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Xiao Zhan’s Ideal Type Is Disclosed. Do You Meet?

The Untamed

Xiao Zhan has become a popular post-90s star with the drama “The Untamed “. He was born in 1991 and is 29 years old this year, so many fans are eager to meet his “Mrs. Xiao”. Do you know what is Xiao Zhan’s ideal type?


Xiao Zhan is such a wonderful person, fans wonder what’s Xiao Zhan’s ideal type. In an interview, the reporter asked Xiao Zhan what kind of girls he liked. Xiao Zhan said he liked girls who were gentle and homely.

Xiao Zhan

The reason is that he is actually a less boisterous person in private. He hopes that they can stay at home and cook and watch movies together.

When knowing Xiao Zhan’s standards in choosing a girlfriend, some fans joked, “I’m done, I’m sure I have no chance with Xiao Zhan because of my rough personality.”

Xiao Zhan

Last year, another journalist interviewed Xiao Zhan on the subject. Xiao Zhan’s answer was the same as before, except that he added one new point.

That is to be neither humble nor pushy. From this, we see that Xiao Zhan has become more and more attached to a person’s inner soul.

Xiao Zhan

The netizens who like Xiao Zhan have exclaimed that no wonder he likes gentle and homely girls who are not subservient. Because he lives he way he wants to marry.

It turns out that the fans were right. Xiao Zhan used to show many talents, such as knitting jumpers, embroidering things, cooking and brushing dishes, making buns, and so on in variety shows.

Xiao Zhan Ideal Type

When he is playing games, Xiao never gets angry at his teammates’ mischief, and always takes the game seriously. Whether he wins or loses, he has a great time.

Xiao Zhan was really a gentle and homely boy who was not condescending.

Overall,Xiao Zhan’s ideal type is a gentle and homely,neither overbearing nor servile girl, who understands him and is willing think in others’ shoes.

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  1. Darn! I definitely fit your type except I’m not Chinese. I love who you are. You make me smile and feel happy. I bet you can be the best friend anyone could have. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  2. That girl will be very lucky whose saree will be yours.you are great and kind hearted person

  3. i’m just here breathing and waiting for the time to witness who the luckiest person this man is going to marry. that person must be god’s favorite to actually deserved the XIAO ZHAN

  4. You will find a girl who loves you more than your money you will find a beautiful and lovely girl she will take care you until her death love you xiao zhan take care your health i,m a fan from india

  5. Creo que a la persona en la que se esta referiendo es a tan song yun puede que no hicieron todavía un drama juntos pero eso no significa que no lo harían además parecen ser del mismo tipo

  6. Enamorada de mi precioso Xiao Zhan mi deseo es conocerte de persona, nací en Venezuela y origen italiana, actualmente vivo a Roma Italia..soy rubia de ojos verde signo Géminis del año 96… Ojalá vengas a visitar Italia y conocernos… Ti voglio tanto bene.. Baci ?❤️??

  7. Zhan,you are very excellence ,multiple talents person for your acting in The Untamed .You had done so well for Weiwuxian ‘s character or behaviors from chilhood to adulthood.The audiences love you and support you because of the overall you took Weiwoxian personal and his behaviors in you. Plus Plus your own’s personal ( humble,respectful,sincere,hornest,responsible,kind heart,and giving heart and funny sometimes) The money you receive from your professional acting drama singing,world idol. Your givingheat donated money to sociaties to charities it will return back to you and create more givers because you are FC’s hero. they want to do the same as you do. LOVE

  8. Similar in all the way he said, that good to know some one is thr same like me, same to same