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Dashing Youth – Neo Hou, He Yu, Hu Lianxi

Dashing Youth is a historical wuxia drama directed by Chen ZhouFei, led by Neo Hou, He Yu, and Hu Lianxin, with Xia Zhiguang and Jiang Zhenyu in special appearances, co-starring Wanyan Luorong, Bai Shu, Zhang Chenyun, Ross Chen, Xue Bayi and Liu Zhiyi, Zhu Zhengting, Qiu Xinzhi, Thomas Tong, and Wu DaiRong.

This drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhou Munan. It tells the passionate story of Baili Dongjun, a young master of the Xi Hou Mansion who loves winemaking. Due to a promise made to his childhood friend Ye Dingzhi, he sets out on a journey in the martial arts world. Along the way, he unexpectedly meets a group of young martial artists, including Yue Yao and Sikong Changfeng. Together, they grow and transform, forging their own paths in the martial world. They take on responsibilities for chivalry and the bonds in their hearts, embarking on a journey filled with passion and righteousness.


Dashing Youth

English Title: Dashing Youth
Chinese Title: 少年白马醉春风
Other Titles: Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng
Genre: Historical, Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Zhoufei
Writer: Zhou Munan, Lin Conghe
Producer: Bi Shuaibo, Yan Xiaorui, Liu Yichen, Wang Ziqi
Product Company: Youku
Released Date: 2024-07-19
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



The young master of the Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, Baili Dongjun, has always been mischievous since childhood. He is not interested in poetry, books, military strategies, or martial arts, but he excels at brewing wine. This is solely because of a promise he made with his childhood friend Ye Yun, who was killed at a young age, to become a "wine immortal."

However, his destiny was not in his hands. In the end, he joined the sect of Li Changsheng, the number one martial artist in the world, and began learning martial arts. During this process, he met his confidante Yueyao and reunited with Ye Yun, who had changed his name to Ye Dingzhi. Influenced and motivated by them, Baili Dongjun began to reassess his own identity and the responsibilities he should bear.

Many years later, Ye Dingzhi was manipulated and launched a war to attack the Central Plains. Meanwhile, Baili Dongjun led a group of heroes from all over the world to resist. Faced with Ye Dingzhi, the present Baili Dongjun did not back down. He had to save the people and also rescue his good friend.


Fifteen years ago, Beique and Xichu were successively conquered by Beili, and their territories were brought under Beili’s rule. Some of Beique’s people moved north and rebuilt their power outside the ice fields, intending to restore their nation. Meanwhile, the people of Xichu completely integrated into Beili. The once-powerful Yan family from Xichu became one of the two most powerful factions in Beili’s Southwest Dao after years of development, rivaling the Gu family from Beili.

This rivalry intensified in the fifteenth year of Taihe when Gu family patriarch, Gu Luoli, suddenly died in Babei City, sparking a fierce competition for dominance in the Southwest Dao. Yan family patriarch, Yan Bietian, took advantage of the Gu family’s leaderless state and sought to forcibly marry Gu Jianmen, the second son of the Gu family, to a member of his own family. As the storm approached, various forces began to stir. At this moment, heavy rain poured down.

Gu Jianmen, at home, received a report from his subordinate that the Yan family patriarch demanded all white cloth in the house be replaced with red silk. This was seen as an outrageous demand, as if they were to be slaughtered at will. Gu Jianmen lamented that his life’s ambitions were to die in vain.

He threw the wine jug in his hand to the ground and grasped the sword his brother had given him, symbolizing his brother’s expectations for him. Naturally, Gu Jianmen refused to be bullied. He declared that he feared nothing more than drawing his sword and would not let the Yan family annex the Gu family without a fight. Meanwhile, in Chaisang City, everyone on the street was staring at Baili Dongjun.

He had initially thought that opening a tavern there would bring good business, but unexpectedly, he had no customers. Baili Dongjun approached the owner of the shop next door, inviting him to drink at his tavern, but was rudely refused. Returning to his tavern, he found Sikong Changfeng still sleeping. Baili Dongjun thought everyone he encountered was odd, and the street was deserted. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a carriage.

Hoping to meet a customer, Baili Dongjun hurried outside, only to find it was Yan Bietian. Baili Dongjun kindly invited Yan Bietian inside for a drink, confident in the quality of his wine. Yan Bietian, seeing the approaching rain, decided to accept the invitation. Upon entering, Yan Bietian noticed the sleeping Sikong Changfeng and mistook him for a customer. Baili Dongjun quickly explained that Sikong Changfeng was his waiter.

Baili Dongjun brought out all the wine in the tavern, though it was expensive. Yan Bietian paid with a silver note and invited Baili Dongjun to drink with him. Yan Bietian claimed to have tasted better wine and threw a cup towards Sikong Changfeng, who caught it instantly despite being asleep on the table. Baili Dongjun was astonished. Sikong Changfeng drank the wine, recognizing that Yan Bietian had come to cause trouble.

Both displayed their skills, with Sikong Changfeng realizing his opponent’s formidable strength. As Yan Bietian prepared to leave, Sikong Changfeng caught a whiff of a woman’s fragrance, deducing there was a woman in Yan Bietian’s carriage. The woman was Yan Bietian’s sister, Yan Liuli. Yan Bietian planned to eliminate them, having controlled the entire street for a month, except for this mysterious tavern.

