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Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo(王一博), born on August 5, 1997, in Luoyang, Henan, China, is a Chinese singer, actor, MC, professional motorcycle racer, and member of UNIQ.

On September 15, 2014, he debuted as a member of UNIQ. On April 29, 2016, he became a member of the host group of the variety show “Day Day Up”.

In 2019, Wang Yibo received wide recognition for his leading role as Lan Wangji in the Chinese fantasy drama “The Untamed”.

Basic Info

Wang Yibo

Stage Name: Wang Yibo
Birth Name: Wang Yibo (王一博)
Nicknames: Wang Tiantian(Sweat Wang), Nai Bo(Milk Bo), Wang Piaoliang (Beauty Wang), Coolguy(酷盖), DiDi, Bo Zai
English Name: Wang Yibo
Birthday: August 5, 1997
Place of Birth: Luoyang, Henan, Chian
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood Type: AB or B(Pls find the answer in Comment Section)
Fandom Color: GREEN
Fandom Names: mtjj(Motor Sister), YAMAHA
Fanchant: bó yī bó dān chē biàn mó tuō(博一博单车变摩托)
Weibo: UNIQ-王一博
Instagram: @yibo.w_85
Tik Tok: Yibo.W_0805

Wang Yibo Facts

  1. His agency is Yue Hua Entertainment.
  2. Education: He studied at Hanlim Multi Art School in Korea.
  3. Family members: parents and Yibo.
  4. He started to dance since he was 13 years old.
  5. In 2011, Wang Yibo participated in the National IBD Top Hip-hop Competition and entered the top 16, which led him to be discovered by YH Entertainment as a trainee.
  6. Yibo is afraid of the dark, ghosts, and insects.
  7. Doesn’t like roller coasters.
  8. His hobbies are riding motorcycles, skateboarding, Legos, yo-yo, and magic tricks.
  9. Like to play games, especially Arena Of Valor and PUBG.
  10. He likes electronic sports.
  11. On Jan,1, 19, he Announced as a professional motorcycle rider for MLT Yamaha.
  12. He treats the motorcycle as his girlfriend.
  13. In August 2019 he won the double round D class at the ARRC Asian Road Motorcycle Championships.
  14. His favorite motorcycle racer is Valentino. Rossi.
  15. Likes to buy shoes.
  16. He is a host of the variety show “Day Day Up”(天天向上).
  17. Favorite Color: Black and Green.
  18. His favorite foods are cilantro, garlic, and noodles.
  19. He doesn’t like carrots.
  20. He likes hotpots.
  21. His favorite fruit is watermelon.
  22. He does not know how to cook.、
  23. His pet phrase is “I don’t know”.
  24. Yibo likes Doberman dogs Abyssinian cats. He would like to have a dog and a cat.
  25. Using an animal to describe himself he chose the black panther.
  26. Using food to describe himself, he chose duck neck, because he has a long neck and loves to eat duck neck.
  27. His favorite singers are Chris Brown and A$AP Rocky.
  28. He likes to wear hip-hop at the airport and always takes a skateboard with him.
  29. Yibo likes action movies, but he refuses horror movies.
  30. Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man.
  31. The superpower he wanted most was invisibility because then he wouldn’t have to wear a mask on the street.
  32. He sleeps with the lights on.
  33. At the hotel, he will turn on the TV and sleep.
  34. Takes shower on the night.
  35. Sleep at 3 or 4 am.
  36. Can speak fluent English and Korean.
  37. He is most satisfied with his eyes, eyebrows, Adam’s apple.
  38. Doesn’t like to use his own Meme.
  39. Believe in love at first sight.
  40. Ideal Type girlfriend: slim, long-haired, fair skin, and litter elder than him. Wang Yibo’s Ideal Type – How To Be Yibo’s Girlfriend [Video ENG CC]

Wang Yibo Quotes

  1. I wish all the people who love me to be happy and peaceful for the rest of their lives.
  2. Things decided at the age of 21, I think I can persist even at the age of 81.
  3. If I like something, I’ll do it.
  4. You only see my brilliance, but not my diligence. You have your ideas, I have my way of doing things.
  5. I don’t want to lose, but I also don’t put myself in a position where I’m addicted to winning, and I know how to control myself.
  6. I’ve been mentally preparing for the day I won’t be famous, I might open a shop and sell motorcycles, or I might open a dance class and dance until the day I can’t dance.
  7. Your skills are your capital that no one else can take.
  8. The view from the top is downhill.
  9. I’m not trying to show you guys how serious I am, I’m just doing what I love.
  10. If you’re pretty good at doing all the things that other people decide for you, you’ll be able to convince them too.

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  • MBA Partners(梦想合伙人)(Zhao Shuyu)(2016)
  • A Chinese Odyssey Part Three(大话西游3)(Red Boy)(2016)
  • Live For Real(热舞吧!青春)(Lin Jin)(2018)
  • Crystal Sky of Yesterday(少年心事)(Qi Jingxuan)(2018)
  • Fantasy Westward Journey(梦幻西游三维版)(2019)
  • Unexpected Love(闭嘴!爱吧)(Chang Lin)(TBA)

Television Series

  • Love Actually(人间至味是清欢)(Zhai Zhiwei)(2017)
  • When We Were Young(青春最好时)(Lin Jiayi)(2017)
  • Gank Your Heart(陪你到世界之巅)(Ji Xiangkong)(2019)
  • The Untamed(陈情令)(Lan Wangji)(2019)
  • My Strange Friend(我的奇怪朋友)(Wei Yichen)(2020)
  • Legend of Fei(有翡)(Xie Yun)(2020)
  • Private Shushan Gakuen(私立蜀山学园)(Teng Jing)(TBA)
  • Being a Hero(冰雨火)(Chen Yu)(TBA)
  • The Wind Rises in Luoyang(风起洛阳)(Baili Hongyi)(TBA)

Variety Shows

  • Day Day Up(天天向上)(2016–present)
  • Produce 101(创造101)(2018)
  • One More Try(极限青春)(2019)
  • Street Dance of China 3(这就是街舞3)(2020)


Q: What is Wang Yibo’s religion?
A: Wang Yibo does not believe in any religion.

Q: How to pronounce Wang Yibo?

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23 thoughts on “Wang Yibo (王一博) Profile”

  1. Is Wang Yibo a narcissist and racist? I saw some of his dance videos. And he’s really a talented dancer. But seemed a bit narcissist and racist to me. Enlighten me. 🙂

    1. Yibo can’t stand people stepping on his shoes. In a show, he was asked what it was like to be so popular this summer, and he said, “They always step on my shoes at the airport, so annoying.”😂😂

  2. I really like his serials ” the Untamed and the Legend of Fei ”
    i will keep cheering Wang yibo , Zhanilia zhao and Xiao zhan.
    They are my favourite Actors and Actress from China, i´ve started learning chinese.

  3. Wang Yibo is multitalented. Look forward to seeing more dramas from him. Great he has Day Day Up set for the foundation of his career. He prefers to observe so Love his directness and “coldness”.

    1. We have checked again, in Baidu Baike, it shows his blood type is AB. But in a show, Yibo said his blood type maybe B. Once in “Day Day Up”, he said he doesn’t know his blood type. So the truth is that Yibo doesn’t know his blood type either.😂😂


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