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How Is the Relationship Between Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi?

Xiao Zhan Yang Zi

On March 15, 2022, starring Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, the drama “The Oath of Love” was officially released. Netizens expressed happily that they had been waiting for more than two years, and it finally came,


Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan are both top popular actors, who have excellent acting skills and good appearances. Their first cooperation makes this drama highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, the plot is very close to reality, especially the responsibility and trust of the doctor-patient relationship, which is very meaningful.

The drama also almost restores the popular novel of the year, we believe “The Oath of Love” will become another hit drama.

Xiao Zhan

In the drama, Xiao Zhan is very handsome, Yang Zi is very beautiful. We have to say they look indeed perfect for each other.

Their acting skills are really vivid. A lot of small details and emotions are performed well by them.

The characters of the roles are very three-dimensional. The scenes of them together are funny and sweet. People can’t help but fall into their charm.

They also wonder how is the private relationship between Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi.

Yang Zi

However, the stunning love story of Gu Wei and Lin Xiaozhi is just in the play. Both sides made it clear that they would not promote as a CP in real life.

Yang Zi also mentioned many times in the interviews that she does not agree with such a promotion.

They are just ordinary colleagues! During the period of the promotion, they would be promoting the drama together, but both sides are very avoiding suspicion.

Xiao Zhan Yang Zi

As for the private, they should not be very familiar with each other. They may have different life circles.

So Let’s just force on their works and enjoy the drama. Let the CP in the play stay in the play.

Acting is just their work, the play is the play, life is life. If there are very good resources, they may cooperate again.

The Oath of Love

The drama hopes to bring a healing “warm breeze” to the audience by telling a warm realistic story of growing up in love and being loved to heal the wounds in reality.

Hope Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan will heal and warm you in life as well.

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  1. A partir 2020 cuando ella lo apoyo a él se convirtieron en amigos muy cercanos….ahora que ella ha tenido que acudir abogados por problemas de ciertos anti-fans el no le ha apoyado como hizo ella…. Su relación es más distante pues no se

    1. son situaciones diferentes lol Yang Zi no va a perder su carrera por esos ataques de antifans como casi sucedió con XZ, así que ni al caso

    2. Yangzi and xiaozhan already denied the CP between them they already said that they are good friends in real life. They both deserve much better.

  2. not familiar? are you crazy? he invited her on december 25th, they ate together and they have the same friends circle. stop being a yizhan shipper, he isn’t going to marry in 2026

    1. Yeah! and also how Yang Zi supported Xiao Zhan in 2020 with her jiayou, visited him on his birthday and how Xiao Zhan calls Yang Zi by her nickname “Aoao”!! They are so sweet yet people claim they are not familiar….like dude stop being a delulu shipper

    2. Yangzi and xiaozhan lready denied the CP between them they already said that they are good friends in real life they both deserve much better.