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Zhang Zhehan Was Boycotted By Netizens, Endorsements Were Terminated

Zhang Zhehan

On August 13, as the Zhang Zhehan incident continues to ferment, several brands have terminated their cooperation with Zhang Zhehan.


There are a number of brands that end Zhang Zhehan’s endorsement or terminated the cooperation with Zhang Zhehan, such as Wahaha, Kimtrue, Hsu Fu Chi, Anker, Menghuan Zhuxian Mobile Game, Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles, Joyoung, King To Nin Jiom, Coca Cola, JBL Harman, Yanjing Xuelu beer and so on.

Zhang Zhehan

Earlier, netizens revealed that actor Zhang Zhehan attended a wedding in Nogi Shrine of Japan, and then he is also discovered taking photos in front of the Yasukuni Jinja.

Zhang Zhehan visited the two shrines publicly, causing a wave of boycotts from netizens.

Zhang Zhehan

The roster of Yasukuni Shrine contains 1,068 convicted war criminals from the Second World War, including 14 Class A war criminals. So whenever Japanese politicians or prominent figures visit Yasukuni Shrine, there are protests from Southeast Asian countries.

In the afternoon of August 13, Zhang Zhehan issued an apology statement on Weibo:

Zhang Zhehan apologize

Due to the lack of knowledge of the local history of the local buildings, as well as the lack of care in taking pictures of the content of the photos. I seriously harm the feelings of the country and people. Here I solemnly apologize, I am sorry.

I especially appreciate everyone’s supervision and criticism. As a public figure, I should always remember the pain of history. And I will study history and culture more seriously, enrich my professionalism, and be more rigorous and self-discipline, once again, I solemnly apologize.

For Zhang Zhehan’s apology, will netizens accept it?

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  1. You will overcome these love. All odds will be in your favor ZZH. We will pray for you to rise to top fame and success.

  2. Toxic netizens won’t because someone had to dig through his postings starting from 3.5 years ago!!. Those people are the ones who has caused this mess. Those people are evil doers.. JEALOUSY, COVETING, GREED AND HATE.. I HOPE HIS TRUE FANS RISE UP AGAINST THIS HIT JOB AND LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT HE IS PRECIOUS, EVERYONE LOVES HIM AND HE DOES HIS COUNTRY PROUD!!