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Ireine Song (Song Yiren) Profile

Ireine Song

Ireine Song(宋伊人), was born in Jinan, Shandong Province on May 7, 1993, and is a Chinese-Canadian actress.

Her major works include The Best of You in My Mind, Professional Single, etc.

Basic Info

Ireine Song

Stage Name: Ireine Song
Chinese Name: Song Yiren / 宋伊人
Nickname: Yi Yi
Place of Birth: Jinan, Shandong
Nationality: Canada
Birthday: May 07, 1993 (Age: 31)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 160cm (5'2")
Weight: 36kg (79.2 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Fandom Name: Yi Ren / 薏仁
Instagram: yiren_s
Weibo: 宋伊人


  1. Ireine Song's agent GPM.
  2. Education: Ireine Song graduated from Beijing Film Academy and School of Arts, Peking University.
  3. She immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was 8 years old and returned to China 3 years later due to her parents' job transfer.
  4. At the age of 16, she returned to Canada to attend high school.
  5. She speaks Mandarin, English, and French.
  6. Hobbies: shopping, watching movies, painting.
  7. Favorite movie genre: horror.
  8. Favorite sport: swimming.
  9. Favorite actor: Sun Honglei.
  10. Ireine Song's favorite fashion item is hats.



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