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The Player – Chen Yao, Gong Jun

The Player” is a youth fantasy web drama produced by Tangren Media, directed by Xu Huikang and starring Chen Yao, Gong Jun, Chen Boyong, Zhang Leyun, Ai Jiani, Liu Yichang, Wen Yuan, Dong Chen, and Sha Yanling.

The drama tells the story of a group of game masters who are caught in a crisis where virtual and reality overlap because of a bug in the game.


The Player Chen Yao Gong Jun

English Title: The Player
Chinese Title: 指尖少年
Genre: Urban, Youth, Fantasy
Duration: 40
Director: Xu Huikang
Writer: Deng Liqi
Product Company: Tangren Media
Broadcast Website: MGTV
Release Date: April 22, 2021


Chen Yao Chen Yao as Gu Ling / Darcy
Gong Jun Gong Jun as Ren Yixia
Liu Yichang Liu Yichang as Xiao Hanlin


The story of a group of game masters who are caught in the crisis of overlapping virtual and real worlds because of a bug in the game

A bug in a popular game that no one is aware of seamlessly connects the game world with the real world, involving a group of gamers who had no interactions in the real world in a crisis where the virtual and the real overlap.

Ren Yi warrior and his good buddy Li Yuan, not only are they childhood friends who grew up together in real life, they are also good partners who run around in the game world.

In order to prove himself, Li Yuan tries to awaken the ancient evil god Savage King in the game and try to control the game world.

In order to stop Li Yuan, Ren Yixia decided to gather the game’s top players Gu Ling, Long Ziche, Yan Yufei, Xiao Hanlin, formed a “chivalrous group”, a battle to attract the attention of the whole service, but accidentally created a “dimensional door”, not only let the game’s characters open their minds, but also let the chivalrous group of players gain superpowers.

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