouse, with social status being the most important. If the social status didn’t match, she wouldn’t agree at all. Meng Yanchen furrowed his eyebrows upon hearing his mother’s criteria. Several photos were on the table, but he didn’t like any of them. He had been suppressed for too long, and the girls in the photos looked lifeless, like they had come out of a photoshoot, lacking any vitality.

Feeling bored at home, Xu Qin and Meng Yanchen went to Xiao Yixiao’s bar in the evening. Xiao Yixiao was usually rough and casual, but the bar was tastefully decorated, showing that he had his own pursuit and taste. The bar often hired some part-time staff, and this time one of the staff accidentally spilled alcohol on Meng Yanchen. She quickly apologized, but Meng Yanchen didn’t care; he just felt that this server was different from the ones he had seen before.

After leaving the bar, Xu Qin couldn’t help but go to the fire station to find Song Yan. She went to the communication room to deliver a message, and Song Yan intentionally claimed that he wasn’t in the dormitory. Disappointed, Xu Qin was about to leave when she noticed the training ground across the street, where Song Yan was with a police dog.

Suo Jun noticed Song Yan’s preoccupied state and asked why he had been absent-minded lately. He knew that Song Yan cared, but he always tried to be strong. Suo Jun asked if the pendant hanging from Song Yan’s neck was a gift from Xu Qin, and he mentioned that Song Yan had been reluctant to take it off for several years. Song Yan felt sentimental. He knew that Xu Qin’s family placed great importance on social status, and despite his efforts over the years to earn honor and be outstanding, he was still a lowly grass, seemingly distant from Xu Qin. Suo Jun understood his predicament, patted his shoulder to console him, and mentioned that reality can be cruel. If it truly felt out of reach, it might be better to let go and start a new life.

These days, heavy rain kept pouring down, and the hospital admitted many patients. Due to a lack of manpower, all medical staff were required to be on duty. Xu Qin received the message and reluctantly drove out despite the worsening road conditions. The water on the road became deeper and deeper, and when she reached an underpass, her car suddenly stalled. The water on the road continued to rise, and Xu Qin couldn’t start the car. Even the door of the driver’s seat wouldn’t open. She felt extremely frightened and immediately dialed “119” (emergency services).

As the pouring rain continued to wash the ground, the water inside the car had reached Xu Qin’s chest. She was struggling to breathe, and the car window wouldn’t open. She had reached the peak of fear. At that moment, a fire truck arrived. In her desperation, Xu Qin finally saw a beam of light directed at her. A firefighter used bare hands to move her car, reducing the water level, and then broke the window and reached out to pull Xu Qin out.

Xu Qin saw that it was Song Yan who saved her and cried in excitement. However, Song Yan reproached her for going out in such heavy rain. Upon hearing Xu Qin explain that it was an emergency notification from the hospital, Song Yan handed her two life jackets and turned to leave. Xu Qin anxiously asked if he knew it was her trapped in the car and risked his life to save her, but Song Yan calmly replied that even if it were a dog trapped in the car, he would save it without hesitation.

Xu Qin rushed to the hospital and found a patient with severe pericardial effusion. The situation was critical, and it was crucial to remove the fluid as soon as possible. However, this operation was very difficult, and Xu Qin didn’t have the qualification to perform this kind of surgery in her current position. The doctors on the side suggested that she should wait for the chief physician to arrive before proceeding with the surgery. But time waits for no one, and the chief physician was still saving lives in another operating room. Xu Qin decided to independently perform the pericardiocentesis.

She went against everyone’s advice and was even willing to bear all the consequences herself. The assistant beside her carefully assisted in handing over the surgical instruments. Xu Qin had received systematic clinical practice abroad and finally managed to remove the pericardial effusion with her superb medical skills. The patient’s young daughter was anxiously waiting outside. The father and daughter depended on each other in their daily lives, and it was unimaginable how the girl’s life would be without a successful rescue.

Xu Qin sensitively noticed that the child seemed to have some signs of autism. After the surgery, she returned to her office and wrote down the discharge instructions for the patient. She also introduced a psychologist to the little girl. The girl’s aunt was very grateful upon receiving the recommendations. Xu Qin successfully completed the pericardiocentesis surgery, but the hospital leadership called her to the office and criticized her for making decisions without authorization. Although Xu Qin had previously interned abroad and performed similar surgeries, it was still within the country, and the consequences would be unimaginable if the surgery failed.

