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We Go Fast on Trust – Alice Ko, Zhai Zilu

We Go Fast on Trust is an urban sport romantic drama directed by Huang Yinxiang, led by Alice Ko and Zhai Zilu, co-starring Chen Miqi, Li Zhuxian, Chen Pengwanli, and Ma Yinyin.

Based on the novel of the same name by Jiao Tang Dong Gua, the drama tells the story of Chen Mobai, a young man who regards motor racing as a lifelong dream and aspires to one day represent China in the "Super Formula" race track. In the course of pursuing his dream, he meets Shen Xi, an engineer who works as a tea waitress but is actually a doctor of aerodynamics. Chen Mobai's passion and persistence makes Shen Xi finally start to look straight into her heart, and the two become the best partners, breaking through the paradox of speed and safety, and surpassing the limits time again and again on the race track!


We Go Fast on Trust

English Title: We Go Fast on Trust
Chinese Title: 极速悖论
Genre: Urban, Romance, Sport, Drama
Tag: Chasing a Dream, Engineer Female Lead, Age Gap, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 22
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Huang Yingxiang
Writer: Kong Lingjie, Chang Yi, Mei Feng, Ling Qi, Chen Zihao, Wang Bing
Producer: Tang Fan, Zhou En, Lan Nizi
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-11-01
Broadcast Website: MGTV, Viki, MangoTV Drama



The young Chen Mobai has always seen racing as a lifelong dream since he was a child, and he longed to one day represent China in the "Super Grand Prix." But in the eyes of Chen Mobai's family, this was both an unsafe and unreliable joke, until he met engineer Shen Xi, who was equally determined to achieve her life's dreams.

Shen Xi's rigor and professionalism made Chen Mobai believe that his dream could become a reality. However, at this moment, Shen Xi is going through the darkest period of her life, with career confusion and the departure of her family pushing her into an abyss.

It was Chen Mobai's passion and trust that helped her emerge from the darkness. Despite their contrasting personalities and shared determination, they became the best partners and developed a genuine bond through their collaboration.

Together, they broke the "paradox" of speed and safety and showcased the vibrant power of contemporary youth as they raced on the international stage.


Chen Mobai participated in the Formula 2 racing series. He was forced to leave Ruifeng two years ago and is now an independent driver. He can't compete with the race car drivers backed by a team, but his overall points ranking is very high, and he is close to reaching the threshold for Formula 1.

In this race, Chen Mobai initially fell behind Lu Yunhao. Later, he overtook Lu Yunhao, but was bumped by him, dropping to second place again. His teammates were unhappy and wanted to appeal. However, Chen Mobai felt it was not worth it. Appeals after such collisions rarely yield conclusive results, and the appeal fee is 20,000. Chen Mobai believed that in the upcoming races, he could outpace Lu Yunhao and avoid any collisions.

Shen Xi prepared a bottle of Banlangen (an herbal remedy) and brought it to President Fei. President Fei was also watching Chen Mobai's race and, upon seeing him lose, said nothing.

When Chen Mobai left the company years ago, he applied for maintenance expenses but never provided the invoices or repaid the money. The company had been trying to retrieve the invoices every year but without success, making it a task that even the administrative department didn't want to handle. Shen Xi, unaware of this, took on the job.

Shen Xi came to find Chen Mobai, who stated that he had no money and was in a difficult situation. Shen Xi started calculating the assets of their car shop, thinking that these assets should cover the outstanding expenses. Lu Yunhao approached Chen Mobai and asked him to modify a car, to which Chen Mobai quoted a price of 80,000. Lu Yunhao challenged Chen Mobai to a race and Chen Mobai said he would need an additional 20,000 for training.

Lu Yunhao agreed and asked what would happen if Chen Mobai lost. Chen Mobai said that if he lost, he would modify Lu Yunhao's car for free. Lu Yunhao set the rules: two people would stand on a platform, throw a piece of cloth, and then perform a drift. The winner would be the one closest to the platform.

Lu Yunhao designated Shen Xi to throw the cloth, which required a lot of teamwork and coordination. Shen Xi wasn't on Chen Mobai's side and, naturally, didn't have much rapport with him. Chen Mobai asked Shen Xi for help, promising to pay him if he won. Shen Xi agreed and, with her eyes closed, calculated the distance using various formulas, throwing the cloth at the best time, helping Chen Mobai win.

Lu Yunhao was very frustrated but had to honor his promise. Shen Xi received the payment and even found some change for Chen Mobai. When Shen Xi returned home, her mother had prepared dumplings for her, but she didn't open the door, so her mother left the dumplings outside, asking her to remember to eat them. Shen Xi took the dumplings inside but only placed them in the fridge without eating them. She felt that her life had been stagnant for the past two years.

