Who is Xu Kai’s Girlfriend? Dating rumors With Bai Lu is more famous.

Xu Kai

The internet is full of rumors that Xu Kai has many girlfriends and has a tendency to overtake the 108 heroes of Mount Liang in “Water Margin”.

But the flirtation that “Xu Kai has 108 ex-girlfriends” is just saying that he has many girlfriends, not really 108. The only four confirmed by netizens girlfriends of Xu Kai are Da Jin, Bai Lu, Zhang Nan, Peng Yuhe. The relationship between Xu Kai and Bai Lu is more famous.

Da Jin

1. Da Jin

Da Jin is an Internet celebrity, she is cute but not a beauty. They broke up unpleasant. Because she was the one who broke the news that Xu Kai had a tendency to violence.

It was also hotly debated by many netizens on the net. Xu Kai later officially apologized to her on the Internet, they have no more interactions now.

Xu Kai Bai Lu

2. Bai Lu

Actress Bai Lu and Xu Kai were working together in the hit drama “The Legends” as male and female protagonists. Many Viewers were attracted by the CP of them. Luckily, they made the romance real.

Although they have never officially announced the relationship, after ex-girlfriend Da Jin’s exposure, netizens made sure their relationship finally. However, both of their agency denied the rumor.

Bai Lu and Xu Kai were from the same company. They were both models before, and then they went into the acting circles. Now they are still close friends.

Zhang Nan

3. Zhang Nan

Zhang Nan and Xu Kai once worked together for a shooting. Zhang Nan has a good appearance and temperament, which is a kind of cold and arrogant. They look very perfect for each other.

She is an artist from Yu Zheng’s studio as well, but her career is not as good as Xu Kai and Bai Lu’s. Zhang Nan plays the Korean princess Qiong Hua in “The Legend of Hao Ran”.

Peng Yuhe

4. Peng Yuhe

She is also a celebrity online. She has a larger fan base because she really looks very good. Although her figure and temperament are good and called by netizens “the most beautiful celebrity online”, she is also known for its and “plastic surgery”.

From the appearance of the ex-girlfriend of Xu Kai, we learn that he favours the sweet type of girls.

Although Xu Kai may have had an ex-girlfriend before, there is no news about Xu Kai having a girlfriend since he became famous, so now Xu Kai does not have a girlfriend.

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