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Flavour It's Yours – Gong Jun, Ireine Song

Flavour It's Yours is an urban romantic fantasy drama directed by Lin Yi, starring Gong Jun, Ireine Song Yiren, Dai Chao, Zhang Yuqing, Zhao Tianyu, Yang Ze, and Jin Yubo.

The drama tells the story of Lu Weixun, a genius boy in the field of wine criticism, and He Buzui, a girl who has had no sense of taste since she was a child. They accidentally kiss, causing their senses of taste to swap, leading to a series of interesting events and changes.


Flavour It's Yours

English Title: Flavour It's Yours
Chinese Title: 看见味道的你
Genre: Urban, Romance, Fantasy
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Boss-Employee Relationship, Height Difference, Love/Hate Relationship, Cohabitation, Amnesia
Episodes: 25
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Yi
Writer: Gan Hongzhu, Fu Chao, Wang Ruoke
Producer: Ruan Jie
Released Date: 2019-11-07
Broadcast Website: Viki, iQIYI



After meeting a young girl with no sense of taste, a highly trained and highly regarded taste genius, Lu WeiXun, unexpectedly suffered a major setback in his life – he lost his sense of taste.

HeBuzui did everything she could to help Lu Weixun out of her predicament. At the same time, Lu Weixun devised a whole set of methods to help He Buzui restore her sense of taste.

He Buzui overcame all difficulties, accepted the devil’s training, deeply felt the hard work and efforts behind the industry elite, and experienced all kinds of wonderful flavors in the world.

Lu Weixun and He Buzui have very different personalities, but in the process of getting along, the cool and lonely Lu Weixun was infected by the resilient and optimistic He Buzui.

He Buzui grew up to be a highly qualified industry insider, and in the mutual help and cooperation with Lu Weixun, they were touched by each other’s sincerity, establishing a deep emotion and meeting their own love.


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