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Will Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun Become Next Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, “Word Of Honor” Become A Hit

World Of Honor

With the launch of the new BL drama “Word Of Honor”, starring Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun (Simion Gong), the absolute dominance of “The Untamed” in BL dramas has been gradually shaken.


In the four days since its launch, “Word Of Honor” has already become a new popular drama.

When it comes to BL dramas, one must be mentioned is 2018’s “The Untamed”. This drama once broke the hot search during its release, successfully making Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo become the top popular stars.

And even two years later the drama is still at the top of the drama super topics ranking list, and “Bojun Yixiao” has been ranking at the top of the CP list.

However, the top of the Weibo drama super topics raking list has successfully changed hands due to the addition of “Word Of Honor”.

The drama is currently number one on the drama super topics ranking list, while “The Untamed” has fallen to number two.

“Bojun Yixiao” still sits at number one on the CP list, while the new CP “Lang Lang Ding” formed by Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun ranks 8#.

Judging from the current trend, the “Lang Lang Ding CP” super topic ranking will rise again, as “Word Of Honor” is updated. It is no exaggeration to say that “Word Of Honor” has been a success.

The popularity of “Word Of Honor” has definitely given pressure on other dramas in the same genre as well. There are also rumors that Luo Yunxi’s ”Immortality” may be broadcast in advance.

Viewers are happy to hear that. They wonder which one will take the Central role of BL drama.

Gong Jun

In the drama, Gong Jun played Wen Kexing, won numerous praise. Wen Kexing’s persona is very attractive. Gong Jun is handsome, presenting a very different state of the Ghost Valley master and Wen Kexing in Jianghu.

He is sometimes gentle, sometimes cool, sometimes sows his wild oats. There is no sense of incongruity. As an actor, Gong Jun has extremely strong plasticity!

Gong Jun also starred with Zhou Yutong in “Begin Again”. And “Word Of Honor” is not the first drama Gong Jun has acted in this kind of subject. In 2017, he starred with Xu Feng in “Advance Bravely”.

At the time, Gong Jun only made his debut a few years, and his acting skills were still very fresh, but his eyes were already very dramatic. There were many viewers who knew Gong Jun because of “Advance Bravely”.

Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan plays Zhou Zishu, a desperate man in this drama. The role gives a strong sense of decadence. His performance is also quite excellent.

The tension in his role is also great, and the change in his character between the early and late stages would be relatively large.

Zhang Zhehan has appeared in countless dramas, in some of which he has played the male lead. But he failed to become popular.

The fame and status of Gong Jun seemed to be less than that of Zhang Zhehan, but now his popularity and resources can soar to the sky, which can only mean that he has chosen the right role.

Gong Jun

The combination of Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan is simply a treasure combination. It looks as if they have come out of the novel. They gained the unanimous praise of netizens.

Many netizens say that the plot is even more exciting than the novel. The two male leads are so good that this drama was given the title of “The Light of 2021 BL drama”.

Now viewers are even asking the drama to step up its update. Have you followed “Word Of Honor”? Welcome your comment.

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  1. Word of honor…❤️❤️❤️❤️ A best drama want to see

  2. I’m sorry but NO WAY. Why do people always do like to compare everyone together? I do respect Gong Jun and Zhan Zhenhen but what exactly made anyone think they are NEXT Yibo and Zhan? lmao This is really becoming sickening If we will have the same issue every time a BL drama drop for airing. Ugh

    1. The thing is–The Untamed sort of opened this pandora’s box of danmei adaptations that paved the way for other tv shows in this genre. The sheer popularity of that show let the powers that be in the Chinese entertainment world that you could basically MINT money from this particular subgenre of Wuxia. However, despite its name the actual content in the show is pretty ‘tame’. It’s subtle and barely goes beyond subtext. You’d most likely have to read the novel to know that they were actually a couple.

      However, the flirting and romance between Wen Kexing and Zhao Zishu is out of this world. Some of the dialogue and scenes are pretty scandalous compared to similar dramas in this genre. WKX uses classic chinese poetry and literature references to flirt with ZZS for crying out loud. Not to mention, Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan don’t only shine individually, they also have an explosive chemistry.

      I always found ‘The Untamed’ a bit oveerrated, but Word of Honor deserves every bit of praise it is getting. I get not wanting to compare the two shows, but it is inevitable given the similarity of the content. Also it’s too soon to tell whether Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan will be the next Xiao and Yibo, but right now they’re at the peak of their popularity, even overshadowing their The Untamed counterparts and for all the right reasons.

      1. It’s my first time to watch a Double male lead drama “BL” as they say. ZZH and GJ’s Chemistry and Acting Skill is Excellent. ZZH has that thing that can uplift a co leads career and bringing a best drama.

  3. WOH is the first BL drama that I’ve watched. And I fell in love to A-xu and Lao Wen. I actually doesn’t know them as I don’t mind whoever is the actors of a drama that I am watching as I usually after the thought of it. But I was surprised to like them both in WOH. I watched the drama almost 10x already repeating it over and over again. And even in youtube I watched their concert and all.
    I wish they grow together if they have feelings for each other. ILOVeU both JunZhe.

  4. Word of Honor is highly entertaining and it’s rich colorful costumes are great to watch. But it’s definitely the electrifying chemistry between ZZH and GJ that engages the audience.

    1. Yes, you’re so right! This is the first drama that I’ve watched on BL genre.
      As I am new to Chinese dramas, I tend to be selective of the show that I like to watch.
      This “Word of Honor” is an excellent one. I am giving it a perfect score on its storyline and of the best chemistry between Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan!