Shen Yue And Sun Ning’s Relationship Is Suspected To Be Exposed

On April 16, 2021, the media released a video of Shen Yue hanging out with a man, suspected of being in a relationship. Shen Yue practiced skateboarding with a long-haired man, and then they held hands and went to the parking lot together, leaving on an electric bike.

From the video, Shen Yue and this man have a very good relationship.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

The man was practicing skateboarding with Shen Yue, and he had pulled down his mask to reveal his face, and this scene happened to be caught on camera.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

Some netizens recognized the identity of the man, it is said that the man is Sun Ning who played Lu Yang in “A Love So Beautiful”.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

They got along very sweetly as if they were shooting a romantic drama. Before leaving, Sun Ning also thoughtfully helps Shen Yue to organize the hat, when leaving, Shen Yue also tightly rings Sun Ning’s waist.

Shen Yue wore a white shirt that day, with a pair of strappy pants, full of vitality, Sun Ning wore black casual clothes with a khaki baseball cap.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

Many idols fall in love will cause fans to unfollow, however, Shen Yue as an actress, fans are not as crazy as the fans of the idols. So even Shen Yue has a boyfriend, it will not have such serious consequences.

If Shen Yue is really in a relationship with Sun Ning, then bless them!

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