Shen Xi was searching online for Shen Chuan's helmet and found a post by someone offering it for 50,000. She left a message, and the person provided an address for a cash transaction. Chen Mobai also saw the post and knew that the helmet was likely fake. They located the meeting place and rushed over.

Shen Xi checked the helmet and confirmed it was a fake, but the seller suddenly snatched the money and ran. Shen Xi chased after him, and Chen Mobai caught up, retrieving the money. The seller hit Chen Mobai on the shoulder with a stick, but he didn't say anything. Shen Xi felt relieved that the money was recovered and left the helmet there, thinking the seller might come back for it. Shen Xi thanked Chen Mobai and left.

Chen Mobai thought back to the incident where Shen Xi lost the handkerchief in the evening and found it a bit strange, but he couldn't quite pinpoint what was odd. His cousin mentioned that Shen Xi seemed to be wasting her talents because she had a Ph.D. in engineering, and her abilities were being underutilized by merely serving tea and pouring water. Shen Xi explained that she had seen someone entering the company with her brother's helmet and had come here to search for it.

Shen Xi specifically sought out Chen Mobai and couldn't resist touching his back as she looked at him. Chen Mobai was startled, and Shen Xi mentioned that his back looked a bit swollen and needed some ice treatment. She advised him, as a racing driver, to take good care of his muscles. Chen Mobai commented that her way of repaying people was indeed a bit peculiar. Shen Xi explained that the reason she had returned today was to find out if Shen Chuan's helmet was here. Chen Mobai confirmed that it was and that it had been a gift from Shen Chuan. Shen Xi wanted to take the helmet, but Chen Mobai said that it was one thing to snatch a person but another to snatch a helmet.

Shen Xi expressed that as long as he was willing to give her the helmet, he could ask for however much money he wanted. Chen Mobai said that if she could provide him with a reasonable reason, he would give it to her. Shen Xi stated that he was a very important person to her. Chen Mobai replied that she was also very important to him. Shen Xi wanted to continue the conversation but received a phone call and went downstairs. Chen Mobai immediately offered to drive her and, if she was in a hurry, take her by the shortest route. Chen Mobai felt that something was wrong with the car and couldn't brake, so Shen Xi asked if there was a problem with the car. Chen Mobai said there wasn't, and they continued to speed, with a police car following them, signaling them to stop. Shen Xi suggested using a sand pile to cushion the stop, so Chen Mobai drove the car onto the sand pile.

They arrived at the police station, where the police confirmed that there was nothing wrong with Chen Mobai's car, as he had stated earlier. Chen Mobai explained that he didn't want to worry Shen Xi. Shen Xi only found out about her mother fainting when she arrived at the hospital. They hoped to perform surgery on her mother as soon as possible, and Shen Xi nodded in agreement. When she visited her mother, her mother mentioned that she liked dumplings with cabbage filling, but Shen Xi pointed out that they were actually radish dumplings. Her mother didn't have many wishes and just wanted Shen Xi to live a good life. Upon hearing this, Shen Xi decided to inquire about her mother's condition with the doctor.

Chen Mobai had his racing license revoked due to speeding, and he thought he could still keep it, but he ended up being banned from racing for a year. The racing association stated that if it was indeed a car problem, they could attend a hearing with an inspection report. Chen Mobai agreed. With his teammates' advice, he finally understood that the car's problem was caused by Chen Mofei's interference. His teammates suggested that he admit his mistake and get his racing license back. Chen Mobai, however, didn't want to because he had initially disagreed with racing. When Zhao suggested marriage to him, he was surprised and questioned if marriage didn't require a foundation of love. Zhao initially wanted him to accompany her, but he explained that his license had been revoked, so she went alone.

Shen Xi found Chen Mobai to ask for the helmet. He told her that if there was anything she wanted, she could strive for it. Chen Mobai expressed his desire for a simple and ordinary life. Shen Xi couldn't help with this and left. When Chen Mobai went to see his father, he explained that he came for his racing license and that the car problem wasn't his fault, but rather Ruifeng's. Thanks to Shen Xi's timely appearance, they were able to provide evidence in his favor. His father confirmed that after conducting an investigation, only his car had problems following the accident. Chen Mobai was amazed that Shen Xi went to such lengths to help him, and she admitted that she did it to return his wallet. When she asked about the helmet, he said he would give it to her if she could help him get his racing license back. Shen Xi agreed and hoped he wouldn't break his promise this time.

Zhao Yingning saw a picture of Chen Mobai and Shen Chuan, and she mentioned that the reason Chen Mobai left Ruifeng was because of Shen Chuan's incident. She then asked Chen Mobai to return to Ruifeng, explaining that she had returned to evaluate Ruifeng. She mentioned that she wasn't concerned about the quality of a single car but wanted to see how he handled crises, as it would help her take revenge. Chen Mobai emphasized that Ruifeng was his parents' company, and he didn't want any trouble. Zhao Yingning said she wanted to have tea with Shen Xi. Shen Xi explained that the company wasn't open to the public, and she needed to leave. When Shen Xi met Chen Mofei, she realized that she was a VIP in the company and that it wasn't the right time for her to have tea. Chen Mobai went to Ruifeng alone, which made his teammates worried, but they could only pray that he would endure it. In a crucial moment, Shen Xi uncovered the truth behind Chen Mobai's racing incident. Zhao Yingning saw that the others didn't understand, so she suggested that if Chen Mobai were a one-in-a-thousand racer, she would consider giving them a chance. Since finding a new racer would take time, she advised them to resolve the issue quickly, and she wouldn't give up on investing in Ruifeng this week.

Zhao Yingning said that she only had one chance, and whether Chen Mobai could retrieve his driver's license was their business. Chen Mofei expressed that she originally didn't want him to come and save the company. Her assistant suggested that sometimes a different approach was needed to protect Chen Mobai because all these years, he hadn't given up racing. Zhao Yingning stated that her demands were clear, and if she couldn't see him at the bridal shop, the consequences should be clear to him.

Chen Mobai found Shen Xi and expressed his gratitude for her help today. However, he couldn't believe she had calculated it to one in a thousand. Shen Xi said she only spoke based on facts and didn't think much about it.

Shen Xi asked Chen Mobai about his promise to give her his helmet if she helped him get back his racing license. Chen Mobai admitted that she had contributed, but without someone backing her up, her conclusion would have been used against her. Shen Xi suggested splitting it evenly, and Chen Mobai jokingly offered to split his helmet in half. Shen Xi immediately declined, and Chen Mobai decided to postpone this matter until he got his racing license. Chen Mobai complimented Shen Xi's knowledge of cars, and she stated that she believed in mathematics and calculations, not just the person. Chen Mobai wanted to take her out for dinner that evening, but Shen Xi had to deal with sodium chloride crystals and had no time. Chen Mobai couldn't understand and remarked that she was a strange person.

Chen Mobai's senior brother wondered how things would end if he actually won. Zhao Yingning expressed confidence in the character of the Chen siblings and considered Chen Mobai a genius if he could win at this level of competition.

Shen Xi was eating outside the hospital when Chen Mobai approached her, saying that her meal was too simple. She explained that she was used to it. Chen Mobai mentioned that he had come back today to wait for the inspection results with her. Shen Xi asked why he cared so much about Shen Chuan's opinion, and he confessed to idolizing him and wanting to be on the racetrack with him. The inspection results were out, and it concluded that the car had no issues. Chen Mobai was disappointed, but Shen Xi reminded him that no conclusion didn't mean it didn't exist. Chen Mobai brightened up and decided he would still attend the hearing tomorrow and use his eloquence to regain his racing license.

Shen Xi recalled Chen Mobai's words and came to the company to test the vehicle voluntarily. When Chen Mobai was about to leave, his teammate prepared a pep talk and clothing for him, making him very happy. At the hearing, a police officer testified that Chen Mobai's vehicle had no issues at the time. They expected Shen Xi to provide an explanation, but she was absent. Chen Mobai started to defend himself, emphasizing that he would never tarnish the integrity of racing rules. During the hearing break, Shen Xi brought a nail to the hearing, and her new evidence showed that the accident was caused by a foreign object entering the engine. This proved Chen Mobai's innocence. He was overjoyed and thought of his benefactor, who turned out to be Shen Xi. Chen Mobai messaged Shen Xi to meet him that evening, and she asked how he knew she was there. He mentioned that her bus passed by the place. Chen Mobai gave her a gift, and Shen Xi accused him of not keeping his word. He clarified that the person who provided the documents was his benefactor. Shen Xi remained silent, and Chen Mobai asked how long she would keep her secret. She explained her thought process, and Chen Mobai thought someone as capable as her shouldn't be doing odd jobs at Ruifeng. Chen Mofei learned that Shen Xi had found a solution that professional experts couldn't, confirming her talent. She offered to transfer Shen Xi, but she refused. Chen Mobai stated that the true meaning of racing was not giving up until the very end and brought Shen Xi to the racetrack, expressing his need for her support.

Shen Xi arrived at the racetrack and thought of her brother, feeling choked up. Chen Mobai appeared just in time to pull her in. General Jiang, upon seeing General Fei, expressed that the rumors were true, and Ruifeng was indeed returning to the racetrack. One of the Longye team's drivers mentioned that Chen Mobai had previously emphasized the unpredictability of racing, but he himself didn't believe in miracles.

Shen Xi noticed them inspecting the car and immediately reminded them to check the gasket properly. Others wondered where she learned the term and suggested she rest without causing a disturbance. Chen Mobai turned and said he trusted her instincts, asking them to check the gasket properly. He then walked over to Shen Xi and noted that it might be her first time at the racetrack, and she might be a little nervous. He advised her to relax.

As the race began, Chen Mobai's initial performance was not leading. Shen Xi, upon hearing about a collision, watched the race and thought Chen Mobai couldn't brake in time. However, Chen Mobai's maneuver surprised everyone as he safely navigated through the danger zone, subsequently moving to the second position. Due to the rapidly rising coolant temperature, Shen Xi began directing him, expressing there was no need to fight to win at all costs. Chen Mobai persisted, and Shen Xi agreed to go along with his plan. In the critical moment, everyone believed Chen Mobai would win, but unexpectedly, Lu Yunhao overtook him. Shen Xi was also puzzled because Chen Mobai's tires had reached their limit, and any attempt to overtake at that crucial moment should have led to a blowout, but there were no issues.

Chen Mobai lost the race, and everyone felt sorry for him. Shen Xi revealed that Lu Yunhao had used high-speed tires. General Jiang commented that this young man was too impulsive, appealing whenever he couldn't win a race. General Fei asked if Chen Mobai's appeal was genuine, and he affirmed. He then allowed Shen Xi to voice her concerns. Zhao Yingning mentioned that if his appeal failed, he would face a suspension. Chen Mobai understood but believed in Shen Xi.

Many thought Chen Mobai's chances of success with the appeal were low. Chen Mobai said he would try even with just a one percent chance. As expected, Lu Yunhao's tires were indeed faulty, and Chen Mobai became the rightful champion. On the winner's podium, he wasn't intimidated by provocations and expressed his desire to compete again next time. When Chen Mobai saw Shen Xi leaving in the distance, his eyes revealed a different emotion.

Chen Mobai and Chen Mofei finally reached an understanding. When Chen Mobai saw Shen Xi, he took out his helmet. Shen Xi asked why he had said this helmet was a gift from Shen Chuan. Chen Mobai recalled the day he came to pay his respects to Shen Chuan, and the helmet fell suddenly as he was leaving. So, in his heart, this was a kind of guidance. Shen Xi agreed with what he said and admitted that her heart held many secrets, although she wouldn't reveal them now. She said she would slowly dig them out in the future. Shen Xi felt that now that her brother's helmet had found the best resting place, she could return to her normal life trajectory.

Chen Mobai got angry when he learned that Chen Mofei had bribed the drivers and directly announced at the welcome party that he wouldn't return to Ruifeng. He had thought she had changed, but now it seemed her focus was still on business. Zhao Yingning's tire got punctured by a nail, and she argued with Chen Mobai's team manager. When she noticed that Chen Mofei had everything except a spare tire, she started explaining the importance of having one, but Zhao Yingning didn't seem to care. Chen Mobai and his teammates discussed what had happened the day before. He expressed his trust in Chen Mobai's character and the need for significant funding. When Chen Mobai heard them talk about selecting an engineer, his eyes lit up, as he already had someone in mind.

Chen Mobai followed Shen Xi all the way to the supermarket, then pretended it was a chance encounter. Shen Xi expressed that he had been following her for half an hour from the hospital, and she had already noticed. Chen Mobai said that she had a hard day, and he could introduce her to a job with a high salary. Shen Xi stated that everyone has the right to keep their secrets, and she wondered about his motives for following her. Chen Mobai replied that he could sense her passion for cars deep in her heart, and if she becomes an engineer, there will be a bright future.

Shen Xi didn't mind, but then she learned that her mother was ill. She rushed to take care of her mother, and the doctor said her mother's condition was urgent and they needed to pay the medical bills quickly. Shen Xi acknowledged it. After a while, Shen Xi heard that the surgery fees had been paid by a man and a woman ahead of her, and she realized it was Mr. Fei. She went over to ask him about it, and Mr. Fei said that she didn't need to pay him back; he just wanted her to consider changing her position.

Teammates asked Chen Mobai to check the sponsorship, and when he saw it was a tractor, he immediately said he had no face. Shen Xi and her friend had dinner, and her friend was surprised that her boss was so generous but mentioned that Shen Xi needed to do something for her in return. Shen Xi realized that if she wanted to repay Mr. Fei's favor, she'd have to convince Chen Mobai to return. The next day, Shen Xi went to Chen Mobai, who immediately came out when he heard she was there. Shen Xi explained that she came back today because she wanted him to return to Ruifeng. Chen Mobai told her that if she wanted him to come back, she should first work as an engineer. Shen Xi said that was impossible, and Chen Mobai, seeing her about to leave, asked her to work for him for ten days, or else he would think she couldn't even endure ten days.

