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Xu Kai (许凯) Profile

Xu Kai

Xu Kai(许凯) was born on March 5, 1995, in Guangdong, China, is a Chinese actor and model.

In 2013, he won the championship of China (Guangzhou) International Model Contest National Finals and made his debut as a model. In 2016, he acted in his first TV series "Sunsong", thus officially entering Showbiz.

In 2019, Xu Kai won the Most Popular Chinese Drama Actor of the 8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival.

Basic Info

Xu Kai

Stage Name: Xu Kai
Chinese Name: Xu Kai(许凯)
English Name: Soso
Nickname: Huai Huai, Zhu Zhu
Place of Birth: Guangdong
Nationality: China
Birthday: March 05, 1995 (Age: 29)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Alaso
Fandom Color: Purple
Fanchant: xǔ nǐ yī shēng, yǒng ài kǎi xī(许你一生,永爱凯兮)
Instagram: sosoalive7
Weibo: 许凯soso



  1. Xu Kai's agency is Huanyu Entertainment.
  2. Education: he studied finance at South China Agricultural University.
  3. He voluntarily dropped out of his freshman year to work as a model for family reasons.
  4. Favorite Actor: Huang Bo and Marlon Brando.
  5. He likes burgers.
  6. Likes spicy foods.
  7. Favorite Hometown food is steamed vermicelli roll.
  8. Love beef, Hunan food, stir-fried meat, scrambled eggs with chili.
  9. Doesn't likes fat, fish, and seafood.
  10. He likes to skateboard.
  11. Xu Kai likes to play basketball.
  12. Favorite Basketball Player: Kobe Briant.
  13. He felt that Zhang Zhehan is the best one of his friends about played basketball.
  14. Favorite Anime: Slam Dunk.
  15. Likes to watch movie at home.
  16. When he has free time, he goes out for a bike ride.
  17. He isn't good at singing.
  18. Xu Kai isn't very good at playing games too.
  19. He loves to collect basketball shoes.
  20. He prefers to shoot costume drama.
  21. Favorite superhero is the Monkey King.
  22. Using an animal to describe himself, he chose husky.
  23. He likes to travel to the beach.
  24. He has learned to fish.
  25. Xu Kai eye color is light coffee color.
  26. He is more satisfied with his eyes.
  27. He is afraid of insects.
  28. In private, he likes to wear athleisure clothes.
  29. He has been studying English in his free time from filming.
  30. Xu Kai siblings: he has an elder brother.
  31. Xu Kai said he had lived in Hengdian(Shooting Locations) for up to 4 years due to filming.
  32. He revealed that he used to love to play and spend money, but one day Xu Kai family had a change and suddenly ran out of money. In order to ease the burden of Xu Kai parents, he stopped asking for money and worked hard to earn money and survive.
  33. He bought a house for his parents in Shenzhen just after he reached adulthood.
  34. Ex-girlfriends: Zhang Nan and Internet celebrity Da Jin. Is Xu Kai’s “Domestic Violence” On His Ex-girlfriend True Or Not?
  35. Ideal Type Girlfriend: Gentle, kind, well-behaved, sunshine, positive energy, Likes sport.



TV Show

  • Realactor EP13(演技派)(2020-01-30)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2020-01-19)
  • My Better Me EP04(变身总动员)(2019-11-26)
  • Keep Running S3 EP06(奔跑吧)(2019-05-31)
  • YOUTH PERIPLOUS(青春环游记)(2019-05-11)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2019-03-09)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2019-03-02)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2018-10-20)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2018-08-18)
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  1. It’s a reality for me that without Actor Xu Kaï I won’t fall son deeply in love with CHINESE DRAMAS, so despite the fact that he’s juste an Actor, I feel that his way of acting impact’s me and change my point of view. So Actor Xu Kaï is more than an Actor he is a warmth bringer in my Family life ans i am thankful for that!!!

  2. BAI LU AND XU KAI ARE NOW MARRIED SND THEY GAVE BIRTH TO THEIR 1ST BABY SONCE GETTING MARRIED IN 2022 they r my favorite couple especially in demon couple the movie

  3. At the beginning I won’t like Chinese at all, but after watching falling into your smile drama I became a biggest fan of xukai.
    I really like him, he is very cute and handsome.??

  4. He’s a perfect man And hes a very good actor. Actually it’s very good I like Him.?❤️\(^o^)/\(^∀^)/\(´▽`)/

  5. Dance fo the sky empire I love this drama and your smile also you are so cute and noughty boy I like your eyes and eyes colour your choice and my choice is too much similar but 1 difference you like basketball and me like volleyball I like you so much I am Indian Like your beauty and you soooo,ooo,oo much??

