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Is Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Relationship Getting Worse?

wang yibo xiaozhan relationship

In 2020, on “Street Dance of China”, the four captains talked about hot pot dipping sauce while eating hot pot. Someone asked Wang Yibo the reason for changing from eating sesame sauce to eating garlic sesame oil flavor.


Wang Yibo replied it’s because a friend he met in the crew taught him to eat in this way, it’s to his taste, and then he kept doing this.

Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan

Fans who are familiar with Wang Yibo know that this friend he met on the crew actually is Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have become the most popular actors in China by “The Untamed”.

Xiao Zhan acted as Wei Wuxian, a man who has spent his life fighting for the strong and helping the weak, while Wang Yibo played the role of Lan Zan, a man who always appears in the chaos.

Both characters have impressed the viewers immensely.

wang yibo xiaozhan

The four months they spent together on the crew made them became good friends. Their understanding of each other has been growing. They become very close.

During the promotion of “The Untamed”, they were even made a couple, with a group of “Bo Jun Yi Xiao” fans supporting them silently.

They have also appeared on “Happy Camp” and “Day Day Up” together after the drama.

wang yibo xiaozhan

Both of them have developed very well over the years.

Xiao Zhan focuses on his acting career, participating in several good productions such as “The Oath of Love”, “Douluo Continent” and “The Wolf”.

Wang Yibo is a little busier, participating in several new variety shows and a few motorcycle competitions.

It is worth mentioning that this year Xiao Zhan was honored with the World’s Most Handsome Man Award. While Wang Yibo also won the 2020 Sohu Fashion Festival Glamour Man Award.


However, in recent years, Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan have stopped interacting, and rumors of their bad relationship slowly began. Especially after the 227 incident, his interaction with Wang Yibo almost ended.

August 5, 2020, was Wang Yibo’s 23rd birthday. But there are no wishes from Xiao Zhan. The rumors of a feud continue to fester and seem to have become definitive.

wang yibo

Was their friendship all an act? Was it all just for show?

No! When Xiao Zhan was “in trouble”, public opinion was not favorable. If Wang Yibo had been brave enough to come out and support him, he would have gotten himself involved in the whirlpool.

The same is true for Wang Yibo, who is in injustice on the track. If Xiao Zhan comes out in a public show of solidarity, public opinion will make a big fuss of him! Some may even question whether they are just friend.

wang yibo xiaozhan relationship

Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan may be thinking of the repercussions and are intentionally leaving each other out, either for their own purposes or at the behest of their agencies.

Fans should take it in stride! They all have their own struggles!

Well, We can’t rule out the fact that Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are estranged superficially. They had to encourage each other in private!

Time never grows old, and friendship never falls apart! Friendship lives on!

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  1. Although they both acted in a BL drama it is just acting. It is their career. The drama did well as both a good actors. China should stop making BL dramas as its not accepted in China. These two actors deserve to do well in their careers. Watched the one Xiao Zhan did with Yangzi and Yibo in that 30’s drama. Both good.

  2. I’m a big fan of you guys,please stay strong and continue supporting each other

  3. Two beautifully awesome, funny and so,so talented cute guys, love ❤️ ❤️ u both, please stay strong both of u, all the best for all future endeavors,
    both in your personal lives or on screen togetherness or indiviual. True and loving friendships r really hard to come by, and never die, so, so, please continue supporting each other and all your important people in your life, and keep talking. ?

  4. I like their friendship my sweetheart wang yibo and lovely xiao zhan cute and handsome i love wang yibo and xiaozhan i love them so much my love


  6. Can we just leave them alone we’re not making things better for their friendship that we know of right now all we now is that they are friends. It’s annoying how people like trying to ship people because of a show or movie or whatever. Just leave them be people.

  7. But they look good in the scene so dating each other behind the scenes secretly is a big deal so they should expose their feelings for each other in public

    1. They’re Chinese, big no-no in China, besides it’s their business not ours

  8. They are the best of friends and will not leave the other person. Why is everyone acting them. Everyone needs to leave them alone.

