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Xiao Zhan Won The 2020 Asia Pacific’s Most Handsome Face

The 2020 Asia Pacific 100 Most Handsome Faces list

The 2020 Asia Pacific 100 Most Handsome Faces list was released. Congratulations to Xiao Zhan for being Asia Pacific’s most handsome face for the second time.

There are four Chinese male stars in the top ten, Xiao Zhan, Cai Xukun, Wang Yibo, and Song Weilong. Last year, Xiao Zhan also won the honor. Whether it’s in terms of body or temperament, or popularity, Xiao Zhan is deserving of the honor.


Xiao Zhan’s handsomeness is universally recognized. 2018 Asia’s most fashionable faces ranked 2nd in Asia, 1st in China.2019 Asia Pacific’s 100 most handsome faces ranked 1st. 2019 World’s 100 most handsome faces ranked 6th, 1st in China. 2019 World’s sexiest men ranked 5th, 1st in China. 2020 100 Asian Heartthrobs ranked 8th, 1st in China. 2020 China No. 1 of the 100 faces with the most “face power”.

Xiao Zhan

In 2018, Xiao Zhan was still not that famous. It’s all based on the gorgeous face to win the honor of “Asia’s Most Fashionable Face”.
The results of the list is not a public vote, more than 30 countries and 350 professional photographers, stylists, makeup artists, designers, fashion editors, famous film directors jointly selected.

It has to be said that Xiao Zhan’s face is really in line with the aesthetics of the public and the aesthetics of the Asian people. He has a first love smile that makes many fans impressed. Sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, sometimes very gentle and healing, the world is melting when he smiles.

Xiao Zhan

At the time of the voting for the “2019 World’s Most Handsome Face”, Xiao Zhan was ranked 6th. But after a four-month boycott, his ranking rose to 4th instead of falling. This time, after a difficult year, he has ranked 1st again, so what does it mean? Previously, the organizer of the “World’s 100 Most Handsome People” list had talked about its tenet.

The list is not only a competition of who is popular but also a comprehensive selection of culture, taste of life, professional achievements and popularity, etc. It can be seen that Xiao Zhan is not only recognized for his face, but also for business and intelligence.

Ms. Wan Fang, Cao Yu’s daughter, was participating in the Tencent News Fan Festival forum event and talked about her conversation with a young actor some time ago, who told her that he had experienced a big setback in his career. Wan Fang told him that setbacks are also important experiences that can increase the feeling of display and create better characters out of pain.

Xiao Zhan

This malicious boycott has lasted for such a long time, but Xiao Zhan said, “I’ve encountered a big setback in my career,” and also mentioned in an interview, “It’s all experience. Even though he suffered such great harm, he has never shown miserable, even little negative emotions have not shown.

Just because he didn’t talk about it didn’t mean he didn’t care, just because he could hang on didn’t mean the hurt wasn’t there. Every hurt is on his heart, but he’s left to heal on his own, and no one else can feel it.

His strong heart and good attitude allowed him to digest the negativity a little bit, but it would leave scars. But he still made a pact with everyone to run forward together and become a better person.

HOT NEWS: Xiao Zhan Won The Most Handsome Man of 2020 By TOP BEAUTY WORLD

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