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Who Is Joey Chua’s boyfriend? She Ever Had 3 Years of Marriage.

Joey Chua

Who is the boyfriend of Joey Chua? Has she gotten married? There are many rumors about her love life.


Joey Chua is a Malaysian girl who was born in 1994. With her sweet looks, she is loved by many viewers. She is a singer or an actress. In 2020, she participated in ”Youth With You Season 2″ and gained more attention.

On May 26, 2021, photos of Darren Wang and Joey Chua kissing on the street were exposed. They were suspected to be in a relationship.

After that, some netizens also took intimate photos of Darren Wang and Joey Chua traveling and shopping together. They look like a couple, which is very enviable.

Joey Chua Darren Wang

It is reported that Joey Chua and Darren Wang had worked together on the variety show “A Journey For Love” when Joey Chua was dating a male guest named Chen Yue.

But she didn’t get together with Chen Yue in the end. Then, Huang Yi advised Joey Chua and Darren Wang to be in a relationship, saying that they were both young people and looked quite well matched.

However, Darren Wang joked that he couldn’t match Joey Chua, cleverly defusing the embarrassment. Surprisingly, in private they were exposed to being together, which is really a big surprise.

But with all the hot discussion among netizens, Darren Wang and Joey Chua still haven’t admitted it, although they did not come out to respond, most netizens believe that Darren Wang is the current boyfriend of Joey Chua.

Joey Chua

Joey Chua actually had a 3-year long marriage early on. During the time she participated in “Youth With You Season” , there were many rumors about her divorce, such as fake divorce, getting married because of children, etc.

Her divorce was not formally announced to the public, and Joey Chua’s ex-husband has always liked her ins, they have actually been in contact and interaction.

Many netizens speculate that Joey Chua has a fake divorce in order to pursue the dream of acting, but this news has not been finalized.

But we think the fake divorce should not be very true! Interaction after divorce is actually normal, after separated, they can still be friends.

Anyhow, let’s pay more attention to her work and wish her a happy life.

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