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  • Flowers From the Ashes


    Youth, Drama
    Liu Haoran, Arthur Chen, Zhang Xueying
    The film tells the story of several teenagers experiencing the critical period of growth years, working hard and struggling with fate, and realizing their self-worth after experiencing a lot of suffering.
  • Formed Police Unit


    Action, Thriller
    Huang Jingyu, Wang Yibo, Zhong Chuxi
    A story about the Chinese Peacekeeping Police Riot Squad on overseas duty. Wearing blue helmets and fully armed, they march through danger and sleep with the sound of gunfire, just to maintain the security and peace of the world. This time, how will the members of the Peacekeeping Riot Squad cope with the new and severe challenges ......
  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero


    Historical, Wuxia
    Xiao Zhan, Sabrina Zhuang
    Under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Mongol army marched westward and conquered the Jin Dynasty. They also planned to march south and eliminate the Song Dynasty. Heroes from various martial arts sects in the Central Plains were embroiled in the chaotic battles. Representing the epitome of chivalry, Guo Jing rallied the martial arts forces of the Central Plains, devoting himself...
  • Dwelling by the West Lake


    Drama, Life
    Leo Wu, Jiang Qinqin
    In search of his father who has been missing for ten years after leaving home for Hangzhou, Mulin came to Hangzhou alone to study. To take care of her soon-to-graduate son, mother Taihua came to Hangzhou to pick tea for a living. The once peaceful days were disrupted by Taihua's emotional turmoil with the tea-picking boss. Taihua accidentally gets involved with a fraud organization....
  • Ne Zha


    Fantasy, Drama, Immortal
    Leo Wu, Zhang Fengyi, Xing Fei
    Lady Yin gave birth to a"monster" and named him Ne Zha after carrying him for three years and six months. Ne Zha was born with a red ribbon and knowledge of magic skills but also had three ugly lumps on his head. One day, Ne Zha accidentally killed Ao Bing, the third son of the Dragon King in the East Sea. His father went to complain to the Jade Emperor with the help of the three Dragon...
  • Hengyang 1944


    War, Drama
    Yu Hewei, Yang Yang, Yin Fang
    The film is based on the Battle of Hengyang, which took place in 1944. With less than 18,000 soliders, the defenders of Hengyang, supported by the people of Hengyang, defended the city alone against a total Japanese force of 110,000 for 47 days, delaying the Japanese plans and leading to the downfall of the Hideki Tojo cabinet, making it one of the most heroic battles in the history...
  • Young China: Me and My Youth


    Youth, Drama
    Lay Zhang, Wang Yibo, Zhou Dongyu
    It tells the story of youth in three different generations, showing that each generation of young people has its own opportunities and chances, highlighting the spirit of the times that Chinese youths always share the same fate with the motherland.
  • The Legend of Sun and Moon


    Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
    Dilraba Dilmurat, Shawn Dou
    In the ancient seaside village of Goldfish, Chang E, a beautiful girl, and Hou Yi, a young man from the forest, were a pair of childhood friends. Tired of the boring life in the small fishing village, the freedom-minded Chang E was determined to explore the outside world. On the day she planed to leave home, the peace of the village was shattered by the sudden ceremony of the Dragon...
  • Unexpected Love


    Romance, Youth, Comedy
    Lay Zhang
    A Chinese singer and a Korean dancer come into "conflict" due to cultural differences, but they fall in love with each other finally.
  • Fights Break Sphere


    Fantasy, Wuxia, Action
    Leo Wu, Lin Yun, Baron Chen
    After the genius teenager Xiao Yan created an unprecedented and unbeatable training record for his family, he suddenly became a useless person. For three whole years, he faced cold treatment from his family, disdain from others, and even his fiancée broke off the engagement... a series of setbacks hit him one after another. Just when he was about to give up, a wisp of ghostly spirit...
  • Drug Hunting


    Crime, Action, Thriller
    Yang Zi, Wang Qianyuan, Liu Mintao
    After the death of a comrade, female narcotics cop Luo Jia goes on her first undercover assignment, disguised as a female drug dealer, to infiltrate a drug cartel. To quickly gain the trust of drug dealer Liu Xingjie, Luo Jia repeatedly takes risks, but there are even greater dangers in this battle ......
  • Nothing Can't Be Undone by a Hotpot


    Suspense, Comedy, Thriller
    Yang Mi, Yu Qian, Tian Yu
    Four strangers who do not know each other are dividing the spoils in a theater backstage storage room, but unexpectedly get involved in a murder case. A hot and spicy hotpot boils with endless suspense, greed, and deception, triggering a series of reversals. Finally, the special identities of the four people gradually surface, and the mysterious truth is about to be revealed.
  • Iron Sky: The Ark


    Sci-fi, Action
    Duan Yihong
    The film takes place primarily in China and revolves around the "Ark Plan", which is the key theme. It tells the story of people trying to find a way to save the earth over the next decade due to environmental degradation and resource depletion. The story of "Chang'e flying to the moon" will have a mysterious connection to the protagonist.
  • Zhong Guo Xing Jing


    Li Xian, Zhu Yawen, Bai Jingting
    The film is adapted from real events and is based on the eight-year-long "Su Xiang Yu series of armed robbery and murder cases" that were solved by the police in 2012.
  • Fire on the Plain


    Romance, Crime
    Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran
    During the investigation of a taxi murder case, criminal investigator Zhuang Shu's path intersects with his childhood friend Li Fei. Eight years ago, the two made a promise to witness a fireworks display together but lost contact due to an accident. When they meet again after eight years, everything has changed. Unfulfilled promises, a mysterious and tangled truth, and the intricate...
  • Puppy Love


    Romance, Comedy
    Feng Shaofeng, Gulnazar
    Every dog is a helpful and happy angel, while their owners are facing a series of love choices. Messy and sarcastic pet doctor Chen, also known as the "Dog King," meets pseudo-gold-digger Qian Feifei. One only wants to deal with dogs, while the other firmly believes that material possessions can bring a sense of security. These two people with vastly different values are attracted to...
  • The Perfect Blue


    Suspense, Thriller, Crime
    Fan Bingbing, Huang Xuan, Wang Ziwen
    Graduation season, four college girls are envisioning their futures, unaware that an accident will put their friendship to an unprecedented test. Seven years later, because of this accident, each girl's life has undergone a profound transformation. Through a series of coincidences, the events of that year are revisited. Under the themes of love and revenge, a struggle of human nature...
  • Game Start


    Suspense, Thriller, Drama
    Peng Yuchang, Ding Yuxi
    The talented boy Liu Quanlong and Chen Lun, who come from different backgrounds, met by chance and started a life exchange adventure. Their lives became mirrors of each other, and a game of fate began. Game Start!
  • Three Words


    Drama, Life
    Jackson Yee, Jessie Li, Li Xian
    It tells the story of Brother Da Guang's memories - the love that he did not have the courage to confess and the vitality of his friends' struggle with fate, thus inspiring us to cherish the present moment, embrace the faith in the beauty of life, never forget the way we came, no matter how far we go, be true to ourselves and face life with courage.
  • A Touch of Warm


    Crime, Drama
    Hu Ge, Vicky Chen, Yan Ni
    Zhu Shaoyu, nicknamed Reindeer, is a trafficker who specializes in luring women. But his son Zhu Kai was abducted in his hometown. In order to find his son, he goes undercover in the gang that abducted Zhu Kai, while the "nanny" Hao Zi absconds with Zhu Kai, trying to pay off his gambling debts with a private sale. The gang lures Li Qi, Hao Zi's girlfriend who is nine months pregnant,...
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