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Is Xu Muchan Simon Gong Jun’s Girlfriend Currently?

Xu Muchan Simon Gong

Recently, Zhang Zhehan‘s scandal has not been made clear. Simon Gong Jun is also suspected of dating actress Xu Muchan.


When Gong Jun has just become popular, the dating rumors with Xu Muchan were circulating on the net for a time. Some netizens say Xu Muchan is gong Jun’s ex-girlfriend. Someone says that they are in love at present. Gong Jun’s love life is still a mystery.

Lost Love In Times

Xu Muchan is not only Gong Jun’s college mate at the Shanghai Theater Academy, but also had supporting roles together in the TV series “Lost Love in Times”.

They got to know each other at that time. Although Xu Muchan was not as popular as Gong Jun, she has a good appearance with a high-bridged nose and big eyes. She and Gong Jun look really perfect for each other.

Through the Weibo post of Gong Jun and Xu Mu Chan, netizens found many clues, such as Sending birthday blessings at a certain o’clock, Hidden loves in the Weibo text of Valentine’s Day, and so on.


Some netizens even zoomed the photo of Gong Jun’s neck being bitten by a mosquito and suspected it was a hickey after some analysis.

Netizens do not let go of any clues, deep-searching Gong Jun and Xu Muchan’s action track, and even list a complete timeline. The evidence is a bit far-fetched, but at least you will feel there may be something between Simon Gong and Xu Muchan.

This time the dating rumor of Simon Gong and Xu Muchan is getting more attention, and more and more netizens believe in it.

Gong Jun fans Club

On the night of July 22, Simon Gong Jun’s fan club issued a text on Weibo, clearly pointing out that Gong Jun has never had a romantic relationship with the actress, and he is currently in a single state.

Do you think Xu Muchan is the girlfriend of Simon Gong Jun?

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