He poured wine for his sister, who acknowledged its quality but lamented it would never gain widespread fame. Baili Dongjun continued pondering how to make his tavern famous. Sikong Changfeng sensed the street’s peculiar atmosphere, worried they might get entangled in the Gu-Yan family feud. Gu Jianmen was the one set to marry in the forced alliance. Baili Dongjun thought of having Gu Jianmen use his tavern’s wine to spread its fame.

As Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng ventured out into the rain, the sky suddenly turned dark. On a high rooftop stood two women, one in black and one in white. A man with an umbrella arrived at Gu Jianmen’s house. Seeing him, Gu Jianmen’s subordinate tried to threaten him with a sword, but Gu Jianmen guessed the man was Su Moyu from the Dark River. Gu Jianmen invited him for a drink, knowing where the Dark River appeared, death followed.

Su Moyu claimed he came to help Gu Jianmen against the Yan family. Gu Jianmen declined, stating he did not need the Dark River for revenge. They engaged in a duel in the rain, both using their ultimate moves. They stood their ground on the rooftop, with Gu Jianmen not intending to kill Su Moyu, just wanting to fight. After the duel, Su Moyu left, and the air cooled.

Sikong Changfeng felt an ominous premonition, wanting to take Baili Dongjun away, but they were blocked by Su Moyu and his black-and-white-clad subordinates. Su Moyu told them to leave quickly, and they complied. Returning to their tavern, they found trouble waiting. Sikong Changfeng fought off the attackers, who were no match for him. Then, a butcher entered, and Sikong Changfeng engaged him in a fierce fight, the tavern becoming a wreck.

Sikong Changfeng told Baili Dongjun to leave, but he was stopped by another shopkeeper, who demanded one of them stay and die. Sikong Changfeng vowed to protect Baili Dongjun if he survived, and at that moment, Lei Mengsha arrived to help.

Lei Mengsha immediately started arguing with the opponent. The butcher could not out-argue Lei Mengsha and was thoroughly enraged, striking out with his knife. Lei Mengsha retaliated. Before long, Gu Jianmen learned that Lei Mengsha had arrived. Though uncertain if there was still a chance, he was no longer resigned to a certain death. All the shop owners on the street came out, planning to join forces against Lei Mengsha.

They believed Lei Mengsha couldn't possibly defeat them all alone, but then Mengxuan arrived, scattering countless flower petals. Lei Mengsha quickly led Sikong Changfeng and Baili Dongjun away. Lei Mengsha asked for their names, initially suspecting they were spies arranged by Lao Qi. Baili Dongjun hurriedly explained that they had only sneaked out with a land deed from home to sell wine here and were not spies. Lei Mengsha realized he had saved the wrong people and felt guilty.

Soon after, Mengxuan arrived, not alone but with others. Su Moyu was surprised to see Su Changhe, who claimed to have a premonition that something significant would happen in Chaisang City. Lei Mengsha told Mengxuan that there were two major families in the entire Southwest Dao: the Gu family and the Yan family. Half a month ago, Gu Luoli suddenly died, leaving Gu Jianmen as the only potential head of the Gu family.

Gu Wuye arranged a marriage between Gu Jianmen and the Yan family, with most of Gu Fu under Yan family control. It was surprising to see Baili Dongjun here. At this moment, Baili Dongjun informed everyone that a woman in red was approaching. The woman was Yan Liuli, who had sneaked over while her brother was not paying attention. Lei Mengsha had called Yan Liuli, who came because of her love for Gu Luoli.

Yan Liuli knew her brother intended to control the Gu family through her marriage. She asked everyone to help her disrupt the wedding and be ready to kill, revealing that a more powerful force was behind her brother. The next day, Baili Dongjun announced he was going to disrupt the wedding. Sikong Changfeng doubted Baili Dongjun, who didn't even know martial arts, but Baili Dongjun was determined to make a name for himself.

A year ago, while sleeping under a tree, Baili Dongjun had awoken to see a celestial beauty named Yue Yao. He was instantly captivated by her. Yue Yao had come to seek Baili Dongjun's master’s help. As Yue Yao was leaving, Baili Dongjun asked for her address, but she replied she would come to him when he became famous. This motivated Baili Dongjun to seek fame.

Lei Mengsha remarked that Baili Dongjun’s quest for fame over a woman would likely lead to trouble, but Baili Dongjun was undeterred. A group of people were traveling by carriage when they were suddenly knocked down by someone named Chu Tong. Despite knowing the opponent was from the Yan family, they were unafraid. The Yan family members were also unwilling to show weakness.

At this moment, the opponent recognized Liu Yue in the carriage, who was reluctant to show his face. Liu Yue was one of the Eight Young Masters, skilled in martial arts. Seeing he was no match for Liu Yue, the opponent called for hidden reinforcements. A white-haired man named Mo Qixuan arrived and thrust his sword into Liu Yue’s carriage. Mo Qixuan, also a celestial being, intended to kill Liu Yue.

More people arrived, and Mo Qixuan said he wanted to see Liu Yue’s face before killing him. Mo Qixuan used his lightness skill to soar into the air, but Mo Xiaohei blocked the carriage. Sikong Changfeng, uninterested in love affairs, held a gun his master had given him. His master, too, had roamed the world for a woman and ultimately was killed. Sikong Changfeng did not care about such emotions.

He only had memories from when he was fifteen and did not know what happened in his childhood. Initially, Sikong Changfeng wanted to replace Baili Dongjun in disrupting the wedding, but Baili Dongjun refused. Baili Dongjun mentioned knowing an excellent doctor and planned to take Sikong Changfeng for treatment after disrupting the wedding. Mo Qixuan was injured but managed to retreat with only minor wounds. He was unsure why Liu Yue was carrying a coffin.

