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The Love Equations – Gong Jun, Liu Renyu

The Love Equations is a school romantic drama directed by Xing Xiao, led by Gong Jun and Liu Renyu, co-starring Li Geyang, Wanyan Luorong, An Yongchang, and Gao Qiuzi.

The drama is based on the novel "Zhou Er Fu Shi" by Zhao Qianqian, which tells the love story of Zhao Fanzhou, a cool Straight-A student from the forensic science department, and Zhou Xiao, an optimistic girl from the Chinese department, who finally come together after a lot of splitting up.


The Love Equations

English Title: The Love Equations
Chinese Title: 致我们甜甜的小美满
Genre: Youth, School, Romance
Tag: Male Chases Female First, Multiple Couples, Smart Male Lead, Love Triangle, Break up, Love/Hate Relationship
Episodes: 28
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xing Xiao
Writer: Zhao Qianqian, Wu Xueying, Hu Xiaoyu, Li Liqian
Producer: Qi Shuai, Sun Jing, Nie Wen
Released Date: 2020-04-10
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, Viki



Zhou Xiao is a cute girl who is interesting in detective. She always likes to write some detective stories anonymously published on the Internet, so also gained a lot of fame.

On the way to Nan Fang University to report, Zhou Xiao got lost, which brought a lot of trouble to Zhao Fanzhou, the senior in charge of picking up.

In Zhao Fanzhou’s mind, Zhou Xiao is an absolute accident maker.

However, When Zhao Fanzhou was just relieved to finally get rid of this “burden”, they were forced to be tied together again because of the reasoning club.

As time goes by, Zhou Xiao’s straightforward character gradually made Zhao Fanzhou can’t help but attract by her. Although Zhou Xiao is a little dull, she also noticed the fervor in Zhao Fanzhou’s eyes when he looked at her.

At this point, the intervention of a boy named Cai Yasi catalyzed the relationship between them…


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