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Gong Jun, Zhang Huiwen Coupled In “The Flaming Heart”, The Drama Is Expected.

Gong Jun

The recent BL costume drama “Word Of Honor” starring Gong Jun (Simon Gong) and Zhang Zhehan has been a hit all over the internet!


The drama not only has high ratings but also has a Douban reputation rating of 8.3, which is considered one of the best dramas at the same time.

However, the drama “Word Of Honor” is still on the air, and Gong Jun’s other new drama is coming soon, which is “The Flaming Heart”.

The Flaming Heart” is a firefighting drama produced by Youku, directed by Zhang Lichuan, and starring Gong Jun and Zhang Huiwen.

The Flaming Heart

The drama tells the story of Huo Yan, the deputy chief of a fire station, who meets Yan Lan, a cheerful and enthusiastic but stubborn trainee doctor in the emergency department, during a mission.

They have a misunderstanding and grow up to support each other through stumbling. As far as we know, “The Flaming Heart” has been completed and is expected to be broadcast in the first half of 2021.

Gong Jun

The male lead is played by Gong Jun, who is a righteous, sunny and handsome firefighter in the drama. Netizens are all familiar with him.

He has played many impressive roles since his debut, such as the honest and frank Eleventh Prince Yuan Che in “Lose Love In Times”, the handsome school hunk Zhao Fanzhou in “The Love Equations”, and the surgeon Ling Rui in “Begin Again” and so on.

Gong Jun made all his roles vivid with his good appearance and acting skills. This time people are looking forward to his performance as a handsome firefighter in the new drama!

Zhang Huiwen

The female lead of the drama, Yan Lan, is played by Zhang Huiwen, who is a beautiful female doctor in the drama. Zhang Huiwen is a popular 90s actress who combines good-looking and acting skills.

She has acted in many dramas over the years, and has given quite an excellent performance in dramas such as “Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin”, “Love a Lifetime” and “Legend Of Fei”.

Zhang Huiwen won the unanimous affirmation of the viewers by virtue of her sweet and lovely appearance and excellent acting skills.

This time she played a beautiful female doctor, and she is quite suitable for such a persona in terms of her appearance and temperament.

It is the first time they work together. We wonder what kind of performance they will present for the viewers.

The Flaming Heart

In the stills, they were smiling sweetly with fingers interlocked. They look so perfect for each other! What a pair of handsome men and beautiful women!

The drama focuses on two special professions, firefighters and emergency doctors.

It restores the real-life of firefighters and doctors through a series of emergency rescue missions and also shows the viewers their spirit of serving the people without fear of difficulties.

It is a TV series full of positive energy. Are you looking forward to Gong Jun and Zhang Huiwen’s new drama “The Flaming Heart”?

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