Liu Yue sensed another force behind him. Liu Yue and Mo Xiaohei could be described as a handsome prince and an ugly prince. Gu Jianmen was prepared, aware that the next day would be his wedding day. The opponent had already sent the wedding dress, and Gu Jianmen planned to wear white the next day, leaving uncertain whether it would be a funeral or a wedding.

Soon, the entire city was filled with festivity. Gu Wuye was at the door welcoming guests, but Hui Xijun did not bother to acknowledge him. Su Moyu had been waiting for Gu Jianmen to come to him, but after a long wait, he still did not see Gu Jianmen. Meanwhile, Sikong Changfeng and Baili Dongjun had already arrived outside the city gate, waiting to disrupt the wedding. However, they were stopped by Gu family subordinates at the gate.

Unexpectedly, Lei Mengsha also arrived, making the situation more complicated. Su Moyu and Su Changhe watched from upstairs as Yan's family had prepared to take over the Gu family, bringing a large number of soldiers. Soon, Gu Jianmen and Yan Liuli also arrived, each harboring their own thoughts. When it came time to bow to the heavens and the earth, neither Gu Jianmen nor Yan Liuli made any move.

Gu Jianmen saw his subordinate nodding to him, indicating everyone was ready. At that moment, Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng arrived together. Gu Wuye said he had never invited Baili Dongjun, who responded that he came to disrupt the wedding. Yan Bietian immediately ordered his men to kill Baili Dongjun, but Sikong Changfeng intervened. Yan Bietian's people were not easy to deal with. Sikong Changfeng fought to let Baili Dongjun escape, but instead of running, Baili Dongjun called for Liuli.

Suddenly, a little white creature appeared—Baili Dongjun’s secret weapon. Standing on the creature’s head, Baili Dongjun's identity was revealed to everyone. Lei Mengsha also saw Liuli and learned Baili Dongjun's identity, fearing trouble if Baili Dongjun’s father found out. Luo Xuan announced Liu Yue’s arrival. Yue Yao did not expect Baili Dongjun to come to Chaisang City. The little white creature scared Gu Wuye to the ground.

Baili Dongjun claimed he had a dream lover, and Yan Bietian stated there was no need to disrupt the wedding if Baili Dongjun did not like Liuli. Then, Lei Mengsha and Mo Xiaohei placed a coffin before them, declaring it was he who came to disrupt the wedding. Yan Liuli, once childhood sweethearts with Gu Luoli, stepped forward, expressing her willingness to marry Gu Luoli. Baili Dongjun drank the wedding wine of Yan Liuli and Gu Luoli, astonishing everyone.

Yan Bietian wanted to kill Baili Dongjun, not fearing the Baili family. Just as the little white creature was being controlled, Baili Dongjun fell but was saved by Sikong Changfeng. Yue Yao had long seen that Baili Dongjun was born with a martial pulse, making him more important than the Yan family. Gu Jianmen confronted Gu Wuye, who feigned kindness. Gu Luoli’s death was suspicious.

Gu Jianmen removed his red attire to reveal white underneath, vowing to avenge his brother and declaring Gu Wuye unfit to be part of the Gu family. He then killed Gu Wuye with his sword. With the traitor eliminated, the next target was Yan Bietian. Yan Bietian was prepared for defense but did not expect Gu Jianmen's superior strength. Gu Jianmen killed Yan Bietian with one strike.

Yan Liuli turned her back on her brother as Gu Jianmen covered his eyes. Gu Jianmen thanked Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng for their help. Before they could rest, Yue Yao’s forces arrived, targeting Baili Dongjun for his martial pulse. Sikong Changfeng was knocked to the ground. At that moment, Wen Luojiu arrived, poisoning the enemy, who turned to ashes. Seeing this, the others retreated. Wen Luojiu asked his nephew Baili Dongjun who he had provoked.

Baili Dongjun replied that he had helped them significantly. Yan Liuli declared that from today, she would be the head of the Yan family, and the wedding would continue with Gu Luoli. Wen Luojiu took Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng away. Yue Yao, learning of her subordinate Elder Chen’s death, decided to leave. Baili Dongjun envied the bond between Gu Jianmen and his brother, reminiscing about a childhood friend who had died. Now, Sikong Changfeng was his good brother.

Yue Yao wanted to use Baili Dongjun's martial pulse to restore Beique’s power, but since he had no martial skills yet, there was no need to take him away for now. Wen Luojiu prepared a medicinal bath to treat Sikong Changfeng, asking Baili Dongjun to guard the door, promising a cure in two days. At the door, Baili Dongjun saw Su Moyu and Su Changhe, who bid farewell, saying they would meet again if fate allowed, and then left.

Baili Dongjun was still discussing how strange Su Changhe and his brother were, so he didn't notice that Yue Yao had already left. When Sikong Changfeng woke up, he felt full of energy. He got up from the bed and hurried to eat. Wen Luojiu's poisonous snakes returned to him, and he said that these snakes had saved Sikong Changfeng's life. However, to heal Baili Dongjun, he had poisoned Baili Dongjun, wanting the new Baicao to detoxify him.

Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng had to part ways. Baili Dongjun gave Sikong Changfeng a pot of wine, and they bid farewell. Baili Dongjun wondered if he, too, was destined to die in the martial world. Wen Luojiu told him not to speak nonsense. A man named Ye Xiaofan was woken up by a child for breakfast. Ye Xiaofan was lazy, and the child teased him, saying he wouldn’t find a wife.

