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Young China: Me and My Youth – Lay Zhang, Wang Yibo, Zhou Dongyu

Young China: Me and My Youth is a film directed by Zhou Runze, Lin Zhenzhao, and Wang Liang, led by Zhang Yixing, Wang Yibo, and Zhou Dongyu, starring Yu Haoming, Xing Zhaolin, Xing Fei, Deng Chaoyuan, Mo Xiaoqi, Wang Ziyi, Zhang Ruonan, Gao Yalin, Chang Huasen, Li Yitong, Song Yi, Li Qi, and Shi Xiaolong.

The film tells three stories of young people in three periods of time, integrating individual ideals into the torrent of development of the times and writing the song of youth full of passion.


Young China: Me and My Youth

English Title: Young China: Me and My Youth
Chinese Title: 中国青年:我和我的青春
Genre: Youth, Drama
Duration: 90 min.
Director: Zhou Runze, Lin Zhenzhao, Wang Liang
Released Date: -
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It tells the story of youth in three different generations, showing that each generation of young people has its own opportunities and chances, highlighting the spirit of the times that Chinese youths always share the same fate with the motherland.


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