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Yang Yang, Dilraba: Is It Possible For them To Be In A Relationship In Reality?

You Are My Glory

The TV series “You Are My Glory” starring Dilraba and Yang Yang has received a lot of attention. Many fans are looking forward to their first collaboration.


The drama is based on a novel written by Gu Man. It is mainly about an aerospace engineer Yu Tu(played by Yang Yang) and a popular actress Qiao Jingjing (played by Dilraba), who reunite accidentally online after a ten-year apart.

Then they go through a series of interesting experiences, feel the sweetness of love and eventually become each other’s glory.

Gu Man’s Novels have a huge fan base. Several popular TV series were adapted from her novels, such as “Love O2O” and “My Sunshine” and so on. “You are my glory” also received a lot of attention from novel fans once it was announced shooting.

Now, this drama is going to be released. Fans of Yang Yang, Dilraba are also ecstatic. Many fans even deliberately made a lot of their CP pictures in advance.

It is obvious that they are very much looking forward to Dilraba and Yang Yang together with the sweet drama.

Yang Yang Dilraba

At present, from the aspects of influence and popularity, Yang Yang, Dilraba are top-popular stars. Everywhere they go is screaming.

Their cooperation definitely brings a big hit! What’s the chemistry will they bring to viewers, let’s look forward to it.

Besides, there were rumors that Yang Yang had asked to work with Dilraba! Is this a naked confession?

In fact, Yang Yang is not the first time to work with the novel author Gu Man.

Love O2O

Same in warm and healing style, many people can’t help but compare “You Are My Glory” with “Love O2O”, starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang previously.

For “Love O2O” was also based on Gu Man’s novel, and was also very hot. This drama was broadcast in 2016 and liked by many viewers.

Yang Yang played the charming Xiao Nai well, that Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang were once famous as “Qing Cheng CP”.

Yang Yang

The sweet plots of the drama from the beginning to the end make people difficult to extricate themselves. We believe that Yang Yang will capture fans countless with his superb acting skills and handsome appearance again in “You Are My Glory”!

He is not only very handsome but also with a little indifference and detachment. Coupled with an excellent jawline, he really charmed countless fans.


The female lead, Dilraba is also one of the most beautiful in showbiz. Her features are very bright and three-dimensional, especially the high nose and deep eyes are very recognizable.

The main thing is that her figure is also particularly good. Her work “The Long Ballad” aired some time ago, is also a hit. Acting skills were recognized by viewers.

This time she played the role of a big star, we believe viewers can see her various styles, a feast for the eyes.

You Are My Glory

Yang Yang and Dilraba are prince charming and princess charming of many fans, the cooperation between them can be called a divine combination. Fans who care about appearance would be completely satisfied.

Netizens unanimously believe that with their good appearance, the CP formed by Yang Yang, Dilraba would be able to break the heat of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s “Qing Cheng CP”.

They called for Dilraba and Yang Yang to be real CP in life. As they really look perfect for each other with their good looking.

So is it possiable for Yang Yang and Dilraba to be in a relaionship?

Dilraba actually fits all of Yang Yang’s criteria for choosing a girlfriend or wife perfectly.

In an interview, a host asked Yang Yang’s ideal type of girlfriend or wife, Yang Yang said: first of all, the girl should have a good temperament; she can be dominant and gentle; she must be beautiful; having long legs; finally, she should have a high degree.

When netizens heard that they comment: are you saying Dilraba?

Maybe excellent people all have similar advantages. Although Dilraba perfectly fits Yang Yang’s criteria for choosing a girlfriend or wife, it doesn’t mean much.

Yang Yang Dilraba

Yang Yang, Dilraba only have sweet interactions in the drama. Netizens never heard of them having intimate interactions outside the play. They even didn’t follow each other on Weibo earlier. Being in a relationship is all wishful thinking of the fans.

In fact, the career is more important for Yang Yang currently. He is in the transition period. We believe that Yang Yang’s attitude towards acting will be able to bring the audience a bright performance. He also can become an excellent actor.

What do you think about Yang Yang and Dilraba’s partnership?

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  1. No , he rekindle to his former gf as what lays June 17 in Twitter. Reba is busy filming , so Mr Yangyang too. I don’t think they have romance relationships. But I think good for Reba . She can find a good and loving partner later who really love her. I wish her for that

  2. They finished shooting in 2020 n released in 2021. There’s a big time gap n no love or dating rumors… Dilraba has so many romance projects lined up so any attachments might affect promotions. So have they gone tight hiding? Or either one might be dating someone else?!?!? Only time will tell…

  3. Its,good that they are not in relationship
    Such a bad relationship so,can’t be in relationship is very very good

    1. I think he is in love with Qiao Xin . For me , Reba have the chances to find a man who really loves her. Not using her popularity. Well when they are both fated with each other it’s ok when it’s not we must respect. I wish her more success in life and stay what she is beauty and brain , and humble. I’m just 2 1/2 months watching Cdramas because of Dilraba. Gives me headaches the Asian fans , they are so aggressive. For us entertainment if for fun , after we watch movie we eat and drink beer or wine. ✌️

      1. Story on Utube! Yang yang cheating!He confirmed marriage with Dilreba for March 2023 but seen with other woman and hiding it. DILREBA Needs to dump him. She has so many suitors chasing her and should give one of them a chance to make her happy! She’s being disrespected by a person that’s not even worthy of Her! She’s a precious,gorgeous, loving girl and deserves a real love ? The news is on Utube!

  4. In all the actors Dilireba has worked with, it’s pretty obvious only Wu Lei (her leading man in The Long Ballad) whom she is comfortable and really close with. She revealed that in an interview that among all her leading men only Leo who didn’t complain when carrying her. And she described Wu Lei also as the most caring and thoughtful guy she worked with. I haven’t heard she complimented Yang Yang that way and they never followed each other in Weibo. So I guess there’s no way they can be a couple. Still, I’ll watch You’re My Glory coz Yang Yang is cute ?

    1. She complimented Johnny Hyung more and age wise, chemistry wise I think she suit JH to tee. Leo is love but still miles to go. He is young.

      1. Already had rumors while shooting with Johnny until now… n several tarot reading conflicting…both for Yangyang n Dd always someone from their past coming back… I read somewhere there’s new project 2022 to promote another New Tencent game? This was not even sensed by any tarot reader?

    2. Dear Joyce, I have become a big fan of both Yang Yang and Dilraba not just for their looks but definitely their talents, I wish for Yang Yang and Dilraba all the best for the future.

    3. Leo is safest guy to compliment since they think of each other as bro-sis. They are open n spotted hanging out without any controversies…

  5. Kahit wala pinililit!!! Even if there’s no spark fans try hard to connect. While they are so in denial n upset at Johnny n DD who are very obviously connected whether cp or just flirty … Fans are acting like domineering mothers in most Chinese drama !!!

    1. Johnny n Dilraba undoubtedly had more sparks n sexual tension in their scenes altho DD really connects naturally with any actor like Denglun even way back 2018

    2. That’s what I always said . They are not puppet . They can choose someone whether in showbiz or not as long they are happy. Ganoon yan sa Entertainment for fans PUBLICITY/ GOSSIPS. Anyway that’s good for them earning much money