  9. Couples in shows spend a lot of time together while filming. Even after filming, they travel to many places to promote the show. If they form a relationship that’s great, but it’s really None of our business. It’s their story to tell or not tell.

  10. I believe these two awesome guys are Rare jewels. I am a fan of several different shows they have preformed in. I think that because of their young souls people have taken their friendship to levels that are unrealistic. I have watched many BL shows. Very few of the main roles were actually involved with each other. The two were cast for these roles because they proved that they could truly portray the characters they auditioned for. Now I’m sure the fact that it was the MoDao ZuShi Novel Series that brought life to The Untamed were erotic bl shows these two have a strong sense of what is and isn’t allowed in China’s entertainment industry. If two people continue to be supportive even after a job is finished is totally up to them, and the WORLD should stay out of it. They are humans too and deserve privacy and respect, that goes for CP fans also. What they do with their lives on or off screen is non of our business. They are merely doing their jobs and that is to entertain us narrow minded humans!

    1. I agree to all that you have said.Fans should know their limits.if people supports it should come with deep respect.know that they too are humans that deserves to be happy and whatever they want to do with their life if ur truly a fan you should support and be truly happy for them.as for me..I hope their friendship lives on up to this day and never gives in to those shallow minded people.i wish them well and I really hope to see them back together..

  11. this comment section is so disappoiting *sigh* wish everyone would stop shipping artists when they only want to do their job and move on to the next project, The Untamed was broadcasted in 2019 people!! they move from co star to co star, made new friends and losing others, have their schedules filled up with dramas/movies for the next years, shipping ’em with one particular artist is totally uncalled for n doesn’t do any good for ’em either. Xiao Zhan and Yibo only want to do their jobs and be recognized as being great at their craft so I hope that these fans who claim to ‘love’ both start to give ’em credit for their outsanding works (since they can make a career out of just one hit) and their acting, wich is what some fans called ‘chemistry’, thet deserve more than a bunch of people focused on fantasizing about imaginary relationships and ‘soul mate’ nonsense, they have hard earned all the popularity and if they want to survive in the industry they need fans who support and respect their hard work and dedication in every role

    1. An actor is a fellow with aspirations for a difficult and competitive field: their profession forces them to lead two lives: for the stage and their career and for themselves. That life and love starved viewers may gratify unsatisfying lives by vicariously living their actors reveals the place of the stage in their lives, as it didi in the Golden Age of Greece when the stage was even more important in communication human values. The actors in that era wore masks. depicting gods and characters, never them selves. There may be a reason to return to the mask era.

  12. They are so cute but I think people got it wrong they are still best friends so please don’t get the wrong idea. 😀

  13. I think there friend ship is still together, more like being best friends they had a lot of fun from what I read and saw on the T’vs and other websites. They seem to be having a great time but to think that people will spread bad rumors like “there relation ship is breaking ” is not vary nice they just need time right now because they are really busy with work, competition, and other stuff that we don’t need to know. I hope that people including myself will become better next time or in our next life and that we are not trying to hurt others but sometimes people just want to gossip for fun but it’s not really nice, so please whoever reads this I hope you are making good choices and please don’t talk bad about others for fun.

  14. Real couple ,Wang yibo&Xiao zhan,but ther are stright.I’m yizhan fan girl.Yizhan is my life,forever yizhan*bxg*.Don’t touch yizhan,I care nobody.Not only stand.

  15. Lovely couple.Wang yibo&Xiao zhan *yizhan*,but they are stright.Forever yizhan*bxg*.Yizhan is my life.

  16. I agree. Life is too short. If this is what the heart truly wants. Then everything else will fall into place. To find your soul mate is a gift itself. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. We learn from them and move on. Don’t have any regrets in life. Or the “what if”. If you’re mean to be friends. Then fine. If not; ask yourself. You can see them in your life. What abut them not being in your life?

