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The Untamed – Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi, Xuan Lu

The Untamed is an ancient Xianxia drama co-directed by Zheng Weiwen and Chen Jialin, starring Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi, Xuan Lu, Wang Zhuocheng, Yu Bin, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zhanjin, and Wang Haoxuan, with special appearances by Li Ruotong, Lu Jianmin, Huang Ziteng, and Xiu Qing, and Shen Xiaohai in a guest role.

The drama is based on the novel "魔道祖师/ Mo Dao Zu Shi" of Mo Xiang Tong Chou. It is based on the background of the five families and tells the story of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, who met again and worked together to find out the truth about the past years and protect the people's peace and happiness.


The Untamed

English Title: The Untamed
Chinese Title: 陈情令
Genre: Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy, Political
Tag: Xianxia, Censored Adaptation of Same-sex Original Work, Wrongfully Accused, Playful Male Lead, Strong Male Lead, Soulmates
Episodes: 50
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zheng Weiwen, Chen Jialin
Writer: Mo Xiang Tong Chou
Producer: Fang Fang, Yang Xia, Wang Chu, Liu Mingyi
Product Company: TENCENT PENGUIN PICTURES, NewStyle Media
Released Date: 2019-06-27
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Netfilx, TencentVideo, Prime Video, Viki



Sixteen years ago, the world was divided into five, Gusu Lan, Yunmeng Jiang, Qinghe Nie, Qishan Wen, and Lanling Jin, who ruled the world together. The Wen Family was dominant, and the other four families suffered from it.

Among the youths, Wei Wuxian, the son of a deceased member of the Jiang family, has a cheerful personality. He met and became friends with Lan Wangji, a disciple of the Gusu Lan family, who is known for his elegance.

By chance, they discovered the secret that the Lan Family has been guarding, and they inherited the will to eliminate the hidden danger for the people.

But they never thought that the master behind everything was Wen Ruohan, the head of the Wen family. The other four families can not stand the humiliation, they joined forces to crush the Wen family.

After the ruin of the Wen family, Wei Wuxian went against all the families to protect the innocent members of the Wen family. However, he was eventually victimized by a traitor and caused a big disaster, mistakenly harming his senior sister, Jiang Yanli. He chose to end his life by jumping off a cliff.

Sixteen years later, Wei Wuxian appeared in the Mo Family as Mo Xuanyu and met his old friend, Lan Wangji.

A series of weird murder cases in Mo Family seems to be confusing. As the truth was uncovered step by step, Jin Guangyao, who was behind the scenes, gradually can hardly hide.

In the end, Jin Guangyao died, and Lan Wangji took up the mission of protecting the world, while Wei Wuxian did not forget his original intention, and lived freely.


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