Who Is Miles Wei Zheming’s Wife? Did He get Married?

Miles Wei Zheming

Does Miles Wei (Wei Zheming) have a girlfriend? The net rumor is that he is married and has a child, is this true? Who is Miles Wei Zheming’s wife?

Although Wei Zheming is not an A-list actor, his gentle and handsome appearance still attracted many fans. In addition to his past works, his private life has also caused discussion among netizens.

Miles Wei zheming wife Wang Xiaoran

Earlier, there was a wedding video of Miles Wei circulating on the net. Someone said he was married and had a child.

According to the revelation, Miles Wei Zheming’s wife is called Wang Lan (Wang Xiaolan), his girlfriend in college. They fell in love on campus and their wedding was held on October 4, 2015. 6 years of love, from classmates to couple, the fairy tale was written into reality.


Miles Wei Zheming was exposed to be married at a young age.

In fact, this rumor has been exposed during the broadcast of “Find Yourself”, in which Miles Wei played a supporting role at that time, so there was little attention.

It was until the broadcast of “Perfect and Casual” that the marriage rumor went viral again. Miles Wei had no choice but officially responded to it.

He responded on Weibo: Already single, having no child.

“Already single” is very strange, which perhaps implied that Miles Wei Zheming was indeed married at a young age, but now divorced?


Miles Wei is not an actor, debuted in 2012 as a member of the boy group, and later he quit the group. He didn’t gain much attention until 2016 when he began to play in the dramas.

Before that, he had been active in the “singing bar”, when there were already many fans concerned about him and his girlfriend. They often showed affection publicly.

But then Miles Wei Zheming signed a new company to work in showbiz, they unfollowed each other and emptied the previously released videos and photos.

After he played “Chang Huan”, the role in “Find Yourself” and became famous to viewers, some netizens found out Wei Zheming’s wedding video. The wedding vows also revealed a lot of information.

But afterward, both Miles Wei and his Girlfriend did not admit to having a marriage. And there is no more solid evidence, so they can only be suspected of having been married.

Miles Wei Girlfriend

Miles Wei Zheming didn’t announce a girlfriend from his debut, there are also fewer dating rumors about him on the net. He focused on his acting career now. Let’s pay more attention to his works.

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