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Dylan Wang (Wang Hedi) Profile

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang(Wang Hedi, 王鹤棣) born on December 20, 1998, in Leshan, Sichuan, is a Chinese actor.

In 2017, he participated in the reality show Super Idol and eventually won the championship, thus officially debuting. He became a famous Chinese actor for his role as Dao Mingshi in the 2018 Meteor Garden.

Basic Info

Dylan Wang

Stage Name: Dylan Wang
Chinese Name: Wang Hedi(王鹤棣)
Nickname: Di Di
Place of Birth: Leshan, Sichuan
Nationality: China
Birthday: December 20, 1998 (Age: 25)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: -
Fandom Name: Xiong Di Huo
Fandom Color: Purple
Instagram: dylanwangofficial
Weibo: 王鹤棣_Dylan 



  1. Dylan Wang's agent is M.Y. Entertainment.
  2. Education: he studied at Si Chuan Southwest College Of Civil Aviation.
  3. Likes to play basketball.
  4. Favorite basketball player: LeBron James.
  5. He was a starter on the basketball team in both his junior and senior high school years, playing at point guard and small forward.
  6. Enjoys working out.
  7. During his time at school, he was selected to photograph the school's admissions poster and became the face of the flight attendant major.
  8. Likes to rap.
  9. Dylan Wang has a teddy.
  10. His favorite dog is Alaskan.
  11. Prefers to send voice over typing.
  12. He is good at cooking.
  13. Likes to play games.
  14. Favorite color: black, white, grey.
  15. Dylan Wnag likes to watch movies, especially crime movies.
  16. Using an animal to describe himself he chooses the tiger.
  17. Ideal Type Girlfriend: cool personality, tall, older, can accept 3 years older girls.



TV Show

  • The Irresistible(元气满满的哥哥)(2020)
  • Super Nova Games 2(超新星全运会第二届)(2019)
  • The Inn 2(亲爱的客栈2)(2018)
  • Super Idol(超次元偶像)(2017)
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  1. He accept 3 was an older girlfriend. It’s estar yu. Beacase she is tall, and she is 27 years old. So i thik he like estar yu.

  2. Does he do meet and greets individually for fans? Or have a fan club membership?

  3. Does anyone know how to get ahold of his real management company it’s extremely important

    1. Yes, he is so young but can play young roles and older roles so well. He has an air of confidence and command that is so attractive.

  4. I think Dylan Wang is the best actor best looking And every one of his performance never fails

  5. One of my favorite actors…I’ve watched most of his movies…and love them all…fabulous actor❤❤❤