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Zhu Zanjin (朱赞锦) Profile

Zhu Zanjin

Zhu Zanjin(朱赞锦), born on September 16, 1995, in Qionghai City, Hainan Province, is a Chinese actor.

In 2016, Zhu Zanjin entered the entertainment industry by starring in the fantasy drama Demon Girl.

His main works include Above the Clouds, The Untamed, Miss the Dragon, etc.

Basic Info

Zhu Zanjin

Stage Name: Zhu Zanjin
Chinese Name: Zhu Zan Jin / 朱赞锦
Place of Birth: Qionghai City, Hainan
Nationality: China
Birthday: September 16, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 177cm (5’9″)
Weight: 63kg (138.6 lbs)
Blood Type:
Fandom Name: Zhu Bao / 珠宝
Instagram: zhuzanjin
Weibo: 朱赞锦


  1. Zhu Zanjin’s agent is Talent TV & Film.
  2. Education: Zhu Zanjin gradauted from Beijing Normal University and majored in dance.
  3. He has many pets.
  4. likes to stay at home to write calligraphy and draw.
  5. Likes to grow flowers and plants.
  6. Lucky No.: 7.
  7. Zhu Zanjin likes gourmet food because it makes him happy.



  • The Mystic Nine: Qing Shan Hai Tang(Er Yue Hong)(2022)
  • Fatal Journey(Jin Guang Yao / Meng Yao)(2020)
  • The Skin Painter 2(Yiqian)(2018)
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