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Who is Emily Qi Meihe? Is Wang Yibo Chaseing After Her?

Wang Yibo Qi Meihe

Emily Qi Meihe’s father is Qi Jianhong. Qi Jianhong is the president of the Yaolai Group and is said to be worth ¥5.5 billion. He is the only Chinese agent of Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini, and is the number one agent of Bentley in global sales. Qi Jianhong and Jackie Chan running a Yaolai Jackie Chan International Cinemas.


Qi Meihe’s father has a background and wealth that cannot be compared to ordinary people. It is known that Emily Qi Meihe was born in 2000 and has a height of 170 cm. Her brother Qi Zhenkang is the assistant of Jackie Chan China planning director. She has been photographed with Lee MinHo and has also gotten Taylor’s autograph.

Emily Qi Meihe had posted a set of photos with EXO members at backstage in the early years on Weibo. Many people were unhappy when they saw it. Since then she has also become low-key.

Wang Yibo Qi Meihe

Is it true that Wang Yibo chased after Emily Qi Meihe?

The blogger Yan Gongzi exploded news on Weibo: Wang Yibo is running after Qi Meihe! There are even gossip lovers to echo that Wang Yibo and Meihe’s INS names are couple names! The netizens immediately bombed. So Yuehua Ent. came out with a statement in a hurry, saying that everything is a rumor and will go to law.

Since then, Meihe’s fame has plummeted, and netizens are feeling bad when she is mentioned.

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