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Esther Yu, Zhang Zhehan’s Relationship News Was Exposed, Old Photos Of Seven Years Ago Were Released.

Recently, the net rumor is that Esther Yu and Zhang Zhehan was a couple, then their studio denied the rumor.


The fact is that netizens found photos that Zhang Zhehan took Esther Yu with him when he returned to his Alma mater. Esther Yu was not very popular at that time. So juniors thought that they were lovers.

Esther Yu

The news is not just an empty rumor, but there are evidence and photos of it. So it has sparked a lot of controversy about it.

It is saying that seven years ago Esther Yu was suspected to be in a relationship with Zhang Zhehan. At that time, they went back to Zhang Zhehan’s alma mater together and seemed to be very close.

It was rumored in Zhang Zhehan’s school that the senior had brought his girlfriend back to school and she was very beautiful. They did not deny it at the time.

Esther Yu

Did they ever have a relationship that is still a mystery? After all, Zhang Zhehan and Esther Yu did not admit it. And at that time they were not very popular, so it is hard to find the final truth.

Many of Esther Yu’s fans are very angry about this. Esther Yu has a big personality and plays well with many male friends. So maybe Zhang Zhehan and her were just good friends.

No matter whether they have been together, fans were atrractted by their good appearance of seven years ago.

Zhang Zhehan

In the old photo, Zheng Zhehan wore a ball uniform when playing basketball. He was very young and handsome.

While Esther Yu like a star, dyed purple hair, although there are some non-mainstream, she looks particularly beautiful, and the skin is very fair. Although the hair is very mature, still can not hide her kind of youthful temperament.

After this news was revealed, both of them also came out to clarify that they are actually from the same hometown, so they went to their alma mater together. They are currently single and do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet.

Zhang Zhehan

Do you think Zhang Zhehan and Esther Yu were ever in a relationship?

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  1. Someone is trying very hard to bring Zhehan down.. This was a few months ago plus other rumors are popping up. Well, some greedy, evil people think that they have finally done the job by searching his photos from 3.5 years ago. Now all these righteous c-netizens are pointing their finger at a sweetheart of a man who loves his country and does his country proud. He is loved by many all over the world. I think the Chinese people should stay out of Japan cause this could happen to you.

  2. Yeah this was just a rumor, Zhehan is very honest and strong, if he had a relationship with her, he will surely reveal it