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Wang Yibo’s new drama “Luoyang” was announced, Huang Xuan is the leading role


1. Wang Yibo’s new drama “Luoyang” official was announced

Wang Yibo, we are all very familiar with his popularity in recent years. He won the Golden Eagle Award for the most popular actor by the “The Untamed”, which makes him even more famous. He has several TV series to be broadcast, and now there is a new official announcement of a new drama “Luoyang”.

Wang Yibo

This drama is only officially announced not long ago. The company just announced the leading roles, the other should be announced afterward. The other two leading roles, Huang Xuan, Victoria Song are also famous.

2. With Victoria Song, Huang Xuan, the lineup is top notch.

Look at the lineup of this drama, it seems that this drama should be a big production. Wang Yibo, no matter the popularity or ability, he has been recognized by the audience. So he chooses the drama which he wants.

Victoria Song

Victoria Song, also filmed a lot of TV dramas in the last few years. She won the “Golden Eagle Goddess” recently. This title also let her fame become more famous. Although her acting still has some controversy, the popularity is real, and the acting skills also constantly improving. And she was also nominated in the Golden Eagle Award for the most popular actress. Although she didn’t win the award, it was also an affirmation of her.

3. Huang Xuan’s acting strength was praised by the director.

Huang Xuan

And then there’s Huang Xuan, whose acting skills are recognized by many audiences. The TV dramas he’s appeared in are all excellent works, like “Red Sorghum”, “The Legend of Miyue”, “Youth”, “Legend of the Demon Cat”, and so on. And Feng Xiaogang praised his acting skills when he acted in “Youth. “Legend of the Demon Cat” was directed by Chen Kaige, when the movie’s box office broke 500 million, Chen Kaige also praised his acting skills.

So there is not only the appreciation of the audience but also the director’s unanimous approval, which can know that his acting skills are really very good. When this official announcement was made, Huang Xuan’s name was also in front of Wang Yibo, which means that he played the leading role in the drama.

Huang Xuan Wang Yibo

But this is also normal, after all, Huang Xuan’s acting strength is not a level with Wang Yibo. Huang Xuan has a lot of acting experience. But Wang Yibo has a promising future, after all, he is still young, needs more practice. His appearance is also very suitable for costume drama, the kind of cold temperament can not be interpreted by anyone. As long as he continues to work hard, I believe the future is immeasurable.

4. The script and director are both superb.

Not only the lead actor are luxury, but the script is also very great because the “Luoyang” is an adaptation of Ma Boyong’s “Luoyang”. Jackson Yee’s debut drama “The Longest Day in Chang’an” you must know, and this script is also from him, so it is can expect that the script is really extraordinary.

Victoria Song and Wang Yibo

The director is Cao Dun, he is also the director who made the “The Longest Day in Chang’an”. He will direct “Luoyang”, will definitely also make better images.

After watching these main cast members and the director’s script, are you looking forward to it?

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