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Cities in Love – Yang Mi, Zhang Kaiyuan, Jiang Shuying

Cities in Love is a romantic film directed by Wen Muye, Dong Runnian, Han Yi, Fu Tianyu, and Ji Jiatong, starring Yang Mi, Zheng Kaiyuan, Jiang Shuying, LEE HYUNJAE, Sandrine Pinna, Huang Xuan, Jiang Yiyan, Joseph Chang, Bai Baihe, and Ethan Juan.

The film tells the story of five couples who fall in love in five "love meccas" around the world, each with a different style.


Cities in Love

English Title: Cities in Love
Chinese Title: 恋爱中的城市
Genre: Romance
Duration: 117 min.
Director: Wen Muye, Dong Runnian, Han Yi, Fu Tianyu, Ji Jiatong
Writer: Wen Muye, Dong Runnian, Zhang Yifan, Zha Muchun,Han Yi, Fu Tianyu, Chen Shu
Producer: Gu Xiaodong
Released Date: 2015-08-19
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



This is a "small world" where people are increasing but the world is getting smaller. Five different love stories take place in this "small world" in five cities: Florence, Prague, Paris, Shanghai, and Otaru in Hokkaido.

A magical encounter takes place in romantic midnight Paris; a sad encounter is happening in mysterious Prague; a secret about food and love is hidden in beautiful Shanghai; a honeymoon trip of a newlywed couple is witnessed in the picturesque Hokkaido; and a crazy journey under the sunny sky of Florence is just beginning...


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