The Oath of Love – Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan

“The Oath of Love” (余生,请多指教) is an urban romance drama directed by Lu Ying, starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan.
The play is based on the Bolin Shijiang’ novel.
It’s expected to air in the second half of 2020.

The Oath of Love


English Title: The Oath of Love
Chinese Title: 余生,请多指教
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 32
Director: Lu Ying
Writer: Lu Tian, Zheng Dan, Wu Peina
Producer: Wu Tianxu
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Film Culture
Broadcast period: 2020
Broadcast Network: Tencent Video, Hunan TV


Yang Zi
Xiao Zhan
Yang Zi as Lin Zhixiao
Xiao Zhan as Gu Wei
Zhai Zilu
Ma Yujie
Zhai Zilu as Gu Xiao
Ma Yujie as Gao Xi

Li Muchen
Li Yunrui
Li Muchen as San San
Li Yunrui as Shao Jiang
Zhang Yuqi
Zhao Shiyi
Zhang Yuqi as Jin Shi
Zhao Shiyi as Yin Xi


On the eve of graduation, Lin Zhixiao’s father is hospitalized with cancer. She has to give up a job opportunity at a famous company overseas and break up with her boyfriend. All the beautiful images of love and future life are shattered.

At this moment, her father’s doctor, Gu Wei, enters her life. Love begins when we often don’t even know it’s love, and two people who have both been hurt in love and don’t believe in it, begin to Step by step to know each other, love each other.

When love begins, we often don’t even know it’s love, two people who have both been hurt in love and don’t believe in it, begin to meet, know and love each other step by step, there have been doubts and setback, there have been misunderstandings and encounters with life’s low points. But as they fall in love, they feel that the other is the one who can entrust the rest of their lives.


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