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Terry Liu Te: Shy To Shoot Kiss Scenes With Zhao Lusi, Don’t Mind Being Judged On Looks

Terry Liu

Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling” tells a sweet and interesting love story. Terry Liu Te played a cool CEO and Zhao Lusi played a cute girl. It was the second drama that Terry Liu took the role of a Boss. The biggest difference in the drama is that there are so many intimate scenes.


Especially in the kiss scenes with Zhao Lusi, there was a scene in which Terry Liu Te open the button of Rosy Zhao Lusi’s dress with his mouth, which delighted the viewers, but Terry Liu was actually very shy at that time.

When asked whether this action was made by the director or designed by himself, Liu Te hastened to clarify: “It was designed by the director.”

Question: After the debut in the two dramas in which Liu Te played the role of a CEO, are you worried about being trapped in playing a boss?

he confessed: as an actor, I have to try all the roles, all the emotions, all the things, so I do not feel that this thing will limit me.

Terry Liu Dialogue:

Terry Liu

Terry Liu envies Ling Yue who was healed by An Xin, Ideal type depends on feelings.

Question: What’s your requirement for the ideal type of girlfriend?

Terry Liu Te: It depends on the feeling more, there is no a direction or no a specific standard.

Question: In the drama, Ling Yue will do a lot of things for An Xin silently, will you do so in real life?

Terry Liu Te: I am also talkless, but I will do things. I am not so rich in feelings. For example, on Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday, I will go to buy flowers and all kinds of gifts without telling her.

Question: In real life, do you have this kind of jealousy, childish behavior?

Terry Liu Te: I am a person who is straightforward, if I am jealous I will definitely say it. Then you have to coax me. In fact, I am just acting like a spoiled child.

Terry Liu

Terry Liu don’t mind being judged on looks and he wouldn’t change his face

Question: Will care about the audience on your looks of this evaluation?

Terry Liu Te: I am okay, you say I am ugly I can not help it, right? What can I do? If you say I’m ugly, then someone says I’m handsome, so I really can’t help it. Do I have to change my face? That is not possible. I am more inclined to be my own kind, I don’t care too much about other people’s evaluation of my appearance, because I think the character inside the play is not me. In the “Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling” inside, I am Ling Yue, I am not Terry Liu Te.

Question: Do you think you are handsome?

Liu Te: I think okay, I just said, people who really like you will love you ever, people do not like you mean they really do not like.

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