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Rosy Zhao Lusi, Liu Yuning Gained Large Popularity For “Hao Yan CP” In “The Long Ballad”

“The Long Ballad” is adapted from the comic of the same name, starring Dilraba Dilmurat, Leo Wu (Wu Lei). Its popularity quickly rose to first place after a few days of broadcast.


In addition to Dilraba Dilmurat and Leo Wu, Liu Yuning and Zhao Lusi (Rosy Zhao), who also perform well in the drama, did not have much exposure in the drama, yet they attracted many fans.

In the drama, Zhao Lusi played Li Leyan, while Liu Yuning played Hao Du. They are a popular couple named “Hao Yan CP”.

Liu Yuning plays a very cold and dedicated guard who doesn’t say much and acts overbearingly, while Zhao Lusi is a soft and simple and lovely princess.

The Long Ballad

It seems a story of the little white rabbit and the big bad wolf. Such character settings are very popular. With their good appearance and sweet plot design, it is really hard not to attracted by them.

The short video about “Hao Yan CP” can reach hundreds of thousands of views within 5 minutes. The Weibo Super Topic fans even exceed 145,000.

The main CP of “The Long Ballad” is “Ge Sun CP”, which was formed by Dilraba Dilmurat and Leo Wu. Although Leo Wu’s costume in the play is very mature, he still looks like there is an age gap with Diligaba. They do not look like a couple, more like siblings. Liu Yuning and Zhao Lusi seem to be much perfect for each other.

Liu Yuning

Many viewers praised Liu Yuning’s acting skills, and some even said that he is one of the best actors among singers. As he made his debut as a singer in 2014 and sang the theme song for many TV shows.

Then he went acting in the dramas. His role in “Ultimate Note” made him known to more people. He also played “Bai Choufei” in the web series “Heroes”, co-starring Zeng Shunxi and Yang Chaoyue.

Rosy Zhao

Zhao Lusi is a sweet girl from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She is described as a lucky girl, who was noticed for her participation in the “Super Girl” auditions.

The second drama she starred in made her a big hit, and her subsequent series got better and better ratings. She is now being tipped to succeed Zhao Liying.

Zhao Lusi

Liu Yuning and Rosy Zhao Lusi are working together for the first time in the drama. Their personas in the drama are clichéd but viewers love them. Many netizens have expressed their opinion:

  • “This drama really has too little exposure for the second leading.”
  • “I’m just waiting for their scenes, just watching a cut of “Hao Yan CP” when the drama is released.”
  • “Twelve episodes of 20 minutes, if watch the show only for “Hao Yan CP”, it will be very painful.”
  • “The sub-couple has a total of 17 minutes of drama, what kind of drama are you watching, the most outrageous episode is 6 seconds together.”
  • “Is this the first drama which the viewers want the second leading to add more exposure?”
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  1. Lusi is a complete actress, she can play any emotion, she is strong but delicate, beautiful in a way that warms your heart. Dilraba is suitable to play only negative emotions – tragedy, sad, revenge, suffering .

  2. I am Rosy fan. I’ve watched her Cdramas all and The Long Ballad oh wow I love her more. In first time I really ship her to her co-star Liu Yuning. They are so cute ???. I’m excited and waiting the remaining episodes because of Rosy and Liu Yuning (Leyan?and Haodu?). They steal the hearts of the viewers☺️☺️☺️☺️????.