  17. I think they are the hottest and cutiest couple I’ve seen. Don’t let negative people stop y’all from being together. You only meet a soul mate once in a lifetime. Be happy together.

  18. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are very good together. they are cutest couple that I haven’t seen in chinse entertainment. Despite those Negative rumors and feed back. they should listen to their heart. They should be together until the end of their life. This is their fate of finding their soul mate during the set of “the untamed”. People need to understand, we are human and we have feeling. we need to respect their privacy and their choices. Everyone deserve the happiness.

    life is too short, you can’t make everyone happy. people have their own opinions, don’t let it effect your life and your choices. As long as your conscious are good.

    1. Yes!!As their Chinese fans, I have been protecting each other, when Xiao Wan is violent, you can even see the tears in the king of the recorded show.They are really beautiful, which is why Wang Yibo and his Xiaozhan have so many fans in China.

  19. We can’t please anybody that’s the bitter reality that we should face despite those rumors and negative feedbacks… Still, I’m really proud how Xiao Zhan handles it calmly and quietly he endure everything without any counteract that’s why good and best things happening to him… He truly is an angel with a genuine smile and loving heart… he never hated those who misjudge him instead he just embrace the reality and make himself strong enough to face all of this that’s why right now he is truly blessed… ❤️❤️❤️ Stay happy and healthy always show your genuine smile???

    1. I’m pilipina yizhan fan girl, Wang Yibo and Xio Zhan is real couple friendship I just hope you have a great friendship I just smiled and said he was going to be a long distance and I hope to see you soon ?❤️❤️

  20. i just hope Wang yibo and Xiao zhan are doing great right now i don’t care if the dating rumors are true or not i just hope that both of they have a great friendship no matter what and if anything happens in the future i will always support them no matter what happens even tho there idols people need to understands that they are still human and also have feelings and we have to respect there privacy no matter what i just hope we will see Yizhan together in the future and being able to act again because i miss there friendship ~keo

  21. Wang Yibo is justice,very kindful person?.He is very honest and god of the truth.So Yibo must meet with the good protective partner who can care,protect and warm for him???

  22. There acting are good …esp. the drama UNTAMED…I know they developed good friendship ..but others think too much…well I love them both….hopefully …their relationship may not affected …

  23. I’ve been a fan of XZ ever since I watched The Untamed, I followed him, voted for him, and supported his works, he was and still is an inspiration, even just watching videos of him comforts me. So during the time the AO3 drama broke out imagine how stressed and devastated I was. I admit, I was also one of people who shipped the Yizhan cp, but it was only a side thing for me, I was actually genuinely happy with his and WYB’s friendship. I was so stressed bc I couldn’t do anything to help out with the situation, can’t even argue with the haters on weibo, I could only sit there and watch as my favorite idol had to stay silent and endure all the hate. I could only rely on the chinese news channels on youtube for updates on the situation. During this time, my mental health also worsened but it was then that XZ finally posted a video, I think it was him making a drink? I cried. It had been so long since I saw new content from him, when I saw how he smiled despite the ongoing drama, I literally broke down crying. Afterwards, he held an interview wherein he finally talked about the situation, but instead of blaming his fans and being angry, he instead just scolded us a bit and said that he hopes that we don’t act excessively. I really admire him and look up to him, he’s a really great person. At first I was sad that because of the incident XZ and WYB’s relationship became awkward, but now that I’ve learned more about how the chinese entertainment industry works (got into studying chinese culture and other miscellaneous stuff to prepare for defending XZ online during the drama lol) I now understand that its more complicated than what it seems to outsiders. I just hope that theres no enmity between them and I hope they both continue down the paths they chose smoothly.

  24. All fan’s of all celebrity plz… Do some respect of your fans, no matter what he is you support her because no one cant stop of love, love doesn’t matter what gender you are me I’m a girl but I ddnot in love with a guy.. All fans you are always fans , you always remember You are a big gift of all celebrity because you always see her happy, and plz… Don’t do the harsh things to give her lesson because he in love with a guy’s and report it or post it.. Plz…..keep It and support it because you are the one person know what is the true reason why people in love without any gender…. Don’t forget you are a fans and always a fans support her to see her and her acchivement you can saw her acchivement that is also with you without fans no one can be a celebrity.. Thanks you…support her and don’t like crazy fan’s..

