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What’s Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi’s Relationship?

Yang Yang Zhao Lusi

Starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi (Rosy Zhao), the new drama “Who Rules The World” is getting a lot of attention.


Earlier, when the male and female leads were decided to be Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi, it had triggered a lot of discussion among netizens.

Many netizens were controversial about Zhao Lusi playing the female lead in the drama but were satisfied with Yang Yang playing the male lead.

Because some netizens think that Zhao Lusi’s popularity is not enough, why can she partner with Yang Yang in the big production “Who Rules The World”.

We all know that Yang Yang has been an A-list actor after collaborated with Zheng Shuang in “Love O2O”. But Zhao Lusi always plays Web dramas. Although she had many works, there were some small productions.

Among them, “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” made her popularity rise quickly but has not reached the high point.

She can only get the second female in some big productions, such as “The Long Ballad”. And the female lead of the drama was taken by Dilraba.

Zhao Lusi

Some netizens also think that Zhao Lusi is not perfect for Yang Yang, saying that: Her face is too round; she is too fat, a bit like Yang Yang’s maid; she does not have the temperament of a female lead.

Now Zhao Lusi taking the female lead made fans very surprised. Anyhow, getting the female lead of the drama shows that her popularity is rising very obviously. Her resources have become better.

Who Rules The World

Especially, when the latest photo of Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in behind scenes was released, netizens said: “It’s so sweet, I ship the CP, there is something between them!”

From photos of behind scene, we can see that Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi have a very harmonious relationship. In the interval between not shooting, they were talking and laughing, very happy, the previous rumor of discord was dispelled.

They are really a good match, we have to say the director’s vision is really good.

Will they bring us a good visual feast, let’s look forward to Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang’s first cooperation in “Who Rules The World”.

Some netizens even posted to suspect that Yang Yang had fallen in love with Zhao Lusi because of the drama.

Who Rules The World Behind Scene

Earlier, Yang Yang spraying mosquito repellant on Rosy Zhao has been trending on the Internet and sparked a hot discussion among netizens and fans. At the time, some netizens thought Yang Yang and Zhao were in love.

Who Rules The World

However, Fans have been refuting the rumor that they are just friends. As the hero and heroine of the play, they have many interactions in the play. So they must have a really good relationship, and it’s normal to have interaction during breaks.

Who Rules The World Behind Scene

But some netizens still claimed that Yang Yang’s feeling towards Rosy Zhao is quite different. He and other female artists focused on acting. But he seems to have real happiness when shooting with Zhao Lusi.

When they interacted, Yang Yang instantly turned into a big boy, so it is possible that Yang Yang likes Zhao Lusi.

Yang Yang took care of Rosy Zhao well, helping her arrange her hair warmly, pulling her up immediately when she fell down.

Yang Yang also brought mobile phones close to Rosy Zhao to listen to the voice, while Rosy Zhao taught Yang Yang dance. Their interactive images made people think they are a well-matched couple.

What’s the relationship between Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao Lusi? Are they really dating each other?

Zhao Lusi Yang Yang

It is well known that Zhao Lusi’s persona in life is a funny girl. No matter who cooperates with her are very cordial so that everyone in the scene is always very happy.

While Yang Yang has always been very good, considerate, and warm to his friends around him, his staff, and partners.

They have never been photographed together in private, they were all photographed at work, so it is obvious that they are only working together.

Yang Yang

From the interaction between them, Yang Yang is indeed happy to work with Rosy Zhao, but it does not prove that they are in a relationship.

After all, there is no evidence. The fact that Yang Yang likes Rosy Zhao is just a figment of the netizens’ imagination.

What do you think about the relationship between Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao Lusi? Pls feel free to leave a comment and discuss it.

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  1. I only watch cdramas if Zhao lusi is the lead. Their chemistry is very good, let me just say that whoever is paired with zhao lusi becomes famous because of her, her fan base is huge. I love them together, hope more projects for them both .

  2. I love Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. They’re my first Chinese love team idols. They got the super chemistry!!! Please more drama for them?

  3. I’m in love with them, perfect chemistry, best cdrama I’ve ever seen. Yanglu forever❤️?

  4. Her face is too round and she’s fat??? By who’s impossible standard? If she were any thinner she’d look like some starving 3rd world person! She’s quite beautiful and has a lovely smile. And what man doesn’t enjoy being with a woman who makes him laugh? I’ve loved watching the BTS videos. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and makes Yang Yang laugh. I don’t see romance but I do see a great friendship resulting from their collaboration on this film.

      1. All I can say is that don’t judge a book by its cover, you may see that dilraba is good enough for yang yang but you never know what she is capable of. So in my opinion if Rosy Zhao and Yang Yang are in a relationship let them be cause you people don’t decide the fate of people only God does.???

    1. Round face? that was when she was a teen, Lusi is gorgeous….Let’s see your face granny

    2. Stop dogging Zhao Lusi she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I watch a lot of Chinese dramas. No one comes close to her. Whoever the lucky guy is he will never to bored with this fun loving girl. Stop with the bad remarks. Your just jealous. Get a life ok.

    3. Wow you think she to fat that’s all you seen ? They look great together and the chemistry is sooo good!! So please stop hating on her!!

  5. Don’t miss that love you Zhao have in the drama. The best drama I’ve seen.Who rules the world. These two actors are great. She may be young but is so good great. Who gets her is a lucky man.Congratulations to actors who give such great performance.

  6. WHAT????!!!!

  7. I saw now!!! How can I do Like in the system without my permission and consent???
    Therefore, I am replying… I think Yang Yang and Dilraba have a much Stronger Chemistry.
    Because They are closer in age… Moreover, Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi have a much Stronger Chemistry.
    PEARL OF ASIA, GLORY COUPLE… I love so much, YangDi…

    1. If they are in a relationship, I will be very happy for them, Yang Yang and Zhao Luci will make a perfect match as couple, just like that of the movie titled. Who rules the world.

