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Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling – Zhao Lusi, Liu Te

Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling is a romance urban drama, produced by Youku and YinheKuyu Media, directed by Zhong Qing, starring Zhao Lusi and Liu Te, co-starring Zhou Junwei, Qi Peixin, Li Muchen, Liu Yinjun, Zhang Yan, Zong Yuanyuan, Liu Zhehui, and He Peng.

The drama is adapted from the popular novel "Accidentally Picked Up A President" written by Chunfeng Yidu, about "White Rabbit" Gu Anxin who accidentally picked up the "Big Bad Wolf" Ling Yue who met with an accident to fight for the group's inheritance right, and the two person with very different lives and identities live together and have a happy encounter, opening a high sweet love story in real life.


Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling

English Title: Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling
Chinese Title: 一不小心捡到爱
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy
Tag: First Love, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Cold man/Warm woman, Rich Male Lead, Male Chases Female First, Height Difference
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhong Qing
Writer: Dai Qi, Yan Wen
Producer: Zhu Yan
Product Company: Youku, YinheKuyu Media
Released Date: 2021-05-20
Broadcast Website: Viki, YoYo English Channel



Gu Anxin, a young courier girl, accidentally knocks down Ling Yue, the president of the group who suffered an accident in the inheritance, and the “amnesia” Ling Yue asks that Gu Anxin should be responsible for him.

Gu Anxin is forced to “pick up” Ling Yue home for treatment.

The two people with very different personalities and vastly different identities collide in their cohabitation life, with the “wronged” heroine being “banged up” and the reserved hero being adorable, a lovely and interesting story with a sweet scent unfolding.


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