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Chen Miqi (Jojo Chen) Profile

Chen Miqi

Chen Miqi(Jojo Chen, 陈米麒) was born on August 31, 1991, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and is a Chinese actress and model.

In 2013, she started her acting career by acting in the costume drama Detectives and Doctors.

Her main works include Martial Universe: Season 1, To Dear Myself, Qin Dynasty Epic, As We Wish, etc.

Basic Info

Chen Miqi

Stage Name: Chen Miqi
Chinese Name: Chen Mi Qi / 陈米麒
Birth Name: Chen Ya Ting / 陈雅婷
English Name: JoJo Chen
Place of Birth: Wuhan, Hubei
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 31, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 170cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: B
Weibo: 陈米麒


  1. Chen Miqi’s agent is Lingrun Entertainment.
  2. Education: Jojo Chen graduated from the Hubei University Of Economics and majored in Advertising Design.
  3. When she was in college, she was scouted by a talent scout for her good looks and started working as a print model.


  • As We Wish(Yu Xiao Na)(2022)
  • The Priceless(Shi Zhou Xin)(2021)
  • Qin Dynasty Epic(Li Qiu)(2020)
  • To Dear Myself(Gu Xiao Ling)(2020)
  • Still Not Enough(Gan Cui)(2020)
  • Martial Universe: Season 2(Miao Xin Qing)(2018)
  • Martial Universe: Season 1(Miao Xin Qing)(2018)
  • Legend of the Warring States: The Tale of Mi Yue(Mi Yue)(2015)
  • Orange Code(Gao Su Fen)(2015)
  • Detectives and Doctors(Shangguan Fei Yan)(2015)
  • White Campus Belle and Long Legs 2(Man Ning)(2015)
  • A Weaver on the Horizon(Concubine E Ling’er)(2010)


  • Top Funny Comedian: The Movie(Bao Bao)(2017)
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