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Yang Mi

Yang Mi(Mini Yang, 杨幂), born on September 12, 1986, in Beijing, is an actress, singer, and producer.

She made her acting debut in the historical television series “Tang Ming Huang” in 1993.

In 2006, She rose to prominence with her role in “The Return of the Condor Heroes”. In 2011, she won widespread attention with the time-travel drama “Palace”.

Basic Info

Yang Mi

Stage Name: Yang Mi
English Name:
Birth Name:
Yang Mi(杨幂)
Mi Mi, Hu Li(Fox), Xiao Mi, Da Mimi
Birthday: September 12, 1986
Place of Birth: Beijing
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 166.5
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: B
Fandom Color: Green
Fandom’s Name: Mi Feng(Bee)
Fanchant: xún xún mì mì ,bú lí bú qì (寻寻幂幂,不离不弃)
Weibo: 杨幂
Instagram: @yangmimimi912

Yang Mi Facts

  1. She studied acting at the Beijing Film Academy.
  2. She has her own studio. Dilraba and Zhang Yunlong were under her studio.
  3. Liu Kaiwei is her ex-husband.
  4. She has a daughter called Noemie.
  5. She likes to play ping pong, badminton, swimming, and skating.
  6. Her favorite colors are pink, black, white, purple, and green.  
  7. She likes Naruto’s Kakashi.
  8. Her favorite singers are Nicholas Tse, Stefanie Sun, Angela Chang, and Fish Leong.
  9. She likes supernatural horror movies.
  10. She can play the zither.
  11. Her Favorite fruits are durian, grapes, and dragon fruit.
  12. She can’t eat spicy food.
  13. She’s very ticklish.
  14. Yang Mi drinks honey water every morning.
  15. She loves cats. She’s taken in a few strays.
  16. She likes to play games, especially Arena Of Valor.
  17. She doesn’t care what others say, she determined to do the thing she wants.

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