    1. What Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are to each other is none of our business. Just let them be.

  25. It is crucial not to forget the fact that XZ also kept silent for months after the incident. From my understanding of WYB and XZ, they are two determined, hard-working fine young men who know what they are doing. Even though they appreciate the support from their fans, they separate themselves from what their fans do or say about them. Even though XZ later spoke up and apologized, he also clearly stated that it was everyone’s right to do and say what they want and he was not in a position to “manage” his fandom. I think WYB also has the same attitude, that is why he did not speak up. After all, XZ didnt do anything wrong to begin with.

    I believe their friendship was real, and they had the freedom to show that at the events that involve promoting The Untamed. At other events, especially with the attendant of other superstars and authorities, they do not have the opportunity or priviledge to be that comfortable around each other.

    With all the crazy obsessions from the fan for both of them, especially the couple shippers, every word or move from each of them toward each other can create all kind of whirlwind. I think it is a smart move for both of them to keep a distance in public.

    1. I agree with you. Also, because of their fame and popularity it becomes harder to keep their relationship private. I believe that Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan played it low key on purpose. It’s a great strategy because the more you say, the more people will twist your words and make up things. Case in point is the fact that many are speculating that their relationship is no longer viable or sustainable. By not making a big deal about a lot of events or matters concerning themselves or each other people that are not close to them wouldn’t understand and might actually hurt them. It was the best option to protect themselves, each other, their family, friends, etc. They both made sacrifices in one way or another. Their private lives are theirs and only theirs.

  26. ?❤️We all know that it is very common for rumors to spread that there is a connection between the two main characters during the filming or telecast of a teledrama. However, these rumors will not be dismissed until after the teledrama is aired, as the popularity of the teledrama has to increase or it has to be talked about among the people. But look, it’s been two years since the teledrama aired. It’s been three years since filming ended. So why aren’t they still denying these rumors?? Why don’t they just go ahead and file a lawsuit against the people who spread the rumors??There’s no way they don’t know. People all over the country know, they’re shipping around the screens. It is known not only in that country but also in many other countries. If Xiao Zhan had recently denied a rumor about a photo he was carrying a small child. Are they really rumors enough to refute? That’s funny? I can’t imagine why those who do not allow such rumors to be spread still deny this?

  27. i just hope both of them are doing great right now. we really can’t assume anything since there are beyond in their personal lives compared to what we only see on media and what we hear from the rumours. staying silent on each other on screen/in public doesn’t mean they’re no longer friends. speaking up for each other during the incident would only jeopardize their careers. let’s respect their privacy and let them grow individually.

  28. nobody knows what they talked about in private and how Yibo could be supported to Xiao Zhan. I guess that was a arrangement between they.

  29. Lmao despice getting critiqued and washed by the public some CQL’s actors like XuanLu (wwx’s sister) , ghost general’s actor , CQL’s director and many others still came out to support Xiao Zhan last year. If they were still friends WYB still had until December 2020 to speak up for XZ but didn’t. So his silence when his supposed friend was in trouble showed clearly the level of their friendship. Anyway Xiao Zhan came back stronger than ever and take back his position as the King he is.

    1. I don’t think so .If wang yibo raised his voice he will also got into trouble .Then it will be more difficult to handle . May be xz told wy not to response . Bcz xz will never want to got wy in this trouble and ruin his current state bcz xz felt the pain and understood how much hurt it. As a friend xz will never want this will happen .I am a big fan xz . AFTER knowing him ,i felt that he will never want any friend, celebrity or a normal human to feel this pain. At the end one thing i wish whole heartedly xz will be one of the best idol in the world not just china mainland .

