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The Rookies – Darren Wang, Milla Jovovich, Sandrine Pinna

The Rookies is an action film written and directed by Yuan Jinlin, starring Darren Wang, Milla Jovovich, Zhang Rongrong, Xu Weizhou, and Liu Meitong.

The film tells the story of Zhao Feng, a parkour hobbyist, who is involved in an international crime deal and travels to Europe, where he meets Miao Miao, an international police officer on a business trip, and a series of stories occur between them.


The Rookies

English Title: The Rookies
Chinese Title: 素人特工
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure
Duration: 113 min.
Director: Yuan Jinlin
Writer: Yuan Jinlin
Producer: Wei Junzi, Gao Chao
Product Company: New Classics Meida
Released Date: 2019-07-12
Broadcast Website: YouTube



Zhao Feng, an extreme sportsman, stumbles into an international crime deal and has to follow international agents to Budapest.

Here he joins Miao Miao, a young detective, Ding Shan, a civilian scientist, and LV, an unemployed doctor, to form a team of rookie agents.

Together with senior international agent Mira, these four "agents" are engaged in a surprising struggle against the terrorists.


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