The next morning, Shen Xi arrived at work early. Chen Mobai, seeing her, went out to chat with his comrades, and he mentioned that Shen Xi had a Ph.D. degree, and they should trust their judgment. His comrade said he could trust him, but would Shen Xi really join them? Chen Mobai said that since she was already here, they could take it step by step. That's how Shen Xi started working as a front desk assistant in their workshop.

Mr. Wang came to the shop for maintenance, and he chose the 6800 yuan service. Shen Xi told him that the 3800 and 6800 yuan services were almost the same, and his car's performance was good enough for the cheaper option. After Mr. Wang left, Chen Mobai asked her why she had interrupted, as it had cost him 3000 yuan.

Mr. Wang thought she was straightforward and wanted to buy a membership card, and Shen Xi said they had a 9% discount. So, on her first day, Shen Xi already secured a 6800-yuan membership. Chen Mobai began introducing her to the skills and personalities of each of his teammates. Chen Mobai got a new car, which puzzled everyone. He said he wanted Shen Xi to help him organize the storage room, and his teammate said it was dirty and messy and unsuitable for a girl, but Chen Mobai didn't understand.

The two of them went to the storage room, and while Shen Xi was organizing the shelves, she accidentally bumped into a box. Luckily, Chen Mobai arrived in time to prevent her from getting hurt, and he commented that she was too clumsy. Shen Xi said that if the items were stored more securely, these accidents wouldn't happen. When Chen Mobai heard this, he realized that Shen Xi's glasses had an employee number on them, and she was hiding a lot of things.

Chen Mobai was surprised to see that Shen Xi had Marcus's friend and wondered if she had bought such glasses online. Shen Xi, feeling helpless, left. After she left, Chen Mobai started to investigate what the letters on the glasses meant.

When Shen Xi returned home, she remembered the glasses that Lin Shaoqian had given her. At the time, she had only wanted to use the glasses to hide her emotions.

When Chen Mobai heard that Marcus was involved again, he immediately said he wasn't that great. They all began cleaning, and Shen Xi prepared as well. Chen Mobai immediately said that her task for the day was to practice driving with him. Everyone was surprised by Chen Mobai's behavior since they thought he was trying to conquer others, but he ended up being conquered first.

Chen Mobai showed Shen Xi some old photos, mentioning that he and Shen Chuan had the same mentor, making them like senior and junior siblings. He expressed his desire to have fun with Shen Xi, but she showed no interest. Chen Mobai told her that if she didn't go, the task for the day wouldn't be considered complete. Shen Xi followed his orders.

Coach Li asked Shen Xi if she was Chen Mobai's girlfriend, but she denied it. When Coach Li heard Chen Mobai call her, he asked if she knew him, and Shen Xi replied that she didn't. Coach Li said that Chen Mobai had improved since he hadn't brought any girls over in all these years, so he must have misunderstood.

Chen Mobai and Coach Li chatted, and Coach Li noticed that Shen Xi seemed to have a lot on her mind. He led Chen Mobai into a room and showed him a photo, revealing that Shen Xi was Shen Chuan's sister. Chen Mobai immediately realized that their names were very similar.

In the evening, Chen Mobai took out a can of beer and invited Shen Xi to drink with him, but she declined. He asked her why she hadn't told him earlier that she was Shen Chuan's sister, and he felt sorry for forcing her to do these things. Shen Xi clarified that it wasn't forced; she did it out of love. Chen Mobai asked her to inform him if there were any problems in the future, as having another person to confide in would be good.

Zhao Yingning had planned to meet Chen Mobai, but instead, his teammates showed up, leaving her very annoyed. Chen Mobai claimed that by looking into each other's eyes for ten seconds, they could understand their position in each other's hearts. However, his phone rang during their gaze. Zhao Yingning didn't want him to sleep alone in the stairwell, so she allowed him to sleep inside as long as he promised not to take off his clothes.

Chen Mobai drove Shen Xi home and asked her for her home's passcode. She mentioned it was the decimal places of Pi from the 14th to the 18th digit. Shen Xi became intoxicated, so Chen Mobai had to call her sister and ask about her home's location. They both returned home together.

In the morning, Zhao Yingning woke up and was surprised that Chen Mobai didn't wake her up. He explained that he had knocked on the door but she didn't wake up. Shen Xi was also surprised to see a table full of delicious food in the morning. Her sister asked her how she had become so close to Chen Mobai, especially since he had asked her to help him change clothes the previous night. Her sister thought Chen Mobai was a really nice person because he didn't know what she liked, so he bought a variety of food.

