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Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao, 肖战), born on October 5, 1991, in Chongqing, is a Chinese actor, singer, and member of XNINE.

In 2015, he participated as a contestant in the talent show “X-Fire”. In 2019, the ancient immortal drama “The Untamed” was broadcast, Xiao Zhan won wide attention with his role as Wei Wuxian. In 2021, the drama “The Oath of Love” was released in which he played Gu Wei.


Basic Info

Xiao Zhan

Stage Name: Xiao Zhan
Chinese Name: Xiao Zhan (肖战)
English Name: Sean Xiao
Nickname: Rabbit Xiao, Beauty Xiao
Place of birth: Chongqing
Nationality: China
Birthday: October 5, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Height:183 cm
Weight: 65kg
Fandom Color: Red
Fandom’s Name: Xiao Feixia (Peter Pan)
Fanchant: xiāo yān sì qǐ, wéi zhàn ér lái(肖烟四起,为战而来)
Instagram: @zhanxiao1005_
Weibo: X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY


  1. His agency is Wajijiwa Entertainment.
  2. Education: He studied design at the Modern International Art Design Academy of CTBU and graduated as a graphic designer.
  3. Family Members: Parents and Xiao Zhan, he has no siblings.
  4. Family Background: Xiao Zhan from a middle class family, his father works for Changan Suzuki.
  5. Xiao Zhan began to paint at the age of eight, and his childhood dream was to be a painter.
  6. His has learned violin from a young age.
  7. He can play guitar.
  8. Xiao Zhan can play the harmonica too.
  9. At the age of 25, he debuted as a vocalist in XNINE.
  10. Likes to stay at home with his cats and has had an American Shorthair.
  11. He likes potato chips very much, especially the original flavor.
  12. Likes bread, he has gained the title of “Bread Taster”.
  13. He likes the Starbucks’ Ice Shake Cranberry Blackcurrant.
  14. Xiao Zhan doesn’t like eggplant.
  15. Loves hot pot, especially Chongqing’s Big Tiger Hot Pot.
  16. Must-order hot pot food is sliced fish, tripe and beef.
  17. His favorite coffee is Americano.
  18. Xiao Zhan loves SpongeBob and can imitate the voices of various characters.
  19. He was called Rabbit Xiao because of his cute rabbit teeth.
  20. Xiao is good at cooking, especially all kinds of delicious and beautiful Sichuan Cuisine.
  21. He can photograph, and once opened a photography studio with a friend in college.
  22. In college, he was a member of the school choir and won a prize in the school singers’ competition.
  23. He’s been practicing so hard, his fingernails once fell off because he was working too hard.
  24. His favorite female singer is Stefanie Sun.
  25. Language: Can speak English and a little Korean.
  26. Favorite Color: Red.
  27. Xiao Zhan loves to wear ripped jeans and leather jackets, and you can often see these two standard items in the fall and winter.
  28. Likes to watch movies at home and take naps on the terrace when the weather is nice.
  29. Likes to watch horror movies.
  30. He likes to change phone cases.
  31. He is nearsighted with -4 diopters.
  32. Because the shooting has been wearing contact lenses, his eyes do not get rest, his eyes are always red.
  33. Zhan likes beef and cheese pizza and boneless chicken with heavy seasoning.
  34. His favorite character from the Avengers is Spider-Man.
  35. The way to decompress when he is stressed is to draw.
  36. Xiao Zhan served as the tourism promotion ambassador of his hometown Chongqing.
  37. He is living in Beijing nowadays.
  38. He had many dreams, such as painting, singing, being a pastry chef, and opening a coffee shop.
  39. His first love was in college. What A Pity Of Xiao Zhan And His Girlfriend In College.
  40. Ideal Type Girlfriend: gentle, virtuous, and considerate of their families. Xiao Zhan’s Ideal Type Is Disclosed. Do You Meet?


  1. Even if the eaves and beams keep life low, there’s hope for another sky.
  2. Doesn’t everyone who works hard deserve praise?
  3. Everything is unknown, and the only thing we can do well is the present.
  4. I really just want people to be able to spot me.
  5. Politeness and restraint are my truth.
  6. Don’t be arrogant, don’t be impatient, don’t stay up late, break the boundaries to break into the world.
  7. In life, I want to be the couch, to make himself comfortable, and to make the people around him comfortable.
  8. Protecting each other is never just a word.
  9. Change the world with your smile, don’t let the world change your smile.
  10. Youth is the lightly scented ballpoint pen.


  • Jade Dynasty(诛仙)(Zhang Xiaofan)(2019)
  • The Rookies(素人特工)(Yuan Jinglin)(2019)
  • Monster Hunt 2(捉妖记2)(Little demon)(2018)

Television Series

  • The Longest Promise(玉骨谣)(Shi Ying)(TBA)
  • The Oath of Love(余生,请多指教)(Gu Wei)(TBA)
  • Ace Troops(王牌部队)(Gu Yiye)(2021)
  • Douluo Continent(斗罗大陆)(Tang San)(2021)(★★★★)
  • The Wolf(狼殿下)(Ji Chong)(2020)(★★★★)
  • Heroes in Harm’s Way(最美逆行者)(Cai Ding)(2020)
  • The Untamed Special Edition(陈情令特別剪辑版)(Wei Wuxian)(2019)
  • Joy of Life(庆余年)(Yan Bingyun)(2019)
  • The Untamed(陈情令)(Wei Wuxian)(2019)(★★★★★)
  • Battle Through the Heavens(斗破苍穹)(Lin Xiuya)(2018)
  • Oh! My Emperor 1&2(哦!我的皇帝陛下 1&2)(Beitang Moran)(2018)
  • Shuttle Love Millennium 2(相爱穿梭千年2:月光下的交换)(Boss Liang)(2016)
  • Super Star Academy(超星星学园)(Fang Tianze)(2016)


