Be Yourself – Shen Yue, Zhang Ruonan, Leon Leong

Be Yourself is a female youth growing-up drama directed by Li Zhi and co-directed by Liu Bowen, starring Shen Yue, Zhang Ruonan, Leon Leong, Vivienne Tien, Zhang Xinyi, Zhai Zilu, and Zhang Zhihao, with special appearances by Li Jiahang and Ding Guansen.

The drama starts from the perspective of four girls who have just entered the university, telling their growth stories in the four years of university.


Be Yourself

English Title: Be Yourself
Chinese Title: 机智的上半场
Genre: Campus, Youth, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Zhi
Writer: Yuan Yuan
Broadcasting Website: YOUKU VIDEO
Released Date: July 22th


Shen Yue Shen Yue as Xia Langlang
Zhang Ruonan Zhang Ruonan as Huangfu Shumin
Leon Leong Leon Leong as Fan Qingzhou
Vivienne Tien Vivienne Tien as Fan Xiaoyu
Zhang Xinyi Zhang Xinyi as Yang Jiaqian
Zhai Zilu Zhai Zilu as Zhou Yu
Zhang Zhihao Zhang Zhihao as Lu Xuwen


On September 1st, the four 18-year-old girls from different places, Xia Langlang, Fan Xiaoyu, Huangfu Shumin, and Yang Jiaqian, started their joyful college life in the journalism department.

The four of them had constant friction because of their personalities and habits. After growing and metamorphosing together, they eventually understood each other and became close friends.

Fan Xiaoyu has been trying her best to be self-reliant because she wanted to get rid of her father’s shackles. In the process of starting a business with her senior Fan Qingzhou, they got closer and closer and understood how to love.

Huangfu Shumin and Chongqing boy Zhou Yu grew up in a mutual love-hate relationship and learned to be independent while reaping love.

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