Chen Mobai wondered if he should continue when every step he took seemed to cause the other person pain. His teammate then mentioned that Shen Xi's mother's surgery was funded by Nonna, as she wanted to repay the kindness. Shen Xi took a leave from work to go to the hospital because of her mother's surgery. When Chen Mobai heard this, he immediately rushed to her side and assured her that he would stay with her. When Shen Xi heard that her mother was out of danger, she leaned on Chen Mobai to release her emotions. Chen Mobai told her not to burden herself too much, as it would make the people who care about her sad. Shen Xi immediately nodded in agreement.

Shen Xi saw her mother wake up and suggested making dumplings together when she's discharged from the hospital. Her mother agreed, and she mentioned that she knew where to buy the kind of dumplings she liked.

Chen Mobai asked Zhao Yingning how she found him there, and she mentioned that Hao Yang had told her. Zhao Yingning expressed frustration as they had a prior agreement, and now he seemed to change his mind. Chen Mobai explained that he treated racing as his life, while she treated it as a business. Zhao Yingning felt it was normal and believed that he needed the support of a strong company like Ruifeng to become powerful. Chen Mobai said he could bring sponsors, but Zhao Yingning pointed out that he had no idea how fast other racing teams were developing.

Chen Mobai looked at the contract from Jun Da and expressed his desire to sign it, but his teammate disagreed, noting that Jun Da and Ruifeng were competitors, and it would be a slight to Chen Mofei. At that moment, Jun Da's representative mentioned that if Chen Mobai signed with them, Ruifeng's investment would be in jeopardy, as they had specified that Chen Mobai was one of the conditions.

While taking care of her mother, Shen Xi also did some things she could handle. The next day, she brought the data to Chen Mobai, who appreciated it and acknowledged that joining Ruifeng might not be the best choice but was their main mission.

Hao Yang expressed his strong opposition to Chen Mobai joining Jun Da. Shen Xi argued that if Jun Da could offer them a good opportunity, signing with them would be a reasonable choice. Hao Yang questioned whether she came here just to repay a debt, but Shen Xi explained that it was only one aspect, and the most crucial part was choosing a team as a driver.

Shen Xi's sister gave her some beautiful clothes to improve her luck. Shen Xi mentioned that she didn't believe in such things but considered that if Chen Mobai genuinely thought joining Jun Da would bring him joy, it could be a good choice. When Shen Xi revealed that she was an engineer, her sister was pleased because she saw her returning to her former self.

Chen Mobai went to Mr. Jiang's office and agreed to sign the contract but emphasized that he only wanted to focus on driving and didn't want anyone to insult racing. Shen Xi asked if there would be tactical training with their partner, Longye. Mr. Jiang, feeling pressured by Chen Mobai's persistence, admitted that they had such training. Chen Mobai explained that he just wanted to focus on driving and not let anyone belittle the sport.

The assistant informed Chen Mobai that he should resolve the misunderstandings between him and his sister, but he declined. Shen Xi asked Chen Mobai if he really didn't want to sign the contract today, and he expressed that he wanted to focus on racing but thanked her.

Chen Mobai believed that in his sister's eyes, everything could be measured, and if something had value, it would be kept; otherwise, it would be discarded. Shen Xi realized that her sister wasn't really like that and had many pressures in her position. Shen Xi returned to the company, and Chen Mofei explained that she didn't want him to go because she was afraid he would lose the wings he was proud of. Shen Xi suggested that maybe he was the sun, and some things couldn't be thought of in the worst way. When Chen Mobai was mourning for Shen Chuan, he encountered Shen Xi, and they comforted each other. Later, he saw Chen Mofei and offered to give her a ride, even offering a discount on the fare, which surprised her.

Xu Gong completed the inspection and confirmed that the car had no issues. When Chen Mobai and Chen Mofei were chatting, several people immediately signaled and fell silent. Chen Mofei stated that she wouldn't use him as a pawn in Ruifeng's contract negotiations. Chen Mobai said he understood and then expressed his conditions for returning. Chen Mobai mentioned that he wanted to return without the company's control over Ruifeng. Mofei initially disagreed, but Mobai pointed out that she still didn't trust him even though he intended to go back. Eventually, Mobai agreed to his terms.

Hao Yang, when receiving a delivery, found that Chen Mobai had selected new team uniforms for everyone. He originally intended to wait for Chen Mobai to return and celebrate with a group photo. However, Hao Yang mentioned that he had his own affairs to attend to, leading to everyone responding with an "oh." Chen Mobai found Shen Xi and gave her a set of engineer team uniforms, expressing his hope that she could attend the team's signing ceremony. Shen Xi was puzzled, wondering if Chen Mobai would still trust her if he knew all her secrets.

Chen Mobai successfully signed with Ruifeng. Hao Yang wished him not to be too upset, indicating that Shen Xi probably wouldn't come back at this point. During the contract signing, Chen Mobai expressed his desire to bring teammates along, but Mofei insisted that only he should go. Zhao Yingning mentioned that their team was still lacking in professionalism and didn't even have a professional engineer. Chen Mobai explained that it was just a temporary situation, but Mofei, seeing this, immediately suggested that she only cared about the final results and didn't need to be concerned about personnel appointments. Chen Mobai was surprised that she, who usually focused on results, would speak up for him.