Zhai Miao was worried that her brother would become an older unmarried man, so she invited several of her own friends to their house. When those girls saw Song Yan, they were satisfied with his handsome appearance and charismatic demeanor. When Song Yan returned home and saw the scene, he knew his sister’s intentions. He advised her to find a boyfriend quickly and not to worry about him, asking a bunch of friends to come home and treat him like a monkey.

The group of girls had dinner together, and when Song Yan saw Ye Zi sitting beside him, her profile resembled Xu Qin’s. She had a similar temperament to Xu Qin, so he couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Ye Zi.

Everyone bombarded Song Yan with questions, asking where he worked and why someone as excellent as him didn’t have a girlfriend. Song Yan wasn’t interested in these questions and left halfway through the meal. Zhai Miao thought her brother had feelings for Ye Zi, so she immediately tried to play matchmaker between Xu Qin and Ye Zi. Song Yan firmly rejected it. As he was preparing to leave, he encountered Xu Qin face to face. Xu Qin had come to return his clothes and expressed gratitude for saving her that rainy night. Song Yan leaned against the door frame and bluntly told her not to come again, as saving lives was his professional duty. Xu Qin’s eyes turned red, and she made a request to reconcile. Although Song Yan felt a bit sour in his nose, he immediately claimed that he had long forgotten about her.

Song Yan returned to the fire station and started wiping his trophies one by one to calm his emotions. The instructor advised him to update the training methods because many new soldiers thought Song Yan’s training standards were too harsh, and everyone had their own opinions. Song Yan disagreed and believed that as firefighters, they must keep up with speed and be able to save lives when it matters. Song Yan appeared cold on the surface, but his comrades knew that he had a warm heart.

At Xu Qin’s hospital, personnel from various departments were assigned to conduct fire prevention drills. Many people didn’t want to participate, so Xu Qin successfully took this opportunity. During the fire prevention briefing, Li Meng, a female student, was in charge. Xu Qin noticed a photo of Song Yan in the presentation slides. She heard people around her jokingly ask if the person in the photo, Song Yan, was Li Meng’s boyfriend. Xu Qin noticed Li Meng blushing and realized that Li Meng probably had feelings for Song Yan. She took the opportunity to chat with Li Meng and found out that both of them worked in the fire department, with one responsible for on-site rescue and the other for fire prevention education. They were quite compatible.

It was almost time to finish work when Xu Qin received an emergency notification. There was a car accident on a nearby road, and several people were injured and in critical condition. Xu Qin and Song Yan arrived at the scene together. Several vehicles had overturned, and the drivers and passengers were trapped inside. Xu Qin quickly opened the medical kit and did her best to rescue each injured person.

Every time they arrived at the scene of an accident, it was heartbreaking. There were bloodstains everywhere, groans, the sound of machines cutting through metal, piercing through the air. Those with weaker mental fortitude were already frightened. Xu Qin calmly performed CPR on the injured while Song Yan directed his team members to evacuate and rescue in an orderly manner. The two of them cooperated seamlessly.

During the process of rescuing Xu Qin, Song Yan injured his back, and a piece of metal from the machine pierced his muscles, causing a bloody mess. All the injured were settled in the ambulances, and Xu Qin immediately insisted that Song Yan go to the hospital with her for treatment. Song Yan refused, but the instructor ordered him in a commanding tone to seek medical attention immediately. Song Yan had no choice but to follow Xu Qin back to the hospital.

In the treatment room, Song Yan’s wound had been stitched up. Xu Qin once again brought up the idea of getting back together. Song Yan asked her if it was a sudden whim or if she had carefully considered it. They had a good relationship in the past, but Xu Qin said they broke up and then went abroad without a trace.

Xu Qin explained that they were still in school at that time and didn’t have the right to decide their own future. Song Yan didn’t want to continue being Xu Qin’s plaything. Ten years ago, she said she could let go, but ten years later, the same tragedy might repeat itself. Song Yan walked out of the hospital room in pain. Li Meng had just brought him a pair of dry shoes. She had already guessed that Xu Qin was Song Yan’s ex-girlfriend and took the initiative to ask Song Yan if he would consider her if things didn’t work out with that doctor. Song Yan shook his head. He wouldn’t easily start a relationship with no future.

The test results for the accident victims from the afternoon were out. One of the persons had HIV, and medical personnel who had operated on the injured were at risk of infection. Nurses held their breath as they received the test results. Xu Qin immediately called the fire station, notifying all firefighters who had been in contact with the accident scene to come to the hospital for blood tests.