Ye Xiaofan drew his sword, saying he should find a proper occupation. Wen Luojiu asked Baili Dongjun to return with him, but Baili Dongjun refused. Soon, the Sword Forest would open, and Baili Dongjun wanted to go with his uncle, Wen Luojiu. Baili Dongjun mentioned that his mother had found him a master named Su Muqing, but his father had only taught him for three days.

Baili Dongjun didn’t like martial arts before, but recent events made him want to train again. Wen Luojiu spoke of Mr. Li, who was the top choice in the martial arts ranking with just one sword strike. Baili Dongjun became curious about swordsmanship, and Wen Luojiu planned to find him a good sword. Ye Xiaofan was leaving, and the child, though pretending not to care, was actually reluctant.

The child wanted to introduce his sister to Ye Xiaofan, but Ye Xiaofan said he already had a marriage agreement. Now that he was older, he planned to find her after accomplishing his goals. The child suggested he say goodbye to everyone before leaving. Ye Xiaofan, whose real name was Ye Dingzhi, bid farewell and left. At this time, Wen Luojiu and Baili Dongjun arrived at the Sword Forest, noticing that everyone had a sword, even the dogs.

Wen Luojiu explained the Sword Forest to Baili Dongjun, and they passed by Ye Dingzhi, whose voice seemed familiar to Baili Dongjun. Soon, everyone arrived at the Sword Forest, shrouded in heavy mist. Wen Luojiu told Baili Dongjun this was the true Sword Forest. There were two major sword-making schools: Jianxinzhuo and Mingjian Villa. This event was hosted by Wei Zhangfeng of Mingjian Villa, and everyone came to obtain swords. The first round began immediately.

Baili Dongjun wanted the best sword. Wang Yixing arrived, saying swords must be obtained personally. Wen Luojiu thought Baili Dongjun would leave empty-handed. Baili Dongjun kept drinking, leaving only a piece of the Fire God Sword. Wei Zhangfeng pulled the Fire God Sword from the ground, and everyone scrambled for it. Wang Yixing joined the fray. Baili Dongjun, drowsy, watched Wang Yixing seize the Fire God Sword, followed by the Heavenly Palace Sword.

Baili Dongjun smelled lotus fragrance and decided to seize this sword. The people of Wushuang City wanted the sword, but Ye Dingzhi arrived, seeming familiar to Baili Dongjun. Ye Dingzhi also wanted the sword. They fought, and Wushuang City's people lost. Just when everyone thought Ye Dingzhi would take the sword, the drunken Baili Dongjun intervened, declaring his intention to take it. Ye Dingzhi was surprised to hear Baili Dongjun's name.

Baili Dongjun had no sword, but someone handed him one. However, his clothes were cut by Ye Dingzhi, who suspected Baili Dongjun was still lazy as before. Baili Dongjun recalled seeing his master practice swordsmanship. His master taught him once, and Baili Dongjun remembered it all, declaring he knew swordsmanship. All the swords became controlled by Baili Dongjun, who mimicked his master's moves, astonishing everyone.

Baili Dongjun had the sword but no song, as the Xichu Sword Song had long been lost. Ye Dingzhi didn't expect to see Baili Dongjun. They drank heartily on the stage, enjoying themselves, and Baili Dongjun then played a song.

Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi ended up in a tie, surprising everyone present. Ye Dingzhi admitted defeat graciously and handed the sword to Baili Dongjun. Unexpectedly, Wen Luojiu threw the sword away and left with Baili Dongjun. Baili Dongjun was puzzled as to why his uncle dragged him away, especially since he hadn't done anything wrong and only wanted to befriend Ye Dingzhi. Wen Luojiu told him not to concern himself with such matters, and they left together.

When others pursued them, Ye Dingzhi stood in their way, asking them not to rush and indicating that he wasn't to be taken lightly. As the others prepared to attack Ye Dingzhi, his companion arrived and insisted on being included in the fight. Meanwhile, Wen Luojiu and Baili Dongjun had already left, with Baili Dongjun falling asleep in the carriage. Half-asleep, he mumbled about possibly missing something important.

In their childhood, Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi were best friends, always together with Yi Wenjun. They enjoyed each other's company and aspired to be useful individuals. After Yi Wenjun left, Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi walked along, with Baili Dongjun expressing his desire to become a swordsman and always stay by Ye Dingzhi's side. They made a childhood pact to live freely with a sword and wine.

However, Ye Dingzhi's family underwent a coup, and his entire family was executed, which became the most painful memory for Ye Dingzhi. That night, Ye Dingzhi drank alone, reflecting on the events of the past years. His friend accompanied him, and they both speculated that Ye Dingzhi knew Baili Dongjun. His friend Wang Yixing also knew that the person Ye Dingzhi referred to was Baili Dongjun, but neither of them mentioned it explicitly.

Baili Dongjun was awakened by Wen Luojiu, holding a sword in his hand. Wen Luojiu informed him that the people coming to fetch him had arrived. Wen Luojiu was curious about the origin of the Xichu Sword Song. Before Baili Dongjun could answer, General Chen Sheng arrived, tied him up, and took him away. Baili Dongjun shouted for his grandfather to rescue him, as it was his grandfather who had orchestrated the "kidnapping.