When teammates discussed the role of team engineers, Chen Mobai couldn't help but comment, and a colleague stated that her behavior made her seem more capable. Finally, Chen Mobai decided to try to win Shen Xi back. When Shen Xi saw him at the bus stop, she asked him why he was there. Chen Mobai said he just wanted to share some happiness because sweets can release dopamine. Shen Xi immediately corrected him, saying that dopamine and one's mood weren't directly related. Chen Mobai took Shen Xi to the aquarium, and they watched the underwater world together. Shen Xi expressed gratitude and believed that with Ruifeng's support, things would improve. However, Chen Mobai indicated that he couldn't wait any longer, and Shen Xi candidly said that the choice of the right person was crucial. Chen Mobai expressed his wish that she could be that person.

Chen Mobai was surprised to learn that the company had hired a female engineer, but Hao Yang assured him it wasn't Shen Xi. Liu Qianqian arrived at the team, and her imposing aura took everyone by surprise because she was exceptionally tall. Within two minutes of her arrival, she pointed out the team's shortcomings. When she saw that no one reacted, she immediately scolded them and told them to stop sitting around and start moving. Chen Mobai was shocked by her actions and thanked her for joining the team after some thought. Everyone was delighted to see the Formula 1 car, and they teased Chen Mobai and Liugong for getting along so well that they should give it a try. Chen Mobai told Liu Qianqian that the car needed adjustments, but she said if it wasn't fast enough, they should tell her. Chen Mobai felt a bit helpless. Upon hearing about Chen Mobai's condition during a test drive, Shen Xi left the company and headed to the hospital to see her mother. Chen Mobai, who didn't find Shen Xi at the company, followed her to the hospital, where she explained that she and Liugong weren't cooperating very well. Chen Mobai gave them a ride back when Shen Xi's mother was discharged from the hospital. Shen Xi said they were friends, which made Chen Mobai a bit happy.

Shen Xi stayed after work to deliver documents to the team, and Manager Qiao was pleased. A colleague nearby saw the documents on her desk and wanted to deliver them. After learning that the manager had assigned the task to Shen Xi, they were quite surprised and commented on her resourcefulness. Shen picked up the materials from her desk and began to study them carefully. She remembered that Chen Mobai had mentioned that he couldn't handle Qianqian's vehicle, so she decided to modify the data for her. When Chen Mobai saw the data that Shen Xi had modified for him, he was very happy. He said that even though Shen Xi had refused verbally, her actions were honest, and she was a valuable engineer.

Shen Xi came to the team to find Chen Mobai and didn't notice the person behind her. When she turned around, Chen Mobai almost fell, but Shen Xi quickly reached out to catch him. Chen Mobai asked if Shen Xi had agreed to be his engineer, but she said she hadn't. Chen Mobai could only pull her aside and ask if she had modified his car. Shen Xi admitted it, and Chen Mobai suggested taking her out for a meal. Shen Xi said she didn't have money, but Chen Mobai insisted on treating her.

Zhao Yingning found Chen Mobai to help choose a wedding dress. Chen Mobai felt overwhelmed and arranged for his teammates to join him. When he saw Zhao Yingning, he was surprised and told her that Chen Mobai wouldn't be coming today. He also explained that he wouldn't behave this way if he liked someone. Zhao Yingning said today was an important task for her, and she wanted Zhao Yingning as a reference. When asked when she fell for Chen Mobai, Zhao Yingning said it saved her from having to assess his character, family, and other matters, saving her a lot of trouble. She believed that love should be about bonds and adaptation.

Shaoqian came to the company to find Shen Xi, which surprised his colleagues. Shen Xi asked him how he found this place, and Shaoqian said he had followed her email address and wanted to see her working environment. Shen Xi thought it might be inconvenient with her work, but a colleague offered to deliver the documents. Shen Xi went out with Shaoqian, and he showed her a thesis of hers, saying he had retrieved it because he knew she needed the data. Shen Xi mentioned that he was still as considerate as before.

A female colleague who was delivering documents hinted that she hadn't had dinner yet. Chen Mobai said he had already eaten and encouraged her to go eat. Shen Xi talked to Shaoqian about her refusal to be an engineer. At that moment, Chen Mobai was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation, but he couldn't hear clearly. When he thought of the truth, he left and started searching online. Shen recalled Shaoqian's words and couldn't sleep all night. Chen Mobai believed that he had figured out the engineering project from Shen Chuan's accident, especially since Marcus mentioned "her." He thought Shen Xi might be that person. A reporter wanted to ask Shen Xi about the truth of the past, but it was only when a male colleague arrived that she was not disturbed.

