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The Two Sweet Dramas Starred By Yang Yang, Ding Yuxi, Who Will You Choose?

you are my glory yang yang

As the biggest and most well-known China webcasting platform, Iqiyi and Tencent have contributed many excellent works to everyone, such as Tencent’s “Legend of Fei” starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, Iqiyi’s “Golden Years” starring Liu Shishi, Ni Ni. Both are quite popular.


Recently, the two platforms have collisions once again. They will compete in two sweet drama.

Yang Yang, Ding Yuxi, who will you choose?

moonlight ding yuxi

First of all, Iqiyi’s new drama “Moonlight” is a sweet urban drama, about the love between the cute network female writers and the famous master of network writing.

The character of the main roles in the drama is in a very romantic style, It is very much in line with the standards of sweet drama.

moonlight ding yuxi

The female lead of the drama is Esther Yu. This drama is her first drama after participated in the “Youth with You 2”. The character of the female lead in this drama is as lively and interesting as herself.

The male lead is Ding Yuxi. He will play the role of the aloof character again in the drama. It is also very consistent with his previous looks. Esther Yu and Ding Yuxi are perfect for each other. The stills of them look very sweet. Their eye contact is quite loving.

you are my glory dilraba dilmurat

Tencent is also going to release a sweet drama. That is “You Are My Glory”. The drama is mainly about the actress in playing the mobile game befriended a game master.

And this master is her crush during school. So she begins a strong chasing on him, staged a romantic sweet love story.

The drama has the top cast of showbiz. Dilraba is the heroine with huge devoted fan bases, her acting skills are quite good. The role of a female star is the same type of “Diamond Lover”.

Dilraba Dilmurat yang yang

The male lead of the drama is Yang Yang. He plays a cold master who is chaseed by Dilraba. His real identity is a space researcher.

Whether in appearance or height, Yang Yang and Dilraba are perfect CP. They are simply born to be a CP. Look at the stills of them, viewers must expect to follow the drama soon.

The drama finished shooting on the same day as “Moonlight “, it is also very destiny.

“Moonlight” and “You Are My Glory” are ready, Which one you are looking forward to? Yang Yang and Ding Yuxi are both charming idols,who will you choose?

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