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Five Kings of Thieves – Darren Wang, Ren Min

Five Kings of Thieves is a fantasy martial arts drama directed by Ju Xingmao, led by Darren Wang, and Ren Min, co-starring Zhao Huawei, Wang Xiuzhu, Tan Xiaofan, Wang Ruolin, with Hei Zi, and Ju Xingmao in special appearances.

The drama is based on the IP "Wu Da Zei Wang/五大贼王", and tells the story of a street orphan named Huo Xiaoxie who is forced into the chaos of the world. In order to have the ability to protect the people around him in times of danger, he repeatedly risks his life and engages in battles of wits with evil forces. Finally, he uses his passion and wisdom to exchange for vitality and brightness.


Five Kings of Thieves

English Title: Five Kings of Thieves
Chinese Title: 五行世家
Genre: Wuxia, Action, Fantasy
Tag: Martial Arts, Chinese Republican Era, Historical Fiction, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 12
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ju Xingmao
Writer: Zhou Bing, Li Zongsheng, Su Fa, Yuan Chun
Producer: An Xiaofen, Yan Dandan, Liu Lu
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2024-03-23
Broadcast Website: Youku



In the early years of the Republic of China, warlords were in power and the country was in chaos. The mysterious treasure, Yu Tai Zhu, which was being pursued by thousands of people, appeared in the world. It was rumored that it contained clues to the "Five Elements Holy Cauldron," which symbolized the emperor's throne.

With the Yu Tai Zhu and the "Holy Cauldron" at the center, a storm was brewing. Revolutionary party members and progressive students launched a movement to protect the national treasure. The Central Plains martial arts community, led by the Five Elements family, actively responded and was determined to eliminate Zhang Si Ye, who was trying to restore the monarchy, and the Japanese Black Dragon Society, who were stealing Chinese national treasures.

Huo Xiaoxie was accidentally involved and protected the national treasure along the way. He faced various difficulties and dangers, relying on his kindness, justice, and intelligence to overcome each obstacle. In the end, he integrated the Five Elements family and made them a reliable force in the revolutionary struggle to "expel the invaders and restore China."


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