"At this moment, Baili Chengfeng, Baili Dongjun's father, arrived. Baili Dongjun was not afraid of his father, and they argued. His mother calmly checked the situation while Wen Luojiu handed the sword to his sister, remarking that he hadn't seen such a fine sword in years. Wen Luojiu clarified that the sword wasn't taken by him but by Baili Dongjun. Initially, his sister didn't believe it, but upon hearing that it was indeed the Xichu Sword Song, she was astonished.

Emperor Tai'an was reviewing documents when a messenger brought news from Yingzong, revealing that Xichu was long dead. However, the Xichu Sword Song had re-emerged, and the swordsman was Baili Dongjun. Lei Mengsha reported to Xiao Ruofeng about encountering Baili Dongjun and learning that he knew the Xichu Sword Song. Xiao Ruofeng was also shocked and couldn't believe it. Baili Dongjun was confined in the woodshed, reminiscing about his childhood when he accidentally entered his master's formation.

As a child, Baili Dongjun had no interest in martial arts. He was about to be sent back, but he was fascinated by the taste of wine and decided to apprentice under his master. Baili Dongjun regretted the trouble he caused while drunk. Baili Chengfeng intended to discipline his son, but upon learning from his wife that Baili Dongjun knew the Xichu Sword Song, he was surprised.

Baili Dongjun was still sound asleep in the woodshed when his father arrived to take him away, only to find that his grandfather had already freed him. Baili Dongjun mocked the situation, and his wife pleaded with Baili Chengfeng. His grandfather adored Baili Dongjun and catered to his every need. His mother asked Baili Dongjun about his adventures in the Sword Forest, but he said he was tired, and his grandfather urged him to rest.

Baili Dongjun hurried to find his master, apologizing for causing trouble. His master explained that he had never taught Baili Dongjun swordsmanship, yet the techniques seemed ingrained in Baili Dongjun's mind, as if the sword controlled him. His master handed him a sword, stating that Baili Dongjun would understand his words in the future.

Baili Dongjun expressed his desire to learn swordsmanship, having met many formidable individuals in the Sword Forest. He didn't want to be outdone by them, so he sought to practice his sword skills. His master advised him to maintain a calm heart and remain fearless, even in the face of enemies. Yue Yao gazed at the mountains and rivers alone, spotting a house in the night and deciding to rest there for a while.

News of the emergence of the Xichu Sword Song soon reached Wuxiang of Tianwaixian. Yue Yao observed the people of Beique struggling to live peacefully due to the ongoing war. Even if Beique were restored, lost loved ones would never return. Sometimes, Yue Yao pondered the purpose of her current actions. She originally believed that regardless of the capital city, during the Lantern Festival, the city would be filled with lanterns.

Perhaps what the people of Beique truly desired was a simple life without conflict. Wen Luojiu received a message from his father, declaring that he would never allow his sister and nephew, Baili Dongjun, to be harmed. That night, Baili Dongjun drank alone on the rooftop, wondering about Sikong Changfeng's fate. Meanwhile, Sikong Changfeng, exhausted, was rescued by Medicine King Xin Bainian in a safe place.

Xin Bainian noticed the severe poison on Sikong Changfeng, recognizing it as Wen Luojiu's doing. Xin Bainian offered to save him under the condition that Sikong Changfeng explain how he survived such a deep poison. Sikong Changfeng mentioned that he had studied medical texts along the way, prompting Xin Bainian to see potential in him and consider passing on his skills. Sikong Changfeng, drunk, fell into a deep sleep.

Early in the morning, his father woke him up, insisting that he rise early to practice swordsmanship. Baili Dongjun, still lazing in bed, was doused with a bowl of cold water by his father. Even after getting up to practice swordsmanship, Baili Dongjun fell asleep sitting nearby. His father challenged him to a duel, and although Baili Dongjun was on guard, he couldn't defeat his father but refused to admit defeat.

Initially, Baili Dongjun looked down on his father's sword skills, but after a few slashes on the maple leaves behind him, they fell neatly. His father instructed Baili Dongjun to practice drawing his sword there and not to leave until he succeeded. Lei Mengsha found it uncomfortable to wear white clothes but was forced to comply. They had to disguise themselves as a prince.

Wen Luojiu never expected Baili Dongjun to have inner strength, which even Baili Dongjun was unaware of. It was uncertain how long he could conceal his skills. Baili Dongjun practiced diligently over the next few days, hoping to master the first step of drawing his sword. Despite his efforts, the scarecrow behind him remained unchanged. Finding it uninteresting, Baili Dongjun prepared to leave, only to be stopped by a maid.

Baili Dongjun asked for the best way to leave the courtyard, and the maid suggested knocking her out, which he found inappropriate. Ultimately, he resumed practicing his sword drawing. Despite many days of practice, Baili Dongjun made no progress. He asked the maid to bring his wine, recalling that he performed the Xichu Sword Song while drunk. He hoped drinking might unlock his inner strength.

After just a little wine, Baili Dongjun became dizzy and started talking to the scarecrow, unable to find his sword and struggling to stand. Suddenly, Baili Dongjun fell, and while the maid expected him to sleep until morning, everyone around felt a surge of strong inner power. Baili Dongjun stood up, intoxicated but with a determined gaze, and slashed the scarecrow into pieces. Everyone present was astonished, and one sword strike nearly injured Xiao Ruofeng.

Wen Luojiu realized that Baili Dongjun's inner strength was triggered when drunk, so it was crucial to be cautious. Baili Dongjun was still unaware of his prowess. His master played the zither under a peach blossom tree when someone intruded—Ji Ruofeng. Ji Ruofeng claimed to come on behalf of the court. The master immediately recognized Xiao Ruofeng and drew his sword, directing countless blades at him.