Song Yan had the most severe wound initially and had the closest contact with the HIV-positive patient’s blood. Xu Qin remembered that Song Yan had direct contact with the blood of an HIV patient. She was extremely worried. The hospital had a shortage of emergency medications, but Song Yan divided the few remaining doses among his comrades. Xu Qin knew he would do that and immediately drove to another hospital to retrieve the medication. She supervised Song Yan personally as he separated the medication before feeling reassured. She didn’t want Song Yan to bear the burden. Xu Qin claimed that she understood and would respect Song Yan’s choice.

The blood test results for the firefighters were all negative, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. However, the side effects of the medication had not subsided. Everyone was vomiting and weak. Song Yan unintentionally saw the transfer application of the instructor, Suo Jun. They had become accustomed to working together, and Song Yan couldn’t understand Suo Jun’s choice. They had worked at Shili Tai Fire Station for a long time and considered it their home. Suo Jun admitted that he could earn over a thousand more in salary by going to another fire station. It was still rescue work, just in a different location.

Xu Qin’s hospital received a critically ill patient with a myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest. The patient’s consciousness was blurred, and they remained in a severe coma. Xu Qin immediately prepared her team for resuscitation. Although Xu Qin rarely smiled or joked, her professional skills were extremely superb. With Xu Qin’s skilled hands, the patient was finally brought back from the brink of death.

The fire station was also busy. When they were not on duty, they conducted various intensive training exercises at the station, such as carrying water guns, climbing, and maneuvering through complex obstacles. The new team members lacked proficiency, and they couldn’t even handle the water guns steadily. Song Yan was very angry when he saw this and criticized them for not training earnestly. He questioned how they would enter a fire scene and save lives if they continued with such standards. It was the first time the team members saw Song Yan so angry, and Suo Jun knew that Song Yan was influenced by him. He couldn’t bear to see Song Yan leave.

Xu Qin’s performance at the hospital quickly gained recognition from the patients’ families. After every successful surgery, Xu Qin would just smile and nod at the patients before getting busy again. Despite her young age, she was very steady in her work. The hospital director had never praised her achievements, and Xu Qin had gotten used to it. Neither praise nor criticism was the best state for her.

Colleagues always see Xu Qin as calm and composed. They were curious about how she dealt with the doctor-patient relationship. They asked her how she remained indifferent in the face of grateful patients’ families. Xu Qin thought it was normal. The families were only temporarily grateful and spoke words of appreciation. In reality, treating and saving patients was their professional duty, and whether the patients’ families were grateful or not didn’t directly concern them. Xu Qin’s answer left her colleagues speechless. They didn’t expect someone to have such a mindset.

Xiao Yixiao would often hang out with Meng Yanchen during his leisure time. He sympathized with Meng Yanchen and Xu Qin for having such a strict mother. He often encouraged them to go out and relax. One day, Meng Yanchen approached Xiao Yixiao for investment. As they chatted, Xiao Yixiao remarked that Xu Qin had grown up and rarely whispered secrets to him anymore. He asked Meng Yanchen to take her out more often to relax.

In the evening, Meng Yanchen took Xu Qin to Xiao Yixiao’s bar for drinks. Xiao Yixiao also introduced his ex-girlfriend, Jiang Xiaorao, to them. Jiang Xiaorao’s personality matched her name—she was straightforward in her speech. She quickly got along with everyone. Xu Qin felt a bit upset because of Song Yan’s rejection, so she started drinking with Jiang Xiaorao. That night, Xu Qin drank a lot. Meng Yanchen drove her home, carried her into the bedroom, and took off her shoes, allowing her to have a good night’s sleep.

Meng Yanchen lay on the sofa, and scenes of the first time he met Xu Qin involuntarily flashed through his mind. At that time, Xu Qin’s parents were no longer around, and Meng Yanchen’s parents went to the welfare institution to go through the adoption procedures. Since then, he had this little sister. He genuinely liked her. When he saw his mother throwing away the teddy bear that Xu Qin had dirtied, he secretly picked it up and gave it back to Xu Qin. In the blink of an eye, these two people had grown up, and in Meng Yanchen’s eyes, he had never met a girl as outstanding as his sister.

A few days later, Xu Qin heard a knocking sound at her door. Firefighters said that her neighbor’s child had climbed out from the balcony and got stuck between two floors’ pipes. It was an urgent situation. Several firefighters crawled over from Xu Qin’s balcony and caught the child. Initially, everything went smoothly, but suddenly an emergency occurred when they were pulling the child into the room. The firefighters slipped and both the child and the firefighters were left hanging outside. Xu Qin anxiously watched, her heart pounding, as she stared intently at the firefighters. She silently prayed for their safety.