    2. I saw now!!! How can I do a Like in the system without my permission and consent???
      Therefore, I am replying… I think Yang Yang and Dilraba have a Stronger Chemistry.
      Because They are closer in age… Moreover, Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi have a Stronger Chemistry.
      PEARL OF ASIA, GLORY COUPLE… I love so much, YangDi…

      1. This is the first time i saw the actor and actress at the movie though i didn’t know them. In my opinion, i really love their chemistry. I really fell in love with them. And now i am a big fan. Hope to see more movies of them together.

  8. I like yang yang and Zhao lusi super sweet hope many drama for me to watch them?

  9. If they’re in a real relationship, that’s their personal matters. All I can say, they’re chemistry is really superb. They look so good together as reel couple.? Hope they can collaborate again someday.?

  10. Zhao Luisi and Yang Yang rock in this drama full of drama and humour ending with a happy ending who cares about anything else!!!

  11. I think they are in a relationship. I have watched and done research re bts of their other dramas and they act differently here. Esp Yangyang. He’s usually professional with female leads. He showed off his childish ways now with Lusi. Lusi looks even the more mature one. I just hope that if they are, it will not hinder their careers esp Lusi which has just starred in her first ever big-budget drama. I also hope for their fans to calm down. They might be public figures, but they are also normal people who will fall in love once in their lives. So let them be.

    1. I agree with you. They are just a human being who can fell in love to anyone. We are just fanatic which no right to meggle with thier private life. If we realy love our idols, we should respect thier decissions in thier lives. What the most important is they are both happy and healthy. Please love and respect Zhao lusi. She is now more than enough to yang yang.

  12. You, as the writer already made up your mind “the relationship is just a figment of the fans’ imagination”, so why the need to ask for readers thoughts?
    Just like there’s no proof they are in a relationship, there’s also no proof they aren’t.
    I’m a C-drama fan and enjoy browsing about entertainers I come across watching series and came across your article.

    Doesn’t seem like a biased reporting unless this is a blog of personal opinion and I made a mistake considering this to be an article.

  13. I think rosy zhao is awesome love all her shows ,she very pretty, i think she be good with yang yang

  14. I really would like to see them together in more drama! And in real life! Rosy has that charisma to work things up more!

  15. It’s not really anyone’s buisness but there’s so why do ppl keep on talkin about it.

  16. All these rumors are fake gosh! Whatever you see or you feel their interaction don’t think it seriously coz it’s normal to have cp for marketing, I don’t think YY DATED lusi HALLER YY IS PROFESSIONAL PRO.SO STOP SPREAD RUMORS THAT THEY ARE DATING.

  17. If Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi are dating or not dating is nobody’s business but there’s

  18. It is friendship between colleaguese only .it is normal in bts of all actor

    1. Cp promote ,it is normal drama chainese. have bts and CP every drama

  19. It is indeed that chemistry is important when the genre is also about romance but this two actors is being sweet even in off-cam or behind the scene. but to think of it, how come this two become very comfortable to each other when this is their first collaboration. I mean how come they become so close to each other in short period of time. I’ve seen this kind of interaction, two actors who are first time to do collaboration and their behind the scene is full of sweetness and laughter than the actual scene. but i think being a fan made me think too much. I just wish for the continuous success of these two actors and their drama. but again, i wish for them to be couple in real life just like the two actors i shipped and end up together in real life.


  21. Their BTS shows they have really good rapport. They look comfortable working with each other. YY seems like a gentleman and ZL is adorable and pretty. We don’t really know what is going on in their minds especially their hearts. It’s possible that they’re cultivating their sweetness to promote their drama. Both seem dedicated to being very good in their craft. We’ll know soon enough when the drama ends. I wish both of them success and happiness whether separately or together.

  22. There were rumors of the two of them spotted together at a hotel recently. This is the third time they were spotted together by the paparazzi. Their parents also met each other…so it’s probably serious. Yang Yang filmed You Are My Glory with Dilraba Dilmurat first and was so flirtatious even more than the behind-the-scenes with ZLS. He is obviously leading everyone including the viewers to believe he had something with Dilraba. Yang Yang is always flirting and holding hands with his costars. To me, it’s harassment and especially since he’s a veteran actor hitting on younger actresses that are not professional.

    1. I don’t think he is harassing her, if he was, we would see her uncomfortable.
      In the videos and pictures shown in many sites, both of them are comfortable with each other, weither they love each other or treat each other as friends, they’re comfortable and happy together. Let’s not see YY as a threat, if he was, we wouldn’t see the bubbly spirit of ZL with YY.
      Let’s not be negative.

    2. Shot up, what hotel are you talking about do you believe in fake rumors just for marketing cp so pp watch their drama, you guys are crazier than I thought

  23. Yangyang-Dilraba chemistry is hard to shake off bec their roles are so real relatable everyday issues on love, career, income, success, dreams, goals, food, while costume dramas are so fantasy n fiction. If you linger in your mind too long may lead imbalance in everyday realities n challenges…my 2 cents..

  24. They must surpass the Yangdi chemistry… Dilraba is very versatile summa cum laude with any male lead. She recently got an award for Long Ballad with Leo Wu 7 yrs younger than her…

  25. Yangyang is kind and gentlemanly, she cares about lusi as sisters that’s it. Cnets don’t think too much that they having a relationship coz it wishful think.

  26. I like zhao who is so cute, funny and natural evident from ROTAR and I love Yang yang who is os handsome.
    So as a noble wish. I would ship both of them so hardly!
    My best coming together. Waiting for this drama like crazy!!

  27. Love their interaction and chemistry…so looking forward to their drama.