Is Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Relationship Getting Worse?

wang yibo xiaozhan relationship

In 2020, on “Street Dance of China”, the four captains talked about hot pot dipping sauce while eating hot pot. Someone asked Wang Yibo the reason for changing from eating sesame sauce to eating garlic sesame oil flavor.

Wang Yibo replied it’s because a friend he met in the crew taught him to eat in this way, it’s to his taste, and then he kept doing this.

Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan

Fans who are familiar with Wang Yibo know that this friend he met on the crew actually is Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have become the most popular actors in China by “The Untamed”.

Xiao Zhan acted as Wei Wuxian, a man who has spent his life fighting for the strong and helping the weak, while Wang Yibo played the role of Lan Zan, a man who always appears in the chaos. Both characters have impressed the viewers immensely.

wang yibo xiaozhan

The four months they spent together on the crew made them became good friends. Their understanding of each other has been growing. They become very close.

During the promotion of “The Untamed”, they were even made a couple, with a group of “Bo Jun Yi Xiao” fans supporting them silently. They have also appeared on “Happy Camp” and “Day Day Up” together after the drama.

wang yibo xiaozhan

Both of them have developed very well in the years. Xiao Zhan focuses on his acting career, participating in several good productions such as “The Oath of Love”, “Douluo Continent” and “The Wolf”.

Wang Yibo is a little busier, participating in several new variety shows and a few motorcycle competitions.

It is worth mentioning that this year Xiao Zhan was honored with the World’s Most Handsome Man Award. While Wang Yibo also won the 2020 Sohu Fashion Festival Glamour Man Award.


However, in recent years, Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan have stopped interacting, and rumors of their bad relationship slowly began. Especially after the 227 incident, his interaction with Wang Yibo almost ended.

August 5, 2020, was Wang Yibo’s 23rd birthday. But there are no any wishes from Xiao Zhan. The rumors of a feud continue to fester and seem to have become definitive.

wang yibo

Was their friendship all an act? Was it all just for show? No! When Xiao Zhan was “in trouble”, public opinion was not favorable. If Wang Yibo had been brave enough to come out and support him, he would have gotten himself involved in the whirlpool.

The same is true for Wang Yibo, who is in injustice on the track. If Xiao Zhan comes out in a public show of solidarity, public opinion will make a big fuss of him! Some may even question whether they are just friend.

wang yibo xiaozhan relationship

Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan may be thinking of the repercussions and are intentionally leaving each other out, either for their own purposes or at the behest of their agencies. Fans should take it in stride! They all have their own struggles!

Well, We can’t rule out the fact that Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are estranged superficially. They had to encourage each other in private! Time never grows old, and friendship never falls apart! Friendship lives on!

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20 thoughts on “Is Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Relationship Getting Worse?”

  1. Sulema Chavarria

    I love both you young men.❤️ I’ve been a fan since late 2019. It was bad what happened to Xiao last year. But I’m glad that it’s behind him. I don’t why you guys don’t talk anymore Or why you’re not friends either. But if you are a real friend you have their back when they are in trouble. But I understand too that your companies tell you what to do. I only pray that you forgive each other. If not, I love you both and wish you young men the best. And God bless you both in years to come. One of your fans! ❤️💚

  2. Xian zhan got many many talented somehow wang yibo too . Both are very handsome and super success in such a young age. Film industry friends and artists should to support eachother and should work together like family. .we international fans are praying to make our xian zhan happy and more stronger though he is and he will be more strong

    1. Sunshine in the 313

      I am a huge fan of both actors. I know that their futures are destined to be great.

  3. I support sean always and love both of them . Friendship should remain as they were so closed and those who tried to apart their relationship are not human .

    1. I love there chemistry…dont mind the negative…hope another chinese series with them..immiss them both…

  4. As for me, I will support them both until the last of my breath.😍
    Actually, I’m a fan of Yibo and after watching “The Untamed”, then I become a fan of them both (Lan Wangji & We Wuxian).
    What I can only say to Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan’s fans is keep fighting for them until the end.😍

    1. Dolly Princesa their fan from the Philippines.

      I support both Sean Zhao and Wang Yibo and friendship once it is built it is not ruined easily.I pray that they support each other silently.They are good actors and their good characters showed in what they do.💖💖💖

  5. The majority of Xiaozhan’s black fans are Wang Yibo’s fans. Wang Yibo never stop his fans to cyber attack Xiaozhan. Everyone knew that in china entertainment industry but no one really disclose it because Wang yibo’s agency company Yuehua is very powerful.

  6. Hahaha. Oh to be oblivious and looking at the world in rose-tinted glasses. Open your mind and welcome truth, and truth will set you free! Ahem. Anyway, I love Xiao Zhan. I will forever support an honest, mature, sincere, and superlatively talented man.

  7. Susan_Germanfan

    If their companies tell them to keep a distance from each other for now they, as still „newbies“ have to listen. What is the big deal if some one doesn’t write their friend on Weibo? When I congratulate my close friend and family, I do it privately especially when I write more sentences. It is for friend-only and not the whole world

    1. Yizhan Forever(Iryll)

      hello… i’m a fan of YiZhan… i will always support them. i cant watch the another dramas bcuz… i can’t get over of the untamed… they always of my mind. please keep safe of both of you.❤

    1. Yizhan Forever(Iryll)

      hello… i’m a fan of YiZhan… i will always support them. i cant watch the another dramas bcuz… i can’t get over of the untamed… they always of my mind. please be safe both of you.❤


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