Xiao Ruofeng quickly prepared to defend himself, asserting that he also had original sword techniques. Baili Dongjun, learning that Xiao Ruofeng sought his master, grew worried and intended to help. Baili Chengfeng guarded the entrance with soldiers as various forces from Tianwaixian arrived, injuring him severely. Meanwhile, Xiao Ruofeng was also knocked down and admitted his mistakes. The master declared that his days were numbered and his only wish was to pass on his swordsmanship to his disciple, Baili Dongjun.

Baili Dongjun's master said that no one could take him away and that the opponent's skills were not as strong as before. Then, a battle ensued. Baili Dongjun told his father that he came for his master, and it didn't matter who he was; what mattered was that he was his master. Baili Dongjun then entered the valley to rescue his master, who was already surrounded.

At that moment, Baili Dongjun entered, holding a sword, with Wen Luoyu following closely behind. The people from Tianwaixian did not expect Baili Dongjun to come. Baili Dongjun stood in front of his master, but his master told him to step aside. Wen Luoyu kindly reminded Baili Dongjun's master that the opponent's strength was not to be underestimated. Nevertheless, the master planned to confront the opponent himself.

While facing the opponent, Baili Dongjun's master taught him another move called "The Grand Way to Heaven. " The opponent was immediately overpowered by this powerful technique. The master's hair instantly turned from white to black, making him look much younger. The people from Tianwaixian were knocked to the ground, spitting blood. The master told Baili Dongjun that "The Grand Way to Heaven" meant forging one's own path. He then used his sword to break the illusion.

Baili Dongjun benefited greatly from this. The enemies had no chance to recover their energy and had to leave, admitting defeat to Baili Dongjun's master. However, after they left, the master's hair turned white again, and the flowers in the forest withered. The master's spiritual power was greatly diminished. He asked the others to give him and Baili Dongjun some time alone. Once alone, the master asked Baili Dongjun to drink with him.

Over the years, it was the master who was grateful for Baili Dongjun's companionship. The master knew his time was short, so he told Baili Dongjun to take care of himself. Baili Dongjun was very reluctant to see his master go, but the master said that carrying too many burdens prevents freedom. He hoped Baili Dongjun could live freely.

Baili Dongjun wanted his master to see the day he became famous, but the master said he wouldn't live to see it. Hearing this, Baili Dongjun couldn't hold back his tears. The master hadn't expected to take Baili Dongjun as a disciple. He had never done anything impulsive in his life, but meeting Baili Dongjun was an exception, a fateful encounter. The master told Baili Dongjun to go down the mountain while he stood before the withered phoenix tree.

There was no longer any land of Xichu, and the phoenix couldn't stay. Baili Dongjun thought of the times he spent with his master. The master said that Baili Dongjun would experience many such farewells in his life. Baili Dongjun knelt before his master, and the master's body turned into petals that scattered around. Baili Dongjun shouted for his master, but he was gone.

His grandfather and father waited at the door, helping Baili Dongjun understand the true nature of the martial world. Though they felt sorry for him, they knew he had to grow up and face these things alone. They could only be there to support him. Lei Mengsha and Xiao Ruofeng discussed Baili Dongjun's master, saying he acted out of love.

Seven days later, Lei Mengsha and Xiao Ruofeng visited the Baili household again, asking the marquis if he had made a decision. The marquis said Baili Dongjun was his only grandson. Xiao Ruofeng chose Baili Dongjun because he was the only disciple. Even if Baili Dongjun stayed at the Xihou Mansion, his family couldn't protect him forever, especially with Tianwaixian targeting him. The grandfather knew these people were troublesome, but Baili Dongfeng disagreed with their reasoning.

At that moment, Baili Dongjun was riding around the city, with the marquis secretly ensuring his protection. Eventually, the marquis agreed to let Xiao Ruofeng take Baili Dongjun to Tianqi City, on the condition that he stayed out of court affairs. Lei Mengsha was poisoned by Baili Dongjun's mother, who demanded he ensure her son's safety. Baili Dongjun prepared to set off for Tianqi City.

He sent a message by pigeon to Sikong Changfeng, asking him to meet him in Tianqi City. Sikong Changfeng packed his things and prepared to head there. Baili Dongjun rode his horse, while Xiao Ruofeng and Lei Mengsha sat in the carriage. Lei Mengsha wondered why Baili Dongjun didn't ride in the carriage. Baili Dongjun said he wanted to see the beautiful scenery along the way, but he was also waiting to reunite with Sikong Changfeng.

Baili Dongjun saw Qiandong City from a high place. As a child, he thought the city was big, but now it seemed small. During a rest stop, Baili Dongjun chose to sit with Xiao Ruofeng and his group. This time, Baili Dongjun was heading to Tianqi City to study at the academy. He knew that if he hadn't gotten drunk and danced with a sword, his master wouldn't have died.

He was also aware that the ones who killed his master were the lawless members of Tianwaixian, so he was determined to become strong and personally avenge his master. Lei Mengsha told Baili Dongjun that Xiao Ruofeng was the most skilled disciple under Mr. Li, but Baili Dongjun was not afraid. Liu Yue received a letter from his master, knowing he would soon meet Baili Dongjun. He had to think carefully about the upcoming exam topics.