  6. Hola como éstas espero q te pases bien Navidad y año nuevo para ti también te quiero mucho xukai tu buena noches gracias por tu respuesta saludos

  7. A small Malay u girl 12 years old she was a need and wants to know one Chinese young guy that need her love as knowing but not Chinese type girl she is a lonely Malay u girl but no friend and boarding type Malay u girl

  8. After watching Arsenal Military Academy I’m a big fan of him. His acting is outstanding especially his eyes. the way he convey emotion you can read it through his eyes. For me he is the best actor in China after watching all of his drama and other cdrama I can say his acting is really a remarkable. I Hope more project to come and don’t forget eat healthy food soso. Please Always take care of yourself. From Philippines ???

  9. He is so good in ,lost in kunlun mount,
    Fantastic calm and magistic
    I wish him bright future

  10. I love the way you act and also to Bai Lu.i love you both…im from Philippines


  12. I would like to meet him in person. Is it difficult? If I go to China, would I be able to meet him?

  13. Xu Kai is really an awesome talented handsome actor, acting in level of world class Hollywood actors
    His acting skills are most shown in arsenal military academy, I’m hoping to see him in that style show

    1. I’m not into Chinese actor but this man after watching arsenal he made me become addictive to him. Watching all of his drama i must say that he’s acting is on another level. world class. Such a multitalented actor he is. His acting is so natural and vivid. ?? You deserve the best actor in all your drama. ? I just have one wish for you is to be healthy as always.?? I love you Soso ?? diehard fan from Philippines ?

  14. I so much love his role in ancient love poetry,I am from Nigeria and I can’t help but to check all site concerning xu Kai.

  15. Xukai is most handsome man in Chinese actor has acting skills is perfect . He is a talente person

  16. Gosto ko maging artista hindi lang artista actor din katolad ni koya xukai big fans mo din ako at ate cheng xiao biggans modin ako

  17. His acting in Ancient Love Poetry is top-notch especially his role as bai jue. He is known as Ice Cube but every time the camera focus on his eyes really got my emotions swayed.

  18. I love “falling into your smile” so mucchh!!I found it unique and more interesting than other love story..I like the character of Tong Yao(cheng xiao) at this drama as a girl.. and I love the uniqueness of the role of Lu si cheng (Xu kai).. I LOVE THEM BOTH?..I HOPE THAT I CAN FIND MY LU SI CHENG TOO ??

    1. I agree!!!!! Hopefully I will find someone just like him … I may be 16 but I still will travel to China when I get a chance to. I am trying to become an Actor , just like him.

      我或已16岁,有时犹旅行。 余方努力为伶人,如其人。

  19. I had become a big fan of Ancient Love Poetry. The parts are so well-played. I love the couple, Bai Jue and Shanggu or Qing Mu and Houchi. When will this kind of drama reach the local TV of the Philippines?

  20. His height is 188cm not 187cm. The reason why his public profile had 187 or 185cm is to pass the casting check by directors and producers. They tend to skip over too tall actors as most of the actress is normal 160cm-165cm height.

  21. Ohh! So he’s the actor behind The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy and Ancient Love Poetry. I just want to leave a comment. This actor slayed every role he’s playing. He’s such an extraordinary actor.i have watched i think 4 of his dramas, though im not really a fan of CDramas, I spent my eceryday watching it now. I feel like he’s totally a different person and honestly, i just can’t move on, on the way he acts. Literally SLAYED. I stan this actor so much❤️❤️ great actor indeed? I feel like there’s a lot of Xu Kai when he’s playing a character? his looks, talent, attitude. Man! You nailed it! You were born for this! ❤️

  22. I can’t stop repeating “Falling into your smile”
    And now I think I can’t watch another drama because of this. I just want to keep on repeating it.

  23. He hits his ex. 🙁 I like his acting so much but I cannot support someone who beats his girlfriend or cheats on his girlfriend.

    1. Ele não bateu na ex-namorada. Ocorreu um incidente com ela em fevereiro de 2017. Nisso em 2018 ela espalhou na weibo a difamação contra xukai. O caso foi resolvido quando xukai falou a verdade e pediu desculpas.

    1. I really admire you since when i watch “ancient love poetry” your such a coolest artist that i ever known.

  24. Sex, The World History, Through Time, Religion and Culture on Amazon Audio

  25. Love his eyes and all his features as well….Favorite C-drama he portrayed as of the moment that I kept on watching is ANCIENT LOVE POETRY because he is good in portraying the fight scenes with having a very handsome face and also Falling into your smile he is so versatile aside from his very good looks on this drama…I hope you will be my leading man in real-life in my next life…love lots soso???

  26. He is very handsome ?❤?
    I’m a very biggest fan for xu kai ?
    My favourite drama for falling into your smile. It’s very lovable drama. Please continue to drama. I’m waiting for next episodes. To :- xu kai biggest fan❤

  27. Xu Kai’s Fandon name is not Sugar. Lol. Please change this to the latest one. Xu Kai’s Fandon name is Alaso.
    Fandon name of Xu kai: Alaso
    Meaning: Our “so”. His nickname is soso and “ala” in Shanghai dialect means mine or ours. Then his fandom color is Purple.

      1. Your Welcome. Glad that you have changed it. Thank you so much.

  28. Although we don’t belong to the same county but I will always support you