Shen Xi went to find Chen Mobai and said she wanted to confess something. Chen Mobai said actions speak louder than words and got into the car, expressing his desire to challenge the 0.5-second gap. His teammates thought he was in top form this time, and breaking the record was definitely possible. Shen Xi also felt her blood boil and decided to give herself a chance. However, at a turn, Chen Mobai didn't slow down, surprising everyone. In the next moment, Chen Mobai was thrown out. After analyzing the data, it was revealed that the issue had nothing to do with Chen Mobai's actions; it was a data problem. Shen Xi felt deeply upset and said she had tried hard to get out of her situation, only to mess it up. Chen Mofei saw Qianqian's data and felt that it was akin to making fun of Chen Mobai. Qianqian immediately admitted it was her mistake. At that moment, Shen Xi walked in and said she was the one who had modified the data. When asked about their relationship, Shen Xi claimed not to know. To get to the truth, Zhao Yingning had all the data sent to the meeting room.

Colleagues saw someone going through Shen Xi's seat and immediately expressed that this was disrespectful. Shen Xi, upon seeing them holding documents, said there was no need to investigate; it was all her fault. CEO An walked in and said she was a troublemaker in the company. Not only that, she was Shen Chuan's younger sister, and she was the cause of Shen Chuan's accident years ago. Chen Mofei mentioned that she was now assuming a new identity to experiment with Chen Mobai and Chen Mofei.

CEO An said that if this matter was not resolved, it would be hard to explain. Chen Mobai believed that it would be even harder to explain if they fired her right now. So the best course of action was for her to stay quietly in the company and wait for the full truth to be revealed. Shen Xi was about to resign but was interrupted by CEO An. Zhao Yingning found Shen Xi and said that Chen Mobai made decisions based on feelings and not rationality. He never trusted anyone, but he chose to trust her. Even though she didn't trust Shen Xi, she was willing to trust his trust in her. So, she left Shen Xi at the hospital entrance, saying that Chen Mobai needed her company the most right now.

Shen Xi went to the hospital, feeling truly sorry. He had trusted her so much, and she had still let him down. She believed that he needed to get better before she could ease her guilt. Shen Xi woke up and saw that Chen Mobai was conscious. She immediately went to ask a doctor about his condition. When she saw Chen Mofei at the hospital, she hid and didn't dare to go in. Chen Mobai, upon awakening, asked why there weren't more people around. Chen Mofei said that she had sent everyone away. She revealed that Shen Xi's true identity had been exposed in the company, and if he didn't plan to leave Shen Xi now, she would make sure everyone knew her real identity. Chen Mobai said he had suffered enough because of her and wouldn't have any contact with her.

Teammates said that Chen Mobai was too harsh, not on others but on himself. Chen Mobai said that this matter had nothing to do with Shen Xi, but the least he could do now was not to cause any more trouble for her. He believed that one day he would uncover the truth. Shen Xi was scalded while pouring water, and Chen Mobai was very concerned. But because Chen Mofei was there, he could only sit aside. Zhao Yingning found Chen Mobai and said that it was his request for Shen Xi to modify the data, so the problem was to be expected. It was really unfair to Shen Xi the way things were now.

After leaving the company, Shen Xi began to doubt herself. She said she might not deserve a fresh start. Shaoqian found Shen Xi and asked about her injured leg. Shen Xi said it didn't matter; at least feeling pain was more important than feeling nothing. Shaoqian said he wouldn't participate in the competition, and if she wanted to leave, he would leave with her. Shen Xi thanked him, and Shaoqian said that if they truly trusted each other, they should know she would never make such a mistake because she was Shen Xi. Chen Mobai was not satisfied with the current data performance because it was too different from what he had expected. Everyone said they should prioritize safety, but Chen Mobai insisted on using the previous data. Chen Mobai and Shen Xi met in an elevator, and CEO An walked in, saying Shen Xi was impressive for staying here. After they exited the elevator, Chen Mobai warned CEO An not to be too overbearing. The company experienced a power outage, and Chen Mobai, worried about Shen Xi, rushed up to her, carrying her down after seeing her injured.

Chen Mofei saw the two of them from upstairs and was unhappy. Chen Mobai said that he would use whatever data he wanted. If she insisted, he would report to the president's office. Chen Mofei advised Shen Xi to stay away from Chen Mobai a little, as she wouldn't be polite at all. The colleague who was delivering the documents realized that it was she who had mixed up the two pieces of data from her bag. She had initially wanted to take a leave, but her request had not been approved. Shen Xi had decided to cover for her temporarily. The colleague was grateful and, after careful consideration, planned to defend Shen Xi in front of Chen Mobai.


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