After seven days of travel, Baili Dongjun and his group arrived outside the gates of Tianqi City. Xiao Ruofeng asked Lei Mengsha to take Baili Dongjun to the academy while he went to the palace. With Lei Mengsha's guidance, Baili Dongjun entered the city, fascinated by everything he saw. At that moment, Yue Yao was having hotpot on a mountaintop with her sister, Yue Qing. Yue Qing was eager to hear about her sister's encounters during the trip.

Just then, Mo Qixuan arrived. Yue Yao stepped aside to talk to him. Mo Qixuan informed her that Baili Dongjun had arrived in Tianqi City to participate in the academy's grand exam. He urged Yue Yao not to hesitate any longer because if Baili Dongjun entered the academy, certain things might become irreversible. Yue Yao looked at the falling snow and recalled her first meeting with Baili Dongjun.

She had told him that when he became famous, she would find him. She wondered if that day would ever come. Baili Dongjun was about to head to the academy when he accidentally tripped. Li Changsheng, who was drinking on the roof, came down and told Baili Dongjun that he had only covered half the distance to Tianqi City. He said Baili Dongjun needed to walk out of the courtyard to continue.

At first, Baili Dongjun was dismissive of Li Changsheng. However, with just a light touch on Baili Dongjun's forehead, Li Changsheng knocked him to the ground. Yue Yao told her sister she needed to go to Tianqi City, and Yue Qing wished her a speedy return. Lei Mengsha stayed by Baili Dongjun's side. When Baili Dongjun woke up, he had a terrible headache and only remembered being knocked out by an old man.

Lei Mengsha told him that the person who knocked him out was Li Changsheng, who might become Baili Dongjun's future master. Lei Mengsha advised Baili Dongjun to stay at the academy for a few days, as he was not yet an official disciple and couldn't protect him. The academy's grand exam required the top candidate to become Li Changsheng's final disciple.

Baili Dongjun worried about what would happen if he wasn't selected, but Lei Mengsha reassured him that he could try again another day. Baili Dongjun initially thought the exam would be easy, but Lei Mengsha's words made him realize that winning the top spot wouldn't be easy. At the casino, the head manager instructed his men to investigate the background of the people Xiao Ruofeng brought back.

Tianwaixian's envoy learned that Yue Yao had gone to Tianqi City and sent someone to protect her secretly. Mo Qixuan was surprised that his companion informed the envoy about Yue Yao's whereabouts, but his friend said their primary goal was to restore their homeland. During this time, Baili Dongjun continued practicing his swordsmanship, but his efforts seemed futile.

Lei Mengsha wanted to test Baili Dongjun's Xichu Sword Song, but despite trying for a long time, Baili Dongjun couldn't perform it effectively. Just then, a masked man mocked Baili Dongjun from the rooftop. Baili Dongjun, not one to back down, drew his sword and confronted him. However, despite having techniques, Baili Dongjun's internal power was no match for his opponent's intelligence. Baili Dongjun realized that Tianqi City was full of hidden talents and that he had underestimated everyone.

The opponent even knew about Baili Dongjun's relationship with his master. It turned out he was once good friends with Baili Dongjun's master. He told Baili Dongjun that he could help him regain his internal power by teaching him internal martial arts and promised to return that night to teach him. Ye Dingzhi returned to his old home and was surprised to find Baili Dongjun there. Baili Dongjun thought they were all dead and had come to pay his respects.

He also said that if he defeated Qiu Lubai, he could become the famous Wine Immortal. He wanted to be both a Wine Immortal and help Ye Dingzhi become a Sword Immortal. Ye Dingzhi overheard all of this.

Ye Dingzhi was originally planning to meet Baili Dongjun, but unexpectedly, a masked man appeared. The man claimed to be sent by Baili Dongjun's master. Subsequently, Baili Dongjun followed the man away. After Ye Dingzhi returned, he saw that the paper money Baili Dongjun had burned hadn't completely burned out. Ever since his family's demise, he hadn't been back. This time, he performed a sword dance at his former home, vowing over the years to clear his parents' names.

Baili Dongjun took out his homemade wine, but the masked man immediately shattered the bottle. The man then controlled the wine in the air around him and told Baili Dongjun that this was the skill he would soon learn, called Luohua Liushuo. After breaking his mask and drinking the wine, the man also noticed Lei Mengsha and Xiao Ruofeng on the rooftop. Xiao Ruofeng already knew him, while Lei Mengsha was curious.

From Xiao Ruofeng, they learned that the man was Ji Ruofeng, who had an old connection with Baili Dongjun's master. Ji Ruofeng was there to help Baili Dongjun. Ji Ruofeng requested that Baili Dongjun prepare five jars of wine for him daily. Meanwhile, Liu Yue prepared the initial exam questions. Unlike previous times, Liu Yue didn't reveal any details in advance, even under pressure from his subordinates. Lei Mengsha came to get information but learned nothing.

He then threatened Liu Yue with being the chief examiner annually. Liu Yue, not wanting the role, finally disclosed that the exam topic was "beyond the literary and martial arts. " The topic required candidates to impress with skills beyond the conventional literary and martial abilities. Lei Mengsha was pleased and reported Baili Dongjun's recent progress. Through training, Baili Dongjun's internal strength had improved.

Lei Mengsha told him about the exam topic, which felt unhelpful to Baili Dongjun, as he thought his days of martial practice were wasted. Soon, everyone was discussing the "beyond the literary and martial arts" exam topic, including Yue Yao, who found it intriguing. Liu Yue visited a fabric shop, asking the owner to make him a set of clothes within three days. Three days later, Liu Yue held the academy's grand exam at a gambling house.

