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The Flaming Heart – Gong Jun, Zhang Huiwen

The Flaming Heart is a rescue drama directed by Zhang Lichuan, led by Gong Jun and Zhang Huiwen, co-starring Pang Hanchen, Zhou Linjia, Luo Yi, Lu Yupeng, Wang Yizhou, with special appearances by Zhou Yanchen and Wang Ziwei.

The drama tells the story of "Flame Blue" and "Angel White" who, in their respective "battlefields", joined hands in a life-and-death ordeal to uphold the same rescue beliefs, and the same beliefs that led them to fall in love, interpreting the burning love of both lovers and comrades.


The Flaming Heart

English Title: The Flaming Heart
Chinese Title: 你好,火焰蓝
Genre: Romance, Action, Rescue, Medical
Tag: Calm Male Lead, Multiple Couples, Childhood Connection, Older Woman/Younger Man, Earthquake, Doctor
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Zhang Lichuan
Writer: Hou Shiqi, Wu Wei, Ding Rui, Chen Che
Producer: Su Ming, Han Peijun
Product Company: Youku, Nicefilm, Jun Li Chong Pei
Released Date: 2021-07-08
Broadcast Website: Youku, Viki,



The drama focuses on two special professions, firefighters and emergency doctors.

In one-by-one life-and-death tests, “flame blue” and “angel white” hand in hand and side by side, adhere to the same rescue beliefs in their respective “battlefield”.

The same beliefs let them gradually make acquaintance with each other and fall in love, interpreting the burning love of both lovers and comrades.


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