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Why Esther Yu and Zhang Linghe’s CP Doesn’t Receive As Much Favor?

Esther Yu Zhang Linghe

Starring Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe, “My Journey To You” is indeed remarkable in terms of its quality, aesthetics, and plot. The CPs in the drama are captivating, and any pairing can ignite viewers’ excitement.


There are two main CP pairings in the series. The primary CP consists of Yun Weishan and Gong Ziyu (CP name: Shan Yu Yu Lai), while the secondary CP features Gong Shangjue and Shangguan Qian (CP name: Ye Se Shang Qian).

Firstly, Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe, who are the male and female leads of the drama, once left a lasting impression on numerous viewers in the roles of Xiao Lan Hua and Chang Heng. In this series, they rekindle their relationship. Gong Ziyu is portrayed by Zhang Linghe, and Yun Weishan is portrayed by Eshter Yu Shuxin. They are a destined pair from the beginning, and their relationship is incredibly sweet without any elements of cruelty.

The other CP pairing is equally captivating, featuring Gong Shangjue, played by Cheng Lei, and Shangguan Qian, played by Lu Yuxiao. Every moment they share on screen is filled with tension and keeps viewers glued to their seats.

The ambiguous relationship between the female assassin and the wealthy young master adds an intriguing dimension to the story. Both characters are highly intelligent, fully aware of each other’s identities, and yet, they gradually become entangled in a web of emotions, unable to extricate themselves.

As the drama continues to gain popularity, the CP pairings have also risen in popularity, especially “Ye Se Shang Qian” CP formed by Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao. Their unique storyline and intense rivalry have endeared them to fans.

However, the main CP pairing of Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe doesn’t receive as much favor.

My Journey To You

Why do fans prefer “Ye Se Shang Qian” CP over “Shan Yu Yu Lai” CP? Why do supporting characters shine brighter than the leads? There are several reasons:

1. The initial characterization of Gong Ziyu was perceived as weak by viewers, often described by fans as “Gong Shangjue being a big wolf, and Gong Ziyu being a big silly dog.”

2.Additionally, the chemistry between Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao’s CP is stronger than that of Zhang Linghe and Esther Yu Shuxin. Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao share an unspoken sexual tension that captivates viewers with just their eye contact.

With one being the intellectual strategist of the palace and the other the sharp-witted individual, their interactions are always engaging, and viewers find them more intriguing.

Moreover, when a spy falls in love with her target, there’s a compelling sense of destiny. The “Ye Se Shang Qian” storyline is more unconventional and filled with sexual tension, making it a favorite among fans.

Cheng Lei Lu Yuxiao

3.The attractiveness of the male lead has declined compared to “Love Between Fairy and Devil“. In “My Journey To You,” Zhang Linghe is portrayed less attractively, despite earlier promises from the director that he would look handsome and retain his youthful appearance. Unfortunately, this promise was not fulfilled.

4.Esther Yu Shuxin’s previous CP with Dylan Wang Hedi in “Love Between Fairy and Devil” garnered significant attention, and their chemistry still remains a hot topic of discussion among fans. This has somewhat diluted the appeal of her CP pairing in this drama.

5.Zhang Linghe’s rumored relationship with Bai Lu during the filming of “Story of Kunning Palace” created a lot of buzz, and neither of them provided a clear response to these rumors. This may have affected fans’ enthusiasm for their on-screen CP pairing.

Esther Yu Zhang Linghe

6.The rising popularity of “Ye Se Shang Qian” demonstrates that CP chemistry is indeed a mystical factor. In contrast to the typical love-at-first-sight trope between the male lead and the female lead, the interactions between the second male lead and the second female lead are more intriguing.

The extreme push-and-pull between Gong Shangjue and Shangguan Qian, where one pretends to be insincere but secretly falls in love, and the other appears aloof but unwittingly develops feelings, creates a captivating sense of wanting to love and poison each other.

Finally, any deviation in the portrayal of Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao’s characters would cause viewers to lose interest in shipping the CP.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I disagree with almost all of your review yes the second CP is intriguing but this does not take away from the main CP although I do agree that putting the main CP together after LBFD was a mistake as viewers will inevitably be reminded of the chemistry between FL and Dylan Wang which was hot and the lack of chemistry between Fairy and second ML friendship being the only outcome thus placing them as Main CP was bound to be a flop however I totally disagree that ML isn’t handsome or strong he looks absolutely gorgeous and his growth as a man is appealing, authentic and endearing The FL is as always stunning and they look good together if this drama came before LBFD it may have been different