The gambling house owner was surprised, but Liu Yue believed gambling was part of the exam. Everyone was ready outside the venue. When Baili Dongjun arrived, he saw Ye Dingzhi, who greeted him without revealing his true identity. Soon, everyone entered the gambling house. Baili Dongjun expected many bets on him but found very few. As the exam began, a child announced the rules: the exam would last six hours. Baili Dongjun asked Lei Mengsha to bring his bundle.

Meanwhile, King Xiao Xie learned about the exam, hoping it might aid his ascent to the throne. Each candidate showcased their unique skills. One challenged others to a chess match, displaying arrogance. However, Liu Yue's child was an exceptional chess player, defeating the challenger, who conceded graciously. Baili Dongjun smelled wine and saw his belongings brought over, drawing mockery. In truth, Baili Dongjun planned to brew wine, surprising Ye Dingzhi, who knew Baili Dongjun excelled in winemaking.

Although aged wine was good, new wine had its unique qualities. On the other side, Ye Dingzhi cut lamb legs, catching Xiao Xie's eye, who planned to secretly send Ye Dingzhi a post. Xiao Xie didn't think highly of Baili Dongjun, brought by Xiao Ruofeng. Unfazed, Baili Dongjun brewed wine while Ye Dingzhi roasted lamb legs, confident in advancing. Suddenly, someone rushed in, claiming to compete for first place and submit their exam paper.

The intruder stole the child's belongings, which Liu Yue recognized as the work of Kong Linger's disciple. Liu Yue sent the three diligent ones after the thief, but Yan Feifei managed to pass the initial test. Disguised, Yue Yao arrived, adopting a new name. Ye Dingzhi immediately recognized her as the woman he had seen at the inn, suspecting she had changed her identity. Baili Dongjun, however, found her eyes familiar.

Yue Yao said she wanted to compete in gambling and took out the dice. At this moment, the gambling house owner sent someone to call his brother, Tu Wan. Initially, Tu Wan was dismissive, but upon seeing Yue Yao's beauty, he sobered up and quickly agreed to compete. Yue Yao also invited Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi to join her, saying that as long as they beat Tu Wan, they could all pass the preliminary exam.

Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi went over, and soon everyone was ready. Baili Dongjun showed his cards, thinking they were high, but it turned out they were the lowest. Ye Dingzhi, however, had a good hand. Tu Wan revealed his cards, unexpectedly drawing the highest, the Supreme Treasure. Everyone was astonished. The owner already knew Yue Yao was cheating, but Tu Wan still asked for her name, to which she gave a fake one.

It was known that Yue Yao was the son of the Gambling King, and she quickly passed the competition. Before leaving, Yue Yao taunted Baili Dongjun, who didn't mind and instead took out a prepared blanket to sleep. Baili Dongjun smelled the aroma of wine but felt time had changed, realizing someone had used a special technique on site. Liu Yue noticed the trick, and the contestant named Zhuge Yun passed the preliminary exam.

By evening, the gambling house owner had fallen asleep, and everyone was exhausted. Liu Yue watched the candidates. Baili Dongjun woke just as the time was almost up. With half an hour left, Baili Dongjun's wine was ready, and Ye Dingzhi's lamb ribs were nearly done. Another contestant also brewed wine, but Baili Dongjun believed his was the best. The two took out their wine for comparison. Only Baili Dongjun, Ye Dingzhi, and another contestant remained.

The judges first tasted the other contestant's wine, then Baili Dongjun's. Initially dismissive, they were captivated by the wine's flavor. The gambling house owner drank a whole cup, saying it reminded him of his mother and brought tears to his eyes. Liu Yue commented on the diversity of people, stating that after tasting the wine, it was time to taste the meat. Lei Mengsha, waiting by the door, had grown numb.

Ye Dingzhi offered his roasted lamb ribs, and Liu Yue remarked that Ye Dingzhi must have stayed in a specific place for a while. Ye Dingzhi had traveled extensively, fearing he hadn't seen enough of the world, while Baili Dongjun often reminisced about his childhood friends. Another contestant, unhappy with Baili Dongjun's success, protested. Liu Yue noted that the contestant's wine was aged and couldn't have been brewed in six hours, discovering a hidden flask on him.

With time up, both Baili Dongjun and Ye Dingzhi passed the preliminary exam. Initially, Li Changsheng only wanted Liu Yue to oversee one round, but Liu Yue found it interesting and took on the subsequent rounds. That night, Xiao Xie summoned Ye Dingzhi upstairs, intending to recruit him. Ye Dingzhi stated he only wanted one thing, and Xiao Xie, willing to agree to anything but the Imperial Seal, promptly agreed.

Ye Dingzhi remembered when Xiao Xie announced the extermination of the Ye family, which felt unjust. Finding correspondence with enemy states in their house, the Ye family believed they were framed. This resentment was buried in Ye Dingzhi's heart, and now that Xiao Xie had approached him, he sought revenge. Yue Yao used her sister's identity and tricks learned from her. She sent a letter to her sister but was followed after leaving.

Sensing something wrong, Yue Yao attacked the follower, only to find it was Mo Qixuan, who had been secretly protecting her. Mo Qixuan intentionally revealed his presence to Yue Yao. Although unsure of the number of people coming, Yue Yao felt more confident. Every night, Baili Dongjun waited for the masked man to teach him. The masked man revealed the technique was his master's creation. Tonight was the last lesson, and the academy's grand exam would include life-and-death challenges. Baili Dongjun remained confident in his ability to reach the end.


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