  30. Hope Yizhan finally wake up from their dreams. Xiao Zhan is back on business and went to dinner with some CQL’s cast members and still meet some of his friends over diner that should tell a lot Abt his relationship with Yibo.

  31. I love and respect their friendship and relationship between them… also pray God for again together..
    Bcz real love is precious gift of God.

  32. Love them both?? wish they could stay happy and blessed for ever. Amen.

  33. I will still support them no matter what. i really admire these 2 young men and i do fancy their courage and friendship.

  34. yizhan as friends, brothers, lovers idc they look great together I’ve never seen this beautiful friendship / relationship before ?❤
    i love them so much
    i understand they can’t be close each other in public but it still breaks my heart

  35. No, its only Wang Yibo who never came to defend Xiao Zhan despite the fact that it was his fandom who was actively involved in attacking Xiao Zhan throughout 2020. There are evidences that they downvoted Xiao Zhan’s other work as well.
    Xiao Zhan’s other friends spoke up like Xuan Lu (who played Jiang Yangli in CQL), CQL director Chen, famous actress Bambi and after coming back we are seeing him hangout with Meng Ziyi (Wen Qing in CQL), Wang Zhou Cheng (Jiang Cheng in CQL), Na Ying, Ayunga, Yang zi and others but not Wang Yibo. Even on events he does not glance towards him even though he has been seen happily interacting with his previous costars. So people should really know by now that things are not good.

  36. Go back to how it used to be Wang yibo and Xiao Zhan, is the relationship between the two of you that bad??

  37. Both of them are young and don’t know how to react with the rumors. You are right, they should courage to the public. If they are best friends how not dare to face up. Good friend can’t be easily found.
    It is a shame…

  38. I miss them both! They are the best team ever!
    Zero tolerance to hate and envy!!!
    YiZhan forever!

  39. All the comments are touching my ❤. I respect and appreciate all your meaningful and beautiful love and support. I sincerely thank you all the international fans from all over the world . I love yizhan from the untamed too. I love them both especially xiao zhan who is the most humbled human being i have ever seen. He went through a lot of crisis last year. He did nothing wrong and very innocent. But still he faced the backlash and apologize for the thing that he didn’t do. What a humble actor. He chose smile instead of hate. I hope he overcomes and becomes stronger and healthier. More blessings. Please continue to help and support yizhan and be together again. Love you guys so much.

    1. True. But I am a bit sad to see their distance in the public. I know both of them have a lot of support from their fan club. I wish to see both of them back to where they were.

  40. I feel heartbroken after seen this!?God please let them be together as friends?❤

  41. I want both of them to be together. When they both r together makes me feel better. I just wish that they remain friends forever I don’t want anyone to hate them but love them as much as they can. Love u Yizhan

  42. I love them both especially Zhan ge hope they stay friends forever blessings on future endeavors ❤️??♾??

  43. They both deserve all love and support. I believe Xiao Zhan is a man of dignity. I am just hoping that they still support each other secretly.

  44. I always support both of them…..Sana maging ok na Ang lahat and their good relationship are back,,,love you ang god bless ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I always support them because I love them.They have good relationship and I believe they support each other secretary. There are many facts that they care each other.??❤️❤️????

  45. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo both are hard working person. They really deserve what they are now. As their fan, I will always support them. Hope they will be more successful and happy everyday.

  46. I love both you young men.❤️ I’ve been a fan since late 2019. It was bad what happened to Xiao last year. But I’m glad that it’s behind him. I don’t why you guys don’t talk anymore Or why you’re not friends either. But if you are a real friend you have their back when they are in trouble. But I understand too that your companies tell you what to do. I only pray that you forgive each other. If not, I love you both and wish you young men the best. And God bless you both in years to come. One of your fans! ❤️?

