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Darren Wang (Wang Talu) Profile

Darren Wang

Darren Wang(Wang Talu, 王大陆), born on May 29, 1991, in Taiwan China, is a Chinese actor.

In 2008, he debut by playing in the Mysterious Incredible Terminator. In 2015, he became well known to the audience for his role as the male lead Hsu Taiyu in the youth campus movie Our Times. In August 2017, the fantasy movie Legend of the Naga Pearls was released in which Darren Wang played the lead role of Ni Kongkong.

Basic Info

Darren Wang

Stage Name: Darren Wang
Chinese Name: Wang Talu / Wang Dalu (王大陆)
Nickname: Xiao Dao
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: May 20, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 181cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Chocolate
Instagram: taluwang
Weibo: 王大陸TaluWang


  1. Darren Wang’s agency is Comic Ritz Productions.
  2. Education: he studied at Toko University.
  3. After graduating from high school, Wang went to the United States for one year to attend military school.
  4. Family Background: Darren Wang comes from a wealthy family, his father is a collector and head of Sotheby’s Artworks Ltd.
  5. Likes to play basketball.
  6. Favorite basketball player is Ben Wallace.
  7. When he was in a bad mood he would play games.
  8. Darren Wang often plays games with Justin Huang.
  9. Favorite Food: dumplings.
  10. Favorite Wine: whiskey.
  11. Favorite Actor: Colin Farrell and Stephen Chow.
  12. Likes to watch comedies.
  13. Favorite Band: Mayday.
  14. The must sing song in Karaoke is “No Music No Life” from Van Fan.
  15. Favorite Season: winter.
  16. Favorite Color: blue.
  17. Favorite animal: tortoise.
  18. He is afraid of cockroaches.
  19. Darren Wang sleeps later in the night.
  20. Ideal Type Girlfriend: tall, beautiful, Blackpink Lisa.



  • Lao Ba Shi Wang Cai(老爸是旺财)(TBA)
  • Super Me(超级的我)(Sang Yu)(2019)
  • The Last Wish(小小的愿望)(Xu Hao)(2019)
  • The Rookies(素人特攻)(Zhao Feng)(2019)
  • Fall in Love at First Kiss(一吻定情)(Jiang Zhishu)(2019)
  • A Better Tomorrow 2018(英雄本色2018)(Ma Ke)(2018)
  • Legend of the Naga Pearls(鲛珠传)(Ni Kongkong)(2017)
  • 10,000 Miles(一万公里的约定)(Sean Fang)(2017)
  • Yo-Kai Watch Movie: It's the Secret of Birth, Meow!(妖怪手表电影版:诞生的秘密喵!)(Tianye Jingcang)(2016)
  • Railroad Tigers(铁道飞虎)(Da Guo)(2016)
  • Suddenly Seventeen(28岁未成年)(Yan Yan)(2016)
  • Our Times(我的少女时代)(Hsu Taiyu)(2015)
  • 7 Love Design(相爱的七种设计)(Chen Hongyi)(2014)
  • A Choo(打喷嚏)(Ye Jianhan)(2014)
  • Love's Two Faces(爱情的两张脸)(Xiao Jie)(2012)
  • In Case of Love(街角的小王子)(Lu Lu)(2010)

TV Show

  • Produce Camp 2020(创造营2020)(2020)
  • Not A Longer(看我的生活)(2020)
  • Give Me Five S2(高能少年团第二季)(2018)
  • Give Me Five(高能少年团)(2017)
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