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    1. Hello zhan I hope you fine I just miss so much and am ready to be you wife

    2. This world don’t deserve such beautiful and amazing person. Xiao Zhan I’m praying that you’ll always have a reason to smile from your heart. Thank you for making my world brighter. I love you ❤

    3. i love baby XiaoZhan my handsome king Superstar❤ he’s the only chinese actor i like❤❤❤

    4. Xiao Zhan is a very good person and he always looking so cute and handsome and I like his all Dramas and songs .I will pray that he is always happy and success in his life

    5. I like Xiao Zhan, I really like his personality. I know him because of The Untamed. I like the way he act. I love so much about him. I wish he is doing well right now. ❤️

    6. Xiao Zhan, he is the only one chinese actor who i love the most. I am not c-ent fan but i cann’t skip Sean’s movies or everything concern with him. He is a germ. He is a handsome man both inside and outside. I admire him for his inspiration, thought, hamble and hardworking. Keep going my Sean. You are the brightest star in china entertainment. Don’t forget for your world wide fan. You always belong to us, your international fan.❤😘

    7. Xiao is the one among the constellation keep rocking your smile is a precious onexiao

    8. He is an extraordinary person. He is got the uniqueness, visual, talent, manner, good heart, intelligence, socialization, high-profile background & everything basically. Never has China ever seen such a huge deal in popularity and he deserves whatever love he is getting. The undisputed King of China. and NO ONE gonna ever be “next XiaoZhan” this man is absolutely unparalleled and that’s on period.

    9. The Untamed – the best team Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo! I miss them!Two talented and hard working young people, who have suffered a lot because of the hypocrite society which we live in!

    10. Xioa zhan you are great human being.hope god bless you and you achieve all you goal and love of your life.you touch my ❤️

    11. Hi xiao zhan you are my most favorite actor , singer , dancer in the worl. You are very perfect ❤❤. I know you don’t no me but i really love you . I most like weiwuxian ( the untamed )💝 . Congratulations for your future & stay safe .

    12. Hi Sean xiao I know you don’t now me but I love you so much you are the best actor every

    13. From singer to actor, Xiao Zhan constantly unlocking new identities, with hard work and sweat to breakthrough himself step by step, although the time is lightly written, each stroke is colorful, Let’s go to a better future together

    14. My favourite and one and only Chinese actor 😍 I don’t think he’s got any competitors yet ❤️ Keep moving forward you beautiful man

    15. I love Xiao Zhan so much. I love his acting skills, and singing. I hope TOOL will release soon, im verry excited for this drama.

    16. He deserves Rank 1. He’s a true example of ‘Never Give up’. Please help putting him up on top. Support forever.

        1. You can find the ranking rules in the top 10 rankings on this page.

          1. Xiao Zhan is a very good person and he always looking so cute and handsome and I like his all Dramas and songs.I will pray that he is always happy and success in his life

    17. You are the only one who I love the most in china entertainment. #XiaoZhan.

    18. honestly his acting is what got me into dramas. he always makes me believe the character and his acting seems so genuine. one of my favorite roles he has done is wei wuxian from the untamed. he is so talented in so many subjects. xiao zhan really is amazing.

    19. He is just awesome. He is really talented. He can act, Sing, Dance. He can draw. One of his hobby is photography . He is a designer. He can cook, knit and do what not. He is said to be really humble and polite by all the seniors he has worked with. and with all this, his beauty and the precious smile. Just love it.

    20. Loved his acting in ”The Untamed”. His vocals, acting skills and personality are amazing!! Really love and support him!! <3

    21. He is the best his smile is nice he is so handsome beautiful and talented

    22. I watched many C-dramas and never interested in any idol until Xiao Zhan. I enjoy watching his dramas. Xiao Zhan is a talented actor, singer, designer, painter, and he works hard at his crafts. He brought the character to life in each of his drama whether it’s a period or modern.
      Also, he must be a sincere person for his fans (whether in China or International) are loyal to their idol. I saw the red sea they gave him when he came on a show in late 2020. C-entertaiment industry should value this actor.

    23. Sean Xiao is amazing person, he is honest, genuine and kind. I support him forever. 227 incident is not his fault. He did nothing wrong but he swallowed all the blame and never complain to anyone. He keeps positive attitude in the public all the time even he is bullied and cursed by those black fans.

      1. Can anyone related to me what is the227 incident? What happen?

    24. i like him, he’s so cute and funny. Every time I watch his drama, it make me laugh and cry at the same time. especially, the drama titled, “The untamed and Duoluo continent”.

    25. I love his movies, he is so real. What you see is who he is and that’s very rare these days. Like xiao zhan said, let’s work together to make the world a better place. Thank you 🐇.

    26. I honestly did not know about the 221 incident, and now that I know, I don’t really care. He is obviously a good person, and deserves all the praise in the world for all his accomplishments and his work. After watching him in “The Untamed” and some of his clips on YouTube, it is very much obvious he loves his work. Nothing should have the power to stop a creative outlet, and I sincerely hope that everyone gets a chance to show their creativity. Power-plays and games should be kept reserved for sports, not in life. I am now gonna go and watch his other shows (with subs of course, I am not a native Chinese speaker!) and I am eagerly awaiting his newest collaboration with another favorite- Yang Zi.
      All the best Sean! You rock!

    27. Xiao Zhan has the best smile. Glad to see his career moving forward and up once again. Hope to see more great dramas from him.

    28. I really like a lot about rabbit xiao {xiao zhan}. he is so cute! i love how he acts.