    1. I’m from the UK and I feel so deeply for these two I hope they can resolve the past put it behind them and continue there deep love for each other. I’m heart broken at the thought of them splitting for ever xx

  47. Xian zhan got many many talented somehow wang yibo too . Both are very handsome and super success in such a young age. Film industry friends and artists should to support eachother and should work together like family. .we international fans are praying to make our xian zhan happy and more stronger though he is and he will be more strong

    1. I am a huge fan of both actors. I know that their futures are destined to be great.

  48. I support sean always and love both of them . Friendship should remain as they were so closed and those who tried to apart their relationship are not human .

  49. This is very unbiased and factual information. I like the fairness in it.

    1. I love there chemistry…dont mind the negative…hope another chinese series with them..immiss them both…

  50. As for me, I will support them both until the last of my breath.?
    Actually, I’m a fan of Yibo and after watching “The Untamed”, then I become a fan of them both (Lan Wangji & We Wuxian).
    What I can only say to Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan’s fans is keep fighting for them until the end.?

  51. I always support Yizhan and l wish that they stay together ?? Keep smiling

    1. spero pure io che ritornano insieme perché sono una coppia fantastica.

      1. I always support BJYX and love them.I hope that they stay together.?❤️??

    2. I support both Sean Zhao and Wang Yibo and friendship once it is built it is not ruined easily.I pray that they support each other silently.They are good actors and their good characters showed in what they do.???

    3. I hate the people who look down to BJYX.But turtle ? like me always support and love them.

  52. may be they are friends or may be not ……no one knows but i support both

    1. Please they both deserve each other leave them alone they had struggles on each way of their life.tell me why did God let them filmed together in the untamed ? to be together and to mark the end of their suffering.my family and I are a great c fans of them we love u both

  53. The majority of Xiaozhan’s black fans are Wang Yibo’s fans. Wang Yibo never stop his fans to cyber attack Xiaozhan. Everyone knew that in china entertainment industry but no one really disclose it because Wang yibo’s agency company Yuehua is very powerful.

    1. Será verdade isto ? Se for ela tem que ser condenada, quase destruíram a carreira do rapaz , e porque ? O que há de verdade por trás disto? Qual a intenção?

    2. Don’t listen to nonsense. They’re very good buddy from then till now..

    3. Must I also mention that the majority of Wang Yibo’s antis are Xiao Zhan’s fans too? everyone in the Chinese entertainment knows Xiao Zhan’s fans took their own idol down and wants to put the blame on other celebrities and influential people in the industry. Concocting conspiracy theories and creating fan fictions trying to fool the new gullible CP fans because they don’t have guts to take the blame. Why not ask Xiao Zhan who does he blame? While Xiao Zhan was being harassed and attacked by his own antis, his own fans were busy attacking Yibo because they thought it was unfair Yibo was spared. Why should Yibo and his fandom pay for another’s mistakes? If only they defended Xiao Zhan with the same passion they attacked other people, 227 would’ve never stood the chance to be so damaging to the innocent guy. Yehua powerful? More like incompetent…but that wouldn’t fit into their narrative of victim…

  54. Hahaha. Oh to be oblivious and looking at the world in rose-tinted glasses. Open your mind and welcome truth, and truth will set you free! Ahem. Anyway, I love Xiao Zhan. I will forever support an honest, mature, sincere, and superlatively talented man.

    1. Agree ? . Let’s support Sean Xiao, a hardworking , honest , talent , and handsome young actor .

  55. If their companies tell them to keep a distance from each other for now they, as still „newbies“ have to listen. What is the big deal if some one doesn’t write their friend on Weibo? When I congratulate my close friend and family, I do it privately especially when I write more sentences. It is for friend-only and not the whole world

    1. hello… i’m a fan of YiZhan… i will always support them. i cant watch the another dramas bcuz… i can’t get over of the untamed… they always of my mind. please keep safe of both of you.❤

    1. hello… i’m a fan of YiZhan… i will always support them. i cant watch the another dramas bcuz… i can’t get over of the untamed… they always of my mind. please be safe both of you.❤

      1. Me too. I am also a turtle who support them. I believe their love is deeping day by day.❤️❤️??