Finally, the trapped little boy was successfully rescued, and tears of excitement flowed down the faces of his parents. They immediately promised not to leave the child alone at home anymore. Xu Qin attended to Song Yan’s wound and asked if he was free on the weekend. Song Yan looked at her, his eyes filled with doubt, but ultimately he didn’t say anything and left.

During the day, Xu Qin managed to obtain Song Yan’s WeChat account from one of Song Yan’s comrades. Fortunately, Song Yan accepted the friend request, and they started communicating on WeChat. Xu Qin was in a great mood, and every day felt like a refreshing breeze.

Although Meng Yanchen had a big family and a big business, he was mature beyond his years. He made decisions calmly in the company. This time, he rejected the other shareholders’ hasty plans. Although the real estate industry was currently progressing smoothly, he sensed some crisis and decided to interrupt the massive capital investment. Initially, this was his decision within the company, but soon he received a call from his mother. She asked about Meng Yanchen’s recent situation and subtly inquired if he needed to consider the feelings of the other shareholders. Meng Yanchen had already guessed that someone in the company was leaking information. He never turned a blind eye and quickly identified the person spying for his mother in the company. When the informant heard that they were being transferred to Meng Yanchen’s mother’s company, they were terrified and quickly apologized.

During her break, Xu Qin proactively went to the fire station to find Song Yan. A team member informed Song Yan that someone was looking for him. Song Yan thought it was his sister coming to bring him a padded jacket, so he handed over his work and left. After Song Yan left, the team members quietly mentioned that the female doctor had come, and they excitedly followed along to investigate the situation.

Xu Qin personally went to the fire station to invite Song Yan for a meal, but Song Yan refused and didn’t want to go. Xu Qin then suggested that Song Yan treat her to tea instead. Song Yan asked for a reason, and Xu Qin had a sudden inspiration, claiming that she provided the location for the firefighters to save people the day before, so it was only fair to reward her. Unable to resist Xu Qin’s multiple requests for a date, Song Yan finally agreed to have a meal with her.

To prepare for the date, Xu Qin specifically asked her best friend to do her makeup. Seeing Xu Qin’s spotless home, her friend was puzzled as to why an adult like Xu Qin didn’t know how to apply makeup and advised her to learn more in her daily life. Xu Qin explained that the hospital didn’t encourage the use of cosmetics due to their work.

As Song Yan was getting ready to leave, he noticed that his hair had grown long. His comrades urged him to cut it, as it would make him look more energetic. Normally, Suo Jun would cut Song Yan’s hair, and their eyes met. Suo Jun smiled at him and picked up the clippers to help Song Yan with his haircut.

When they arrived at the agreed location, Song Yan saw Xu Qin and felt that the girl in his heart was still so beautiful. Xu Qin took Song Yan to the place where they had dinner together ten years ago. They ordered the same dishes, and Xu Qin was pleasantly surprised to find that the taste was just like it was ten years ago. Same shop, same people. Song Yan intentionally claimed that the taste had changed because, after all, time had passed, and it was normal for things to change with the passage of time. Song Yan maintained a serious expression throughout, intentionally disagreeing with Xu Qin’s opinions. Xu Qin didn’t mind and continued to eat earnestly.

Song Yan received a call from his sister and learned that she was at the Fuming Police Station, so he immediately rushed to save her. Upon hearing this, Xu Qin quickly opened her car and offered to drive her there. Song Yan’s sister had been taken to the police station by the authorities for selling counterfeit goods. Song Yan tried to get his sister to reveal the supplier, but she refused to listen. Song Yan became angry and wanted to contact the school authorities, but Xu Qin immediately dissuaded him. She warned Zhai Miao, who was with them, that they were already at the police station and should not harbor any lucky thoughts. They must cooperate with the police investigation. Furthermore, Song Yan was an upright person who would never falsify or cover up the truth. The urgent matter at hand was to quickly find evidence of their innocence by locating the supplier. This time, Zhai Miao listened to Xu Qin’s advice and provided the contact number of the supplier.

Based on previous cases, Zhai Miao would be fined and administratively detained. Since she had been selling so many products, the fine after tripling would be even higher. Xu Qin only had one hundred thousand, but she wanted Zhai Miao to be released from the police station as soon as possible. So Xu Qin dialed Xiao Yixiao’s phone number. At that time, Meng Yanchen was also with Xiao Yixiao and heard that Xu Qin was at the police station. Both of them went to help.

Meng Yanchen knew Song Yan and saw Xu Qin and Song Yan together at the police station. He was infuriated but, out of respect for Xu Qin, he still helped to smooth things over. That day, they quickly paid the fine and got Zhai Miao released from the police station. Song Yan didn’t express his gratitude to Meng Yanchen. Instead, he quietly told Xu Qin that he would repay the money as soon as possible and then left with Zhai Miao.

Xu Qin sat in Xiao Yixiao’s car on the way back. During the journey, Meng Yanchen and Xu Qin started arguing, with both of them accusing each other of being immature. Meng Yanchen reminded Xu Qin not to develop genuine feelings for Song Yan, as his mother would never accept him due to his family background. As they argued, Xiao Yixiao drove the car to Meng Yanchen’s company, asked him to get out of the car, and then had a private conversation with Xu Qin.

Xiao Yixiao also believed that Xu Qin and Song Yan were not suitable for each other. Their family backgrounds were too disparate, and the obstacles were too great. Moreover, Song Yan was a proud person. Xiao Yixiao knew that Xu Qin’s family would not accept him, and today, Meng Yanchen had publicly humiliated him. There would be many more conflicts in the future, which would be unfair to Song Yan. Xu Qin understood that Xiao Yixiao meant well, but every time she was with Song Yan, she truly felt happy.

One day, the firefighters received an alarm call. A girl, frustrated with work, became angry after her mother scolded her and even thought about jumping off a building. Suo Jun immediately rushed over and kindly persuaded the girl to be strong. He assured her that things were not as unbearable as she imagined. The girl had a change of heart, but suddenly, onlookers started making callous remarks, saying that raising such a child was a waste and that she was just putting on a show. Hearing these heartless words, the girl felt utterly hopeless and jumped from the ledge. Luckily, Suo Jun quickly caught her. He was wearing a safety rope, and with his protection, the girl landed safely.

Suo Jun got up from the air cushion and angrily berated the heartless spectators. He questioned why they lacked compassion when facing such a vulnerable child. If one day it was their own family member who had a misfortune, would they still utter such heartless words? Society could be so cold and cruel. Suo Jun strongly resented the bystanders’ mentality of wanting to see chaos in the world. So many people tragically ended their lives due to the violence of public opinion.

In the evening, Song Yan and Suo Jun were chatting. Suo Jun talked about his current life. His fiancée had been taking care of his sick parents, but their household expenses exceeded their income. He didn’t know when they would be able to get married. Therefore, he had to bow to reality and hope to earn more money to support the family. Additionally, he wanted to transfer to a fire station closer to home, which would also help his fiancée share some of the household chores. Suddenly, Song Yan understood Suo Jun’s difficulties and supported his choices. After contemplating for a long time, Suo Jun made a phone call to his fiancée. He requested another year’s time from her, and when that year was up, he would return to his hometown.

On this day, the fire station invited Jiang Yu to provide training on firefighting techniques. Jiang Yu was a master’s degree holder from the National Fire University and had advanced rescue methods. This time, he brought along a rescue robot and enthusiastically talked about the intelligence and convenience of robots. However, Song Yan disagreed with Jiang Yu’s point of view. In a critical situation in a fire, the robot merely followed commands. Therefore, in dangerous situations, robots could not replace firefighters in rescue operations. Song Yan was known as the “debate king” among the firefighters, but Jiang Yu found him very interesting and took the initiative to add him on WeChat.

After listening to the training, Song Yan heard the news of Suo Jun’s accident on his way back to the fire station. He hurried back as fast as he could. Outside the hospital room, his comrades held him back, saying that Suo Jun’s arm was likely to be paralyzed. Song Yan entered the hospital room and saw that Suo Jun’s right cheek had been severely burned. He was overcome with sadness and tears welled up in his eyes. Not long ago, he had prevented Suo Jun from being transferred from the fire station. If he had supported Suo Jun’s decision back then, perhaps this situation would not have happened today. Suo Jun was still unmarried, so what would happen in the future? Song Yan tried hard to control his emotions, while Suo Jun remained relatively calm. He asked if the girl he had rescued from the fire was safe. Hearing the news brought by Song Yan, he finally felt relieved.

Now, Song Yan deeply regretted his decision to participate in the training. If he had been there, perhaps Suo Jun wouldn’t have encountered such danger.

As things had progressed, Suo Jun was transferred to work at the local housing and construction department. On the day of his discharge from the army, all the firefighters from the fire station bid him farewell. The leader personally presented him with a military medal. As he looked at the bright five-starred red flag, this man shed tears of excitement.

Since becoming a firefighter, everyone has shouldered the mission of serving the people. Every day, they risk their lives during rescue missions. But once they put on that uniform, no one regrets it. As Suo Jun bid farewell to his comrades, a sudden alarm bell rang, indicating another emergency. The firefighters hurriedly changed into their firefighting gear and quickly responded.

Suo Jun waved goodbye to them, reminding them to stay safe during the rescue operation. Before leaving, he took a final look at the dormitory and helped his comrades tidy up their beds. Finally, he finished packing and left with his luggage. At the entrance, he met his fiancée, who had been sent by the minister to pick him up. With teary eyes, she smiled and took Suo Jun’s luggage, ready to take him home.

With Suo Jun transferred, Song Yan felt very uncomfortable for a while. The leaders noticed this too. Suo Jun had spent eight years with Song Yan, so their camaraderie was understandable. The leaders encouraged Song Yan to relax and understand that no feast lasts forever. This was a steadfast military camp, and he needed to keep up with future training.

Xu Qin’s mother gave her several photos of young men and insisted that Xu Qin choose one among them. Knowing her mother’s personality, Xu Qin selected Jiang Yu. Xu Qin’s mother also liked this young man and said she would recommend him through WeChat.

The girl whom Suo Jun had risked his life to save was named Xiaomin. Thirteen percent of her body had been burned, including her face, which was almost disfigured. She was once a blooming young girl, but unfortunately, her face was injured. The girl found it difficult to accept and contemplated suicide every day. Doctor Yang tried to console her, saying that the medical team would do their best to alleviate her pain. However, the girl couldn’t see beyond her despair. She used to be a female anchor, but now, with her disfigurement, she believed she had no future career prospects, leading to utter hopelessness.

Xu Qin entered the hospital room and told Xiaomin that she couldn’t justify her self-destruction considering the firefighter who had sacrificed and disfigured himself for her. Xiaomin asked about Suo Jun’s condition. She knew it wasn’t right to feel this way, but she couldn’t help the pain in her heart. She didn’t know how to face her own life anymore. Xu Qin could understand the girl’s feelings, so she encouraged her to be strong and get through this period. Looking back later, she would realize that these things were not as significant. With Xu Qin’s empathy, Xiaomin’s emotions gradually calmed down.

Xu Qin’s mother discovered a 100,000 yuan fine in her son’s bank statement. She called Xu Qin and Meng Yanchen to come home. Meng Yanchen lied, claiming that he helped a friend pay the fine. Xu Qin’s mother could tell from his expression and asked Xu Qin to invite Jiang Yu out in front of her. Xu Qin followed her mother’s instructions.

After Xu Qin went upstairs, her mother reproached Meng Yanchen for not telling her about arranging a match for her sister. It turned out her mother already knew, so she purposely had Xu Qin start contacting Jiang Yu. Their family backgrounds were similar, and her mother encouraged Xu Qin to take more initiative.

Jiang Yu had previously failed to successfully arrange a meeting with Xu Qin. Xu Qin always used work as an excuse. But this time, when she received Xu Qin’s invitation, he was extremely happy. He had been waiting in the café early in the morning. Finally, he met Xu Qin, and Jiang Yu felt a strong attraction. However, before they could exchange many words, Xu Qin’s phone buzzed with a message. It was a reminder of Song Yan’s transfer. Xu Qin made an excuse that there was an emergency at work and bid farewell, leaving the café.

Xu Qin went to see Song Yan and told him not to worry about repaying the money. They had a lukewarm conversation. Xu Qin understood his concerns. When she returned home, her mother asked her about the progress of her conversation with Jiang Yu. Xu Qin said they met, but at the time, there was a sudden hospital emergency. Hearing this, her mother felt that the hospital work was not suitable for Xu Qin. She wanted her to pursue academic work at a university. Xu Qin didn’t agree, so she tried to communicate with her mother. She asked if she could be in a relationship with Song Yan, as he was her favorite person. For a long time, her mother didn’t say anything. Just as Xu Qin was about to go back to her own room, her mother called her back and asked her not to make her the villain again. Xu Qin immediately understood her mother’s meaning.

Xu Qin’s romantic relationship did not receive her mother’s support. This time, instead of giving up, she went to talk to her father. When her father heard that Xu Qin wanted to continue dating Song Yan, although he didn’t oppose it, he believed her mother would never agree. He understood the reasons behind her mother’s opposition and didn’t want their family to be in discord because of this matter. In short, neither her father nor her mother thought highly of her being with Song Yan. Xu Qin recalled her strict upbringing by her mother since childhood, where she had to adhere to strict rules even during meals and sitting posture. From a young age, she never dared to defy her mother, especially when it came to matters of marriage. Thinking about her mother’s sharp gaze, Xu Qin felt a chill down her spine.

She had asked Song Yan out several times before, but he hadn’t agreed. Surprisingly, this time, Song Yan readily accepted. He took a two-hour leave to have a meal with Xu Qin. Xu Qin noticed that he changed into casual attire and groomed himself, looking handsome and charming. Remembering her conversation with her parents, Xu Qin was hesitant to speak. Song Yan noticed her evasive gaze and immediately understood. He assured Xu Qin not to worry, saying that he could understand and accept her decision, no matter what it was.

The two of them silently ate their meal when suddenly a fire broke out in the kitchen of the restaurant they were in. Song Yan immediately sprinted into the kitchen and saw a chef engulfed in flames. He quickly grabbed a bottle of cola, opened it, and extinguished the fire on the chef’s body. After rescuing the chef, he heard a scream from another girl. Song Yan ran into the fire again to save her. Then he opened the fire hydrant, and Xu Qin helped him twist the valve. Due to their swift action, they managed to save the restaurant from significant damage.

Coincidentally, the girl Song Yan saved this time was named Zhan Xiaorao. They had just met Xu Qin recently. Impressed by Song Yan saving her life, Zhan Xiaorao immediately pleaded with Xu Qin to give her Song Yan’s WeChat contact. Xu Qin claimed that Song Yan was just an ordinary friend, but she felt uncomfortable in her heart when she heard that Zhan Xiaorao wanted to pursue Song Yan.

Xu Qin went to a bar called “Xiao Yixiao” to drink and learned that Song Yan had agreed to Zhan Xiaorao’s invitation. She drowned her sorrows in alcohol at the bar. After a few drinks, Xu Qin felt that she had the courage and stumbled out. Meng Yanchen saw Xu Qin’s condition and immediately told Xiao Yixiao to hurry and follow her in the car. He knew that his sister wasn’t sad but was using alcohol as a confidence booster.

Indeed, Meng Yanchen’s guess was correct. Xu Qin went straight to Song Yan’s house. Taking advantage of her drunken state, she questioned whether Song Yan had made any efforts for their relationship over the years. She mentioned that she had worked hard studying abroad, aware of her introverted personality. She even chose a medical profession, hoping to support herself with her exceptional skills and not be dependent on others in the future. But Song Yan, Xu Qin asked if he remembered their promise and if he had made efforts to get closer to her. Xu Qin cried and caused a scene, pulling at Song Yan’s collar and asking if he had never liked her enough. Zhai Miao, who was nearby and saw the two of them, also felt uncomfortable.

Xiao Yixiao saw Xu Qin squatting on the ground, pulling at Song Yan’s clothes and crying uncontrollably. It was evident that she had lost control. Xiao Yixiao immediately carried Xu Qin on his back and started walking, intending to take her away. Song Yan saw Xu Qin’s heartbreak, realizing that over the years, it hadn’t been just him making efforts; Xu Qin had never forgotten him either. Song Yan rushed out of the yard, intending to confess his feelings, but Xiao Yixiao had already put the intoxicated Xu Qin in the car. Meng Yanchen stood by the car door, looking at him coldly, his eyes filled with accusations. Helplessly, Song Yan could only watch as Xu Qin sat in the car and was driven away.



  • 2023-07-19 10:45:45

    Wei Dahun saved the whole drama

    "Fireworks of My Heart", starring Yang Yang and Wang Churan, although is a youth drama that incorporates elements of firefighting and medical care, the cast members are exceptionally good-looking, giving it a touch of an idol drama vibe.

    Even before the drama aired, the two main actors were rumored to be in a romantic relationship. This adds to the anticipation of their on-screen chemistry.

    In "Fireworks of My Heart", Yang Yang portrays the male lead, Song Yan, while the female lead, Xu Qin, is played by Wang Churan. They were childhood sweethearts in high school, and their deep bond was formed through their early encounters and mutual understanding.

    However, due to family circumstances, they were forced to separate. Ten years later, they meet again, with the male lead now being a fire station captain and the female lead working as an emergency department doctor.

    Song Yan's character traits are quite evident, with clear strengths and weaknesses. He is stubborn, hot-tempered, and has a strong sense of self-esteem. He is hardworking, resilient, and pushes himself to the limit, always striving to prove his worth. However, his stubbornness prevents him from easily listening to others.

    Like Xu Qin, Song Yan also experienced the loss of his parents during childhood. He was taken in by his uncle's family, who treated him as their own son. Growing up in a loving environment, he developed an outgoing personality and fearlessness. He didn't excel academically during his school years and was somewhat of a troublemaker in high school. It was only after breaking up with Xu Qin in high school that his self-esteem took a blow, leading him to strive for success and refuse to lose to fate or himself. Since becoming a firefighter, he has always aimed to be the top performer in firefighting competitions, reflecting his ambitious nature.

    Xu Qin, on the other hand, appears weak and indecisive but is actually quite resilient. After being adopted by the Meng family, she is controlled by the strict and snobbish Mother. She feels insecure and powerless under her mother's control.

    However, when working as an emergency department doctor, Xu Qin displays a calm and professional demeanor. She remains unaffected by emotions and is confident in her professional skills, willingly taking on responsibilities. Moreover, she doesn't back down when faced with unfriendly colleagues who mock her for relying on her family background to work.

    Xu Qin is not genuinely weak. After being adopted by the Meng family, she receives careful care, despite her mother's controlling nature. Her mother, though strict, takes good care of her, having spent a substantial amount of money to send her to study medicine in the United States. Her father is gentle, and her brother also takes care of her. She simply cannot abandon her family because she is also realistic and wants everything.

    While longing for love, she cannot abandon her family, which is a difficult thing to do. Why should others be able to have both family love and romantic love while she is forced to choose only one? Why can't she have both?

    Unexpectedly, when the drama "Fireworks of My Heart" finished airing, the supporting male character, played by Wei Daxun, climbed to the top of the hot search rankings, surpassing even the male lead, becoming the drama's biggest talking point. The production team was taken aback because who could have anticipated that the well-established main couple would be effortlessly defeated.

    Wei Daxun portrays the female lead's brother, Meng Yanchen, who is a textbook example of a "sickly sweet" and refined character. Few entertainers can successfully portray such a complex personality, alternating between an angelic and devilish demeanor. Wei Daxun genuinely captures the essence of the sickly sweet male character from the novel.

    The side romance between the brother and sister is captivating. By comparison, the main storyline appears lackluster.

    Meng Yanchen is decisive and composed in his work, but he carries an indescribable sense of oppression when facing his mother.

    Although people initially watched "Fireworks of My Heart" for the main couple, they were drawn to Wei Daxun's character. He has great adaptability, and if not for his increased presence in variety shows, the immersion into his character would be even stronger.

    From the way he looks at the female lead, the sweet scene, the warning from the cold and aloof CEO, his restrained behavior, and his attitude towards the male lead, it's all addictively good.

  • 2023-07-16 09:27:20

    Heartwarming and Authentic

    Fireworks of My Heart is a drama that requires patience. Personally, it wasn't until the 5th episode that I gradually immersed myself in it, and by the 10th episode, I felt deeply connected to it.

    The drama beautifully combines the themes of career and love, depicting the bravery and dedication of firefighters who silently endure the hardships, dangers, misunderstandings, and neglect in their mission to safeguard countless lives and happiness. However, this alone is not enough. They must also bear the responsibility of evoking emotions and elevating these emotions to a higher level, which is no easy task.

    In the drama, there are no "perfect" characters. The main characters, Song Yan (played by Yang Yang) and Xu Qin (played by Wang Churan), face insurmountable challenges. The supporting characters, Meng Yanchen (played by Wei Daxun) and Suo Jun (played by Zhang Binbin), each carry their own burdens. Yet, each character finds their own sanctity and receives salvation.

    The drama portrays ordinary firefighting heroes, but it also explores deeper questions about forgiveness, love, and acceptance. It touches on the struggles of flawed individuals and their pursuit of redemption. Through the characters' journeys, we are reminded that heroes are not without flaws or hardships.

    Fireworks of My Heart captures the realistic details of the firefighting profession and portrays the challenges faced by the characters. It highlights the intense training, the dangers of the job, and the sacrifices made by firefighters. By focusing on these details, the drama creates a sense of authenticity and emotional resonance.

    The characters of Song Yan and Xu Qin embody the universal struggle of ordinary people facing their own insecurities, regrets, and limitations. Their stories reflect our own struggles and dilemmas in life. We are compelled to question our own worthiness, the possibility of